Jehovah’s Witness’ Child Rapists At Your Door Hide Your Kids

Convicted JW Child Rapist
Convicted JW Child Rapist

UPDATE: YouTube protects a CONVICTED Jehovah’s Witness paedophile by invoking its harassment policy and banning the video of this monster. WHAT ABOUT THE HARASSMENT OF HIS VICTIM YOUTUBE? Child abuse is a LIFE-LONG sentence for the victims of monsters like Waymon Chandler Ivery.

WARNING! Jehovah’s Witness sex predators could knock your door and contact your kids.

Waymon Chandler Ivery, a registered sex offender, who raped a nine-year-old girl in 1992 remains a Jehovah’s Witness and can be seen in a Colorado Springs proselytizing in a neighbourhood only one mile from his registered address.

When challenged he denied he was the rapist, and his JW colleagues apparently didn’t know.

JW sex offenders are never reported to the authorities by the Watchtower or the Jehovah’s Witness congregation ‘elders’ unless there is a local law that says they have to. Their perverts face an internal kangaroo court of unqualified ‘elders’ who decide whether they are guilty. Their criteria for judging guilt is that the victim must have at least one other witness to the attack.

Apparently, somebody reported him to the police because he is convicted. Click this link to see proof of his crime and his conviction. The JW kangaroo court would “leave the matter in the hands of Jehovah”, and without testimony from the, obviously absent second witness, the monster would have no sanctions applied. The congregation would not be told of the nature of the accusations, even if found guilty by the elder’s committee.

Even his conviction by the secular authorities would not be announced to congregates. Indeed the parents of vulnerable children would remain in the dark. Even unleashing them on an unknowing public by requiring him to do “field service”. Sex predators would, therefore, be free to carry on offending.

It’s back thanks to Kim and Mike:


A replacement video so that you can bear witness to the danger from Jehovah’s Witnesses laisse faire attitude to child rape.

This was the video that YouTube banned to protect Waymon Chandler Ivery a JW child rapist.

Report by TDS, videos by independent providers.

Jehovah’s Witness’ Child Rapists At Your Door Hide Your Kids
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John Pilger: World War Has Begun

John_PilgerThe World War of Propaganda

The celebrated journalist John Pilger speaks at Sydney University about his new film he is shooting in the Pacific and Asia. Cathy Vogan filmed the speech on March 22, 2016, and co-hosted by Sydney University Resistance Club, the Centre for Peace And Conflict Studies and Green Left Weekly.

He very eloquently describes how propaganda hides the real agendas of the superpowers and the-not-so superpowers, agendas sucked up by the willingly blind and ignorant.

The Nuclear Age

He talks about the devastation to the Bikini Atoll by the United States between 1946 and 1958. An environmental catastrophe and a health disaster to the inhabitants, the effects of which are still felt to this day. Bizarrely, the Bikini Atoll has been inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Why? The devastation of 60 years ago marked the dawn of the nuclear age.

Back then nuclear bombs were tested in the atmosphere with no concern for the effects on human health then, or for future generations who still suffer the consequences of the radiation so recklessly diffused across hundreds of miles.

The Threat To Russia and China

The real build up of troops and hardware in Ukraine, once part of the Soviet Union, and the propaganda war against China threatens the stability of the modern world. Then there is the provocation by the US over the airstrips that China is building in the South China Sea.

The mainstream media reports US and British propaganda without criticism or scrutiny. The peoples of the US, Europe, and Australia are being fed dangerous lies by their respective governments that can only result in disaster unless the people wake up.

I highly recommend John Pilger’s video, watch it and take a rest from the incessant propaganda dished up by the mainstream media.

John Pilger: World War Has Begun

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Cliff Richard Breaking News UPDATED

Cliff Richard at Wimbledon
Cliff Richard at Wimbledon
UPDATED August 2, 2016.

The BBC has refused to apologise to Cliff Richard (Harry Webb) for its coverage of the raid by police of his flat in Berkshire. They have, furthermore, rejected his claim for damages.

It isn’t known for certain how much Richard wants from the BBC, but it is thought to be in the region of a million pounds, (1.32 million USD at current rates of exchange), and the BBC apparently believe that it is too much. The Duckshoot doesn’t think he should get a bean. Would you or I get paid compensation for the cops raiding our home?

An investigation sometimes requires a search of property and when that search reveals nothing does it make the decision wrong? As traumatic as it is, especially if you are home, it does not invalidate the invasion.

Harry ‘Kitty’ Webb AKA Cliff Richard was not home, and there are two ways to consider that detail. If he had been at home would it more embarrassing or less? While it must have been frustrating to watch the incursion from his sunny retreat his knowledge that there was nothing there to incriminate him was reassuring surely?

He has had plenty of time to either squirrel away or destroy anything incriminating so he was sitting pretty. His pretended outrage is a beautiful piece of acting on his part, although his alleged bought of shingles does indicate he experienced some worry I think.

Is he in the clear? He is not telling the truth that’s for sure, but whether he ever comes under the spotlight of a jury trial is another matter.

Cliff Richard Breaking News UPDATED
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The World Has Gone Fucking Mad!

Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton not on offer
A personal rant about customer service and one reason to why I feel the world has gone fucking MAD!

I have fibre optic broadband with a landline attached. Today, without warning my Internet went down (not in a nice way!), so I tried to call the service provider on my landline. No-go, because the phone works over the Internet. So I use my mobile phone and get a slightly stroppy ‘customer service agent’. He insisted that they emailed about my bank refusing payment, “I said, “Oh no you didn’t”. He said, “Oh yes we did”.

I wanted to tell him to stick his broadband ‘where the sun don’t shine’, but without the Internet, I’d probably cut my wrists or jump off Tower Bridge with a breeze block tied to my feet. So, instead, I offered to pay with my new bank account, and he took the details.

I was miffed because the geezer argued with me so I cancelled the landline. Said CS agent then informs me that I will have to enter into a new contract, and a promotion applies. NOWWWW… mention anything like a promotion, freebie, compensation or complimentary sex to me and I am all ears. Sadly, no one has ever offered me complimentary sex, not even that sizzling hot lady Thandie Newton (see pic above); dribble, dribble.

Now, had they emailed or called about my old bank refusing payment I’d have just updated my account with new bank details. Boy, am I glad that never happened. The CS agent informs me that the first 6-months of the new contract are almost free and that only after that do I start paying full price. Total saving is almost £240!! Mad or what?

The problem with the bank is another story so maybe I’ll write that up when I am in the mood. #ThandieNewton, #BroadbandOffer #Banking

Dallas: The Backlash Has Begun, US Cops Asked For It!


Despite unwarranted, almost daily murders of black people in the United States by police the demonstrations throughout the nation were peaceful. Concerned citizens of all colours and origins supported the protests. Then it happened right at the end of the demo; snipers opened fire on the police below them. The backlash began, and the US cops asked for it. In Dallas, Texas five police died, and the shooters injured seven more, some of them critically.

Am I surprised? Yes, but not that it happened on July 7, 2016, but that it hadn’t happened earlier. This incident could be the catalyst for a civil war in America. Black against authority, the same authorities that have for so long connived to prevent the black man (and woman) experiencing the privileges afforded to most of the white population automatically.

There is an exception to white-privilege of course; poor whites experience similar bias but without the frequency of severe consequences that black people experience every day. The first to make headlines was the execution-style shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of Alton Sterling. This African American was selling CDs in the street, and police detained him, had him restrained on the ground and then fatally wounded him by pumping numerous bullets into his body. Here’s the video that I warn you is very graphic.

The very next day police murdered Philando Castile in his car, in front of his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter. This execution happened in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. He fully complied with the law and the cop’s instructions but was shot to death anyway. He declared his weapon as required by law and was reaching for his documents when the uniformed thugs opened fire.

As you will see on this second video produced by The Young Turks and narrated by Genk Uygur further humiliation was piled on the grieving girlfriend by forcing her to the ground and handcuffing her. Her daughter comforted her, but she was unable to pacify her in return due to the shackles.

It is my belief that there will be a very bloody uprising in the USA and that many more cops will die. If I were an American black man, I’d be on the streets killing the fuckers. I have no sympathy for those dead cops they chose to be part of “America’s Biggest Gang”.

The Backlash Has Begun, US Cops Asked For It!

#BlackLivesMatter #AltonSterling #PhilandoCastile

A Tribute to Jo Cox Murdered Yorkshire MP

Jo Cox Mother Wife Humanitarian MP
Jo Cox, Mother, Wife, Humanitarian, MP

Jo Cox, the murdered Yorkshire MP, believed passionately in human rights. She campaigned for Syrian refugees, fought for the poor and needy, challenged hate in politics and cared for the environment.

“Jo believed in a better world and she fought for it every day of her life with an energy, and a zest for life that would exhaust most people. She would have wanted two things above all else to happen now, one that our precious children are bathed in love and two, that we all unite to fight against the hatred that killed her.” – Husband Brendan Cox

She served her constituents and loved her family. Now she is dead. Taken without mercy by a crazed gunman who made sure the job was done by knifing her multiple times as well. He is vermin of the worst kind, inhuman, a coward.

People like Jo don’t come by the dozen, but she will be missed by thousands, if not millions. Rest in peace Jo and love to your family.

An appeal for Jo’s favourite charities:

A Tribute to Jo Cox Murdered Yorkshire MP

#JoCox #HumanRights #SyrianRefugeeChildren

Cliff Richard Will Have To Die For The Truth To Out

Baldy Cliff Richard
Baldy Cliff Richard
UPDATE July 10, 2016: Harriet Webb A.K.A Cliff Richard is threatening to sue the BBC and the police. Bring it on Kitty you will lose one way or another. Either you will totally lose the case or the cost will be enormous even for you. The most likely scenario is that the two public Corporations i.e. the BBC and the Police will pay him damages out of taxpayers’ funds. A good lawyer could unravel his deception, but I doubt we will ever him in the dock.

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced that there is “insufficient evidence to prosecute” Cliff Richard, real name Harry Webb, with child sexual abuse. This is despite years of the police investigation and the police believing there was a case to answer.

It is as TheDuckShoot Blog has stated along with many of its commenters, “Cliff Richard will have to die for the truth to out”. Even if or when new evidence surfaces the police will be reluctant to investigate. A living Cliff Richard has got away with it.

Some of the unanswered questions are:

  • Was there a super injunction to try and stop reports of him frequenting the boy-brothel Elm Guest House?
  • Were his visits to Elm Guest House subject to investigation?
  • Why was he friends with the abusers, the Kray twins and Lord Boothby?
  • Has he threatened to reveal the names of high ranking paedophiles in government, the Civil Service and the Royal Family

Cliff Richard Will Have To Die For The Truth To Out

#CliffRichard #ChildAbuse #Paedophiles

Chilcot report: Will Tony Blair Be Tried For War Crimes Soon?

Sir John Chilcot - Iraq Inquiry
Sir John Chilcot – Iraq Inquiry
Slippery Tony Blair former Prime Minister of Great Britain is on the ropes, but will he be tried for war crimes here in the UK or the International Criminal Court? (ICC) I doubt it. He will be damaged by the forthcoming Chilcot report, however.

The ICC is a legal weapon of the West, prosecuting African leaders for their crimes while allowing the US, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and even South American despots to escape justice. There will also, I believe, be no justice here in Britain either, imagine that, British politicians risking their futures by doing the right thing. It would set a precedent.

Warmonger Tony Blair
War Criminal Tony Blair
Also, others would be in the frame as well, Jack Straw for example one-time Minister of Justice. There’s a joke if ever there was one, Minister of Injustice should be his proper moniker. Members of the Civil Service, MI6 and MI5, should be easy to track down too. They are the people who murdered scientist David Kelly, who refused to lie about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Ultimately, it the person who ordered his death who is chiefly responsible; was that Tony Blair or the Minister of Injustice, Jack Straw?

Warmonger  Jack  Straw
War Criminal Jack Straw
Hopefully, what the Chilcot report will do for Blair, is to make him a pariah beyond the court of public opinion. His fellow Elite criminals won’t openly have his back, but support him secretly while he sinks into oblivion. His ill-gotten gains, the millions he has won through his notoriety should be given to the Iraqi people and the families of the young men he sent to die on a lie.

Am I dreaming, am I off-target here? Well, yes, the chances of justice doing its job are probably pie-in-the-sky, these perverted psychopaths have amassed vast amounts of wealth and have enough dirt on their peers to ensure their escape from legal sanction right up to their death. Let’s pray that happens sooner rather than later.

“The long-awaited Chilcot report into the Iraq war is reportedly set to savage Tony Blair and other former government officials in an “absolutely brutal” verdict on the failings of the occupation.”

Further reading:

Source: Chilcot report: Tony Blair set to be savaged in ‘absolutely brutal’ Iraq war inquiry verdict | UK Politics | News | The Independent

Chilcot report: Will Tony Blair Be Tried For War Crimes Soon?

#ChilcotReport @BlairDoc #Iraq

72 Sexual Crimes by Jimmy Savile at the BBC Tip of the Iceberg

Jimmy Savile Child Rapist
Jimmy Savile Child Rapist

A review by Dame Janet Smith identified 72 sexual crimes by Jimmy Savile when working at the BBC. These are not the only crimes he committed but only the ones at the BBC. The BBC knew Savile was a paedophile and sexual predator for decades and did nothing.

The crimes committed at the BBC were only the tip of the iceberg he also molested women, girls, boys and dead bodies at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Aylesbury. Other places he is known to abused patients and staff are Broadmoor High Security Hospital, Leeds General Infirmary, Haut de la Garenne children’s home and other children’s homes.

The full extent of his abuse is not known, but “In November 2014 the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced that the enquiry had been widened, with the number of NHS organisations investigating allegations of abuse by Savile extended to 41”. (BBC News)

Here is a list of Jimmy Saviles offending as reported in the Telegraph:

  • Jimmy Savile sexually assaulted 57 women/girls and 15 boys
  • 21 of Savile’s female victims were aged under 16 (the youngest sexual assault victim was eight)
  • 36 of his female victims were aged 16 or over
  • 13 of Savile’s victims were boys aged under 16 (the youngest sexual assault victim was nine)
  • 2 male victims were aged 16 or over
  • The youngest girl Savile raped was aged 13
  • The youngest boy Savile raped was aged 10
  • The earliest known incident was the rape of a 13-year-old girl at Lime Grove in 1959
  • Savile’s last known incident was in 2006, involving the indecent touching of an adult woman following the last Top of the Pops recording
  • Dame Janet identified 72 BBC victims of Savile in connection with his work at the BBC, including eight rapes (six female and two male) and one attempted rape (female).
  • The majority of his assaults took place in the Seventies (44), one took place in 1959, 10 in the Sixties, 17 in the Eighties, three in the Nineties and one in the 2000s
  • The largest number (19) were assaulted in connection with Top of the Pops.
  • 17 victims were assaulted in connection with Jim’ll Fix It

72 Sexual Crimes by Jimmy Savile at the BBC Tip of the Iceberg

#Savile #ChildAbuse #BBC #NHS #HMPS

STV Pest Control Stop Supplying Glue Traps!

My letter to STV via the Humane Society International:

Stop supplying glue traps they are CRUEL!

Peta Glue Trap Campaign
For many years I have had concerns about animal traps, from the types that hunters use to capture larger game, to the type you manufacture as ‘pest’ control. Your traps are inhumane, they result in unbelievable suffering to rodents and other creatures that wander on to them.

STV Pest Control produces glue traps and I want you to stop. It is cruel to trap an animal in such a way. The Humane Society agrees and I ask you to stop manufacturing and selling rodent glue traps. It is beyond me that such an inhumane method of control can be countenanced by humans who should possess reason and empathy. Furthermore, I cannot believe that in the UK such devices are not illegal. I hope that you consider the evidence and concerns of consumers and remove glue traps from your product range.
Kitten Caught in a Glue Trap
Will STV support the campaign by Humane Society International to promote humane, non-lethal pest control. There are alternatives to trapping and killing rodents, they can be prevented from entering property and encouraged to leave with the use of repellent sprays and ultrasonic devices. Will you meet the demand of ethical consumers like myself by developing non lethal products?
Bird in a Glue Trap
I would appreciate your thoughts on these two separate issues and look forward to hearing back from you.

Dave Duckshoot
No ducks have been harmed by the man bearing this name.


Join the campaign against glue traps

STV Pest Control Stop Supplying Glue Traps!
#AnimalCruelty #HumaneSociety #AnimalWelfare #Unstuck