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Inside Scientology – Going Clear Video

Like all cults Scientology exploits, imprisons, and shuns. There is a further very sinister side to this wicked corporation. […]

Greece Leaving Eurozone – New Drachma Printed Ready

UPDATE: April 26, 2015. Greece has to pay 3.6 Billion Euro on July 20th. Goldman Sachs says Greece does not have sufficient Greek cash to pay.

UPDATE: April 21, 2015.The German government has said that Greece WILL leave the EU within 6-years. So why don’t the Greeks tell the EU to fuck off now? The IMF and the European Bank will bleed Greece dry if they delay the exit too long.

Use of the above image embedded in this article, I believe, is governed by fair use under United States law for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright. The image is not necessarily the one used on the De La Rue printed notes. The copyright remains the property of Pavlos […]

Facts That Condemn Israel

During the 3-week offensive on Gaza, Israel killed up to 1417 Palestinians. In the same period 13 Israelis died. Operation Cast Lead (2008–09) killed 773 civilians including 320 children.

59% of fathers, 75% of mothers and 92% of children suffered post traumatic stress

80% of families require food aid.

Gaza Strip

In year 2000, 24,000 Palestinians crossed to work in Israel, today it is ZERO!

36,000 cattle, sheep and goats and over 1 Million chickens were killed.

Israel destroyed 4,100 houses and damaged a further 17,000. In addition 280 schools and kindergartens destroyed.

Israel bans the import of concrete, cement, steel and glass needed for reconstruction.

95% of industrial production is suspended due to the ban on raw materials and exports.

Hospitals are experiencing power cuts for 8 – 12 hours every day and 90% of the people […]

Confronting Authority The Dangerous Way

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion and similar services which like the man in the video above are unnecessarily belligerent towards authority. As I am an Individualist Anarchist you are possibly surprised that I had taken this stance. Anarchism is a political philosophy that advocates stateless societies often defined as self-governed voluntary institutions, but that several authors have defined as more specific institutions based on non-hierarchical free associations. Anarchism holds the state to be undesirable, unnecessary, or harmful. Anarchism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anarchism

The author of the video above is not an anarchist, and/but he speaks a lot of sense. You see the particular type of authority being challenged in the video by the ‘open-carry’ advocate is the school rulers and the police. Disobey those rules, at least in America, and you are likely […]

The Judiciary in Las Vegas USA Is Corrupt To Its Core

An American guy commented on TheDuckShoot blog post: Cop Sexually Assaults a Woman in Family Court & Arrests Her On False Charges. His name is HawkEye, and he hails from Nevada USA.

He reports, with proof, that corruption in the State of Nevada is much worse than even the crime described in the above mentioned post. Being hidden in the comments section is not good enough. His report is far too important.

As our friend is American, I’ve preserved Stateside spelling and the words in italics are added by me to improve clarity. Some the ‘corrected’ punctuation may not the American way, and if not, I apologise. Here are HawkEye’s words:

Allow me to give you an indication of just how bad things are in the state of Nevada. Did you know that the firing of Hearing Master Patricia […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Kids Pay Attention At Church Or DIE!

UPDATED: March 8, 2015. New video embedded.

The following video is copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. we believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Jehovah's Witnesses have a message to little… by

Armageddon Will Kids As Well

This outrageous video was made by and is the property of, Watchtower Bible and Tracts Society of Pennsylvania, commonly known as Jehovah’s Witnesses. It remains their property, and I have embedded it here for critical appraisal.

It features a JW family in Church, and the two children are bored out of their […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Tried To Crush Her Soul

Her name is Kirsty, a proud mother of two boys and a survivor. She bravely exposes the cruelty and the sheer brutishness of Jehovah’s Witness’ leaders who slavishly follow seven men in New York who comprises the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Those pompous self-appointed ‘theocratic’ rulers are the makers of edicts that local elders, i.e. the congregational mafioso, use to crush the souls of ‘dissidents’. Their hearts hardened after a rebellion at their HQ

Where was God for Kirsty?

Here is a clipping fro Wikipedia: “In 1980, dissent arose among members of the Governing Body regarding the significance of 1914 in Jehovah’s Witnesses’ doctrines…….. leading to a series of secret investigations and judicial hearings. Consequently, dissenting members were expelled from the Brooklyn headquarters staff in the same year.”

“The Watch Tower Society responded to the dissent with […]

Jehovah’s Witnesses Policies Coverup Child Abuse (USA)

UPDATE! Candace Conti has WON! Congratulations to the young woman who dared to challenge the WATCHTOWER! The Watchtower has NOWHERE to go now, “The judgment against defendants (The Watchtower) on the negligence count is affirmed.” “Watchtower lost on NEGLIGENCE and that’s what Candace wanted. This is a precedent-setting win. No matter how the Watchtower spins it, their name will forever be linked with not protecting children.”

Update and court judgement here: Jehovah’s Witnesses Report Jesus said to his Father: “I request you, not to take them out of the world, but to watch over them because of the wicked one. They are no part of the world, just as I am no part of the world.” John 17:15,16.

Jehovah’s Witnesses claim they are no part of the world, our world, the non-believers world. They are; they claim, above man’s […]

The Greeks Might Ditch Europe

UPDATE: April 21, 2015.The German government has said that Greece WILL leave the EU within 6-years. So why don’t the Greeks tell the EU to fuck off now? The IMF and the European Bank will bleed Greece dry if they delay the exit too long.

Click image to enlarge

By Europe, I mean the European Union. A new party is in power in Greece, and the political landscape is about to change radically. Syriza, a far-left party has won the recent general election and has promised the Greek people a way out of austerity.

Like most countries in the world, Greece is in serious financial trouble. Greece’s political leaders conned Greeks into joining the European Union in 1979, and subsequently was accepted into the Eurozone in year 2000. The Greek Drachma was dumped in 2001 and replaced by the Euro. […]

Paedophile Leon Brittan Dead

Just deserts will come to all, We know becoz it’s written, We can but hope they killed the scum, We knew as Leon Brittan.

January 22, 2015.

Yet again abused children have been denied justice by the Grim Reaper. Paedophile Lord Leon Brittan, a former Home Secretary in Margaret Thatcher’s Government in the 1980s has died.

Did he really die of cancer or did he commit suicide? Was he killed? (Because there is so much pressure on the government to get the Child Abuse Inquiry underway.) Has he, as one of TheDuckShoot readers has suggested, been spirited away to Israel? Whatever the answer to those questions his disappearance is very convenient for The Establishment Paedophile Ring that still exists and is active within the Palace of Westminster.

Paedophile Leon Brittan

What is clear is that this […]

The Language of This Blog

Dave is English so the standard language is British English. That means that some words will be spelt differently to the English spelling in Canada and the USA. We don’t use the z (zed) in realise and other words with similar endings. Mom is mum, color is colour and neighbor is neighbour for example.

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