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STV Pest Control Stop Supplying Glue Traps!

My letter to STV via the Humane Society International: Stop supplying glue traps they are CRUEL! For many years I have had concerns about animal traps, from the types that Continue Reading →

The Truth About The Egg Industry – Video

The public are waking up and realising that the way food is produced is cruel. They are demanding that the producers, they are not farmers, stop the intensive production methods Continue Reading →

Stella McCartney Presents the Facts About the Leather Trade

Leather can be made from cows, pigs, goats, and sheep; exotic animals such as alligators, ostriches, and kangaroos; and even dogs and cats, who are slaughtered for their meat and Continue Reading →

Peta I Love You But Please Don’t Be Nosey!

I am a supporter, have been a donor and was a subscriber to Peta’s newsletters. So what has changed? Today, May 16, 2015, I decided to sign a petition demanding Continue Reading →

Corporate Exploitation, Rape and Child Snatching

A modern world ruled by industrial exploitation. Innocence corrupted to feed man’s hunger. The above video tells two stories, the way the Corporations exploit humans on an industrial scale and Continue Reading →

Did You Know There Is SHIT In Milk?

This article is cut and pasted from a Peta website and is reproduced here under copyright fair use rules. The copyright remains with Peta. The dairy farm is in the Continue Reading →

Raju the Elephant Rescued From 50 Years of Torture

A heart-warming story I first saw this wonderful story in the Daily Mail, but for 50 years it was not so wonderful for Raju the elephant who was rescued from Continue Reading →

Jill Phipps Murdered by Police and Stephen Yates (Video)

UPDATED August 19, 2016Links added, see below Jill Phipps was a dedicated activist who was crushed to death in Baginton, Warwickshire, by a lorry transporting live veal calves heading for Continue Reading →

Girl Tortured in London’s Regent Street in Full View of Shoppers

This article is not unique to TheDuckShoot Blog it is reblogged by request of the author. “A young woman was restrained, force-fed and injected with cosmetics in a high street Continue Reading →