Will Operation Conifer Bury Edward Heath’s Child Abuse?

Will operation conifer bury Edward Heath’s child abuse? Operation Conifer is the ongoing probe by the Wiltshire police into allegations of child abuse by ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath. The £700.000 Continue Reading →

Sir Edward Heath Child Abuse Claims

The police watchdog is to investigate whether officers failed to pursue allegations of child abuse made against former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath. The former Prime Minister Edward Heath was Continue Reading →

Adoption Exposed & Hampstead Whistleblower Kids 23 July 2015

By Kellie Cottam Forced Adoption is nothing new it has been going on in the UK for generation but now the difference is they have two of my beautiful children. Continue Reading →

The Judiciary in Las Vegas USA Is Corrupt To Its Core

An American guy commented on TheDuckShoot blog post: Cop Sexually Assaults a Woman in Family Court & Arrests Her On False Charges. His name is HawkEye, and he hails from Continue Reading →

Corporate Exploitation, Rape and Child Snatching

A modern world ruled by industrial exploitation. Innocence corrupted to feed man’s hunger. The above video tells two stories, the way the Corporations exploit humans on an industrial scale and Continue Reading →

Lord Leon Brittan Watched Boy Being Tortured to Death

UPDATE: January 23, 2015. The warty wanker Leon Brittan died yesterday in his sleep. The filthy bastard was probably having a nightmare about revelations of his paedo crimes. UPDATE – Continue Reading →

Thousands of Children Stolen From Parents by British Secret Courts

Sabine K McNeill, and a group of affected family members visit the European Parliament to expose the malfeasance and criminality of the British Government. Child stealing by the State and Continue Reading →

Kids Raped, Tortured, Trafficked, Let Down by Cops and Council but No One is Sacked

Rotherham local authority ‘officers,’ the NSPCC, the Rotherham Care Services, the Police and the CPS failed at least 1400 girls, some as young as 11 years old. They looked the Continue Reading →

MP Will Name Ex-Cabinet Minister Paedophile

June 22, 2014 Reported in The Independent on Sunday Today Quoted directly from the Indie on Sunday: “The MP whose book made sexual abuse allegations against the late Liberal politician Continue Reading →

The Child Snatchers: State Sanctioned Child Abuse

Adapted from an article by Maggie Tuttle titled “It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be a Child”. I have not republished Maggie’s article verbatim; some of the original text is changed, but Continue Reading →