John Pilger: World War Has Begun

The World War of Propaganda The celebrated journalist John Pilger speaks at Sydney University about his new film he is shooting in the Pacific and Asia. Cathy Vogan filmed the Continue Reading →

Greece Leaving Eurozone – New Drachma Printed Ready

UPDATE: July 6, 2015.The Greek nation voted a resounding NO! to accepting the latest bailout terms offered by the crooked banks of the Eurozone. Use of the above image embedded Continue Reading →

Thousands of Children Stolen From Parents by British Secret Courts

Sabine K McNeill, and a group of affected family members visit the European Parliament to expose the malfeasance and criminality of the British Government. Child stealing by the State and Continue Reading →

The Inevitable Collapse of the World Economy Explained

How paedophile George Brown and cokehead George Osborne have made Great Britain a basket case. New Labour and the psychopathic Tories have led the United Kingdom to austerity, which they Continue Reading →

Have You Raped A Woman Today?

Each year thousands of women mostly from poor regions of the world are promised work as dancers, domestics and nannies in Western Europe (and North America). Every year they end Continue Reading →

This World is Ours – Take it Back!

The “we have the birth right to rule” elite class, global corporations, religious organisations and masonic secret societies have hijacked our world. These global enterprises have been millennia in the Continue Reading →