Will Operation Conifer Bury Edward Heath’s Child Abuse?

Will operation conifer bury Edward Heath’s child abuse? Operation Conifer is the ongoing probe by the Wiltshire police into allegations of child abuse by ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath. The £700.000 Continue Reading →

Dallas: The Backlash Has Begun, US Cops Asked For It!

An OPINION piece Despite unwarranted, almost daily murders of black people in the United States by police the demonstrations throughout the nation were peaceful. Concerned citizens of all colours and Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Jo Cox Murdered Yorkshire MP

Jo Cox, the murdered Yorkshire MP, believed passionately in human rights. She campaigned for Syrian refugees, fought for the poor and needy, challenged hate in politics and cared for the Continue Reading →

Chilcot report: Will Tony Blair Be Tried For War Crimes Soon?

Slippery Tony Blair former Prime Minister of Great Britain is on the ropes, but will he be tried for war crimes here in the UK or the International Criminal Court? Continue Reading →

Aging with HIV – Al Jazeera Special Report

Aging with HIV is an Al Jazeera special report that highlights how far we’ve come treating the disease since the days, only 30-years ago, when HIV/AIDS was considered a death Continue Reading →

I Have Updated the Page ‘Who is Dave Duckshoot’

The following paragraphs have been added to the original article: Who is Dave Duckshoot? “My second name hasn’t always been Duckshoot; I was born at the end of that terrible Continue Reading →

Watch This And Tell Me That Cops Are Not Psychopathic Murderous BASTARDS!

If you are not moved by this woman’s anguish, you are dead! Now watch the full video and tell me that cops are not psychopathic murderous BASTARDS! Mother, Gina Best, Continue Reading →

Is This A Sensible Solution To The Refugee Crisis?

Migrant A person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or better living conditions Refugee A person who has been forced to leave their country Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter: Stop Terror Against The Haitian People!

Black lives matter, not just in Haiti, of course, everywhere. However, reports of massive fraud in the October 25th Haitian Presidential and the Legislative election is reported by human rights Continue Reading →

Sara Kruzan 16 Sentenced to Life Without Parole

Sara’s own words: “In school, I excelled. I was on the honor roll, the principal’s honor roll. I was an overachiever. I ran track. I ran for student body president. Continue Reading →