This Video May Prove Cliff Richard Is A Child Abuser

UPDATED: November 13th, 2016. This Video May Prove Cliff Richard Is A Child Abuser. It appears to bring more damning evidence about this so-called Christian crooner into the public domain. Note Continue Reading →

Dallas: The Backlash Has Begun, US Cops Asked For It!

An OPINION piece Despite unwarranted, almost daily murders of black people in the United States by police the demonstrations throughout the nation were peaceful. Concerned citizens of all colours and Continue Reading →

Is Cliff Richard Connected To The Jill Dando Murder?

Jill Dando’s murder is not yet officially solved. I believe the authorities know who killed her, but are themselves part of the plot and the cover up. Consider this, the Continue Reading →

Cops Beat Black Teen For “Resisting” His Jaywalking Ticket

Emilio Mayfield, 16, was crossing the road in Stockton, California when he was stopped by a cop. Cell phone footage shows a disturbing scene. Cenk Uygur, host of the The Continue Reading →

‘Hero Cop’ Faces THIRD Federal Lawsuit For Police Brutality

Sacramento, California’s “hero cop” is facing his third federal lawsuit for police brutality. Sheriff’s Deputy Paul “Scotte” Pfeifer is being accused of using excessive force in the violent arrest of Continue Reading →

Unarmed Man With Hands Up Shot Dead By Police [VIDEO]

“Every week we think we’ve seen the worst example of unjustifiable police violence on an unarmed suspect, but then the next week comes and another horrific incident occurs. Gilbert Flores Continue Reading →

UK rule of law undermined by EU agency threatening Bindmans’ client and solicitor with criminal prosecution

Bindmans LLP is a central London law firm located near Kings Cross and St Pancras stations. Specialising in human rights law, mental health law, and criminal law. British Sovereignty is Continue Reading →

CNN panel explodes after ex-cop says Sandra Bland died because she was ‘arrogant from the beginning’

Disturbing dashcam video showing a racist Texas trooper pulling Sandra Bland over for failure to signal. The incident quickly escalates when she refuses to put out a lit cigarette, prompting Continue Reading →

Why Is No One Talking About The REAL Reason Sandra Bland Was Arrested?

Article by M David The death of Sandra Bland has been the center of social media attention for over a week now – and rightly so! But while people debate Continue Reading →

The Judiciary in Las Vegas USA Is Corrupt To Its Core

An American guy commented on TheDuckShoot blog post: Cop Sexually Assaults a Woman in Family Court & Arrests Her On False Charges. His name is HawkEye, and he hails from Continue Reading →