Keith Vaz Scandal: Is He Also A Paedophile?

UPDATE: September 13, 2016. Police have begun an investigation into drug offences relating to MP Keith Vaz. Keith Vaz caught red-handed paying for male prostitutes, and drugs could also be Continue Reading →

John Pilger: World War Has Begun

The World War of Propaganda The celebrated journalist John Pilger speaks at Sydney University about his new film he is shooting in the Pacific and Asia. Cathy Vogan filmed the Continue Reading →

Cliff Richard Breaking News UPDATED 31/08/2016

UPDATED August 31, 2016 “CPS decision not to charge Sir Cliff Richard is reviewed after alleged victim of historic sex abuse appeals” – Telegraph A CPS spokesman last night confirmed: Continue Reading →

The World Has Gone Fucking Mad!

A personal rant about customer service and one reason to why I feel the world has gone fucking MAD! I have fibre optic broadband with a landline attached. Today, without Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Jo Cox Murdered Yorkshire MP

Jo Cox, the murdered Yorkshire MP, believed passionately in human rights. She campaigned for Syrian refugees, fought for the poor and needy, challenged hate in politics and cared for the Continue Reading →

Chilcot report: Will Tony Blair Be Tried For War Crimes Soon?

Slippery Tony Blair former Prime Minister of Great Britain is on the ropes, but will he be tried for war crimes here in the UK or the International Criminal Court? Continue Reading →

I Have Updated the Page ‘Who is Dave Duckshoot’

The following paragraphs have been added to the original article: Who is Dave Duckshoot? “My second name hasn’t always been Duckshoot; I was born at the end of that terrible Continue Reading →

Skegness Police Stripped a Teen Girl Naked and Left Her in a Cell

The 16-Year-old’s Complaint About Being ‘Violated’ Was Ignored Pervert police officers stripped the teen girl naked and left her in a cell at Skegness police station (pictured) forcing the 16-Year-old’ Continue Reading →

Is Cliff Richard Connected To The Jill Dando Murder?

Jill Dando’s murder is not yet officially solved. I believe the authorities know who killed her, but are themselves part of the plot and the cover up. Consider this, the Continue Reading →

Happy New Year Everybody; TheDuckShoot Will Fight the Fight in 2016

How different is the world since 2009 when TheDuckShoot Blog started? During 2015 the appalling reports of child abuse by the Elite class, celebrities and religious organisations continued. We heard Continue Reading →