Cliff Richard Breaking News UPDATED 31/08/2016

Cliff Richard at Wimbledon

Cliff Richard at Wimbledon

UPDATED August 31, 2016

“CPS decision not to charge Sir Cliff Richard is reviewed after alleged victim of historic sex abuse appeals”Telegraph

A CPS spokesman last night confirmed: “We have received a Victims’ Right to Review request.” Guidelines suggest a review would normally take six weeks.

A spokesman for Sir Cliff declined to comment last night. – Quoted from the Telegraph article.

UPDATED August 2, 2016.

The BBC has refused to apologise to Cliff Richard (Harry Webb) for its coverage of the raid by police of his flat in Berkshire. They have, furthermore, rejected his claim for damages.

It isn’t known for certain how much Richard wants from the BBC, but it is thought to be in the region of a million pounds, (1.32 million USD at current rates of exchange), and the BBC apparently believe that it is too much. The Duckshoot doesn’t think he should get a bean. Would you or I get paid compensation for the cops raiding our home?

An investigation sometimes requires a search of property and when that search reveals nothing does it make the decision wrong? As traumatic as it is, especially if you are home, it does not invalidate the invasion.

Harry ‘Kitty’ Webb AKA Cliff Richard was not home, and there are two ways to consider that detail. If he had been at home would it more embarrassing or less? While it must have been frustrating to watch the incursion from his sunny retreat his knowledge that there was nothing there to incriminate him was reassuring surely?

He has had plenty of time to either squirrel away or destroy anything incriminating so he was sitting pretty. His pretended outrage is a beautiful piece of acting on his part, although his alleged bought of shingles does indicate he experienced some worry I think.

Is he in the clear? He is not telling the truth that’s for sure, but whether he ever comes under the spotlight of a jury trial is another matter.

Cliff Richard Breaking News UPDATED
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44 thoughts on “Cliff Richard Breaking News UPDATED 31/08/2016

  1. Dave !! Reading everyone comments and you sounded like and old school teacher telling them off over english , grammars and vowels !!!!! You really do makes me laugh…. hhhaahaaaahhaaaahhhaaaa

  2. number one , Sir Cliff Richard is NOT homosexual ,he dated one of the tiller girls from London palladium in mid sixties, and has had several dates with women, his family and friends know he is straight, so what should he want with boys, he does not believe in abusing children, its not in his nature, he became Christian in1966 and refrained from sex with women unless married, he had no desire to frequent these immoral disgusting pedo houses, these alegations are malicious and viscious in an attempt to destroy him and have him jailed, his fans and friends will fight your evil attempts to destroy him, your only evidence is the memory of a geriatric registra who says he sighned a guest book, who I question if the mans memory is intackt, he could have dementia or is mistaken

    • +DICK BLATT. You have the right name mate; you are a DICK! Cliff Richard is GAY! Going out with women is a typical cover for gay celebrities and as to you quoting his “CHRISTIANITY” in his defence that is a joke. Look, as much as I hate to criticise uneducated people like yourself you can hardly expect people to take you seriously when your English is appalling. Use a spell and grammar checker before you post. I never read comments properly that are written in bad English it hurts my brain. (I do make exceptions for non-English speakers, though because it takes years to write perfectly in a foreign language.)

    • Dick Blatt…
      Wether Cliff is gay or not is not the point, no one cares about his sexuality. Do you think that only gay men abuse little boys? If so you are wrong. Paedophiles molest children. Men and women, Straight, gay and bisexual paedophiles molest kids. I just wanted to point out that it’s not only gay men who are paedophiles.

      I’d also like to point out that half the Catholic Church are paedophiles and child murderers and another quarter spent years covering it up so being a Christian doesn’t deter Paedophiles, they will always find a haunt to molest children.

      Did you ever wonder why Cliff refused to have sex with a woman until he got married, then never married. LoL.
      He never said he wouldn’t rape little boys until he was married though so I suppose he told the truth there.

        • You’re welcome Dave. It riles me up to read comments like that from hard core fans and paedophile supporters.

          I was also a fan of Cliff Richard, found it hard to believe at first. Not any more though.

          He’s no more a loving Christian virgin than I am, in fact he is way far in the opposite direction.

      • Hi Dave. The videos I posted are now Blocked and Banned in UK . Then few days ago were pulled by Youtube. I put them in ‘Private’ now but they can not be viewed anywhere anyway. Then the CPS only on Friday are reviewing another ‘alleged’
        Victim of Cliff. Coincidence eh !

          • Hi Dave, I’m Banned OFF Vimeo also, due to some Tom Jones ones there earlier in year.
            I have a look around other video upload sites this week
            Total Blackout came on Friday Morning say 1.30 AM, and then that very day another Cliff Victim came forward.
            So coincidental to say the least.

          • +Fr John McEllan. That’s a bummer, isn’t it. Somehow, there has got to be a way of setting up a service that can be used for real freedom of speech. Could file sharing software be adapted I wonder?

  3. Beverli Rhodes is an international con artist, fraudster, and liar and she’s not even very good at it because she’s constantly forgetting her own lies and contradicting herself. Google her for goodness sake, she’s a professional victim wherever she smells a bit of money.

    • +truthteller. Ok, as you can see I haven’t written a word yet about Ms Rhodes or Tom Jones. Before post a story I need at least a smattering of evidence. Where is your evidence that she is an International con artist?

          • Hi Dave, don’t know about ‘File Sharing’ sorry about that one.
            I guess whatever goes up on Youtube or Vimeo can be removed fairly easily.
            Richard Loring is “Alleged” ( that word again- must use it to avoid must Bans on Youtube ) to have assaulted Miss Rhodes in 1972.
            She “Allege’s” Cliff Richard using his Codename ‘Kitty’ rang in from UK to hear Loring Climax in South Africa.
            Type in Richard Loring in Facebook and you will see his Profile Photo of him with Cliff Richard.
            So there is some truth to the fact they are ‘Best Friends’, also shown in Ch7 of her Book ‘The Horse Girl’.
            Bear in mind the question of Credibility is with each and their own until any of this can be Proven Finally.
            Now that is a very different matter altogether isn’t it!
            My Theory is simple – If the Evidence is there and it holds weight , well then it will be Proven to be so.
            If not then it will simply fade away.
            That’s where all this lies at the moment !

          • +Fr John McEllan. I will look at the possibility of file sharing banned videos and let you know. You are right YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and all the other proprietary services have the power to ban whatever is shared on their networks. That is why we need an alternative.

    • I presume by that analysis both Pamela White and Orna Keisel are Liars too ???
      For your information, both Pamela and Orna were RAPED by Tom Jones.
      Pamela on Sunday 19 July, 1970, in Minnesota USA after a show in St Paul’s Civic Center and Orna on Sunday 7 March, 1976 in the President Hotel Sea Point Cape Town South Africa.

      Orna chatted to Anneline Kael who was Richard Loring’s Girlfriend in March 1976 there.
      She was a guest at Tom Jones suite which was Suite 629.
      Have you ever wondered just WHY there is so SOOO much Detail to all of this ????
      The Answer is simple they are telling the Truth.
      Orna kept the Ticket Stubs of the Hotel, and so on. She was photographed with Tom Jones just 5 mins prior to getting RAPED by him.

      Ms Rhodes book ‘The Horse Girl’ was published in June 2014, a month Before Cliff’s now infamous House Raid in Aug 2014. So long before anyone saw that coming eh !!

      Ms Rhodes also gave evidence about Rolf “Rolfie” Harris to Operation Yewtree in Oct 2012.
      That at a time when everyone said Rolf was Innocent !!
      Think about that for 2 seconds !!

      People in the Established Churches, the Conventional Protestant Churches in England were wary as far back as 1966 about Cliff’s association with the Billy Graham Org.
      Wide Boys like Cliff would come along and it raised eyebrows back then.
      Especially when the Norfolk Broads Boat Rides and access to Boys became a much touted conversation as far back as 1972.

      In fact April 5, 1972 the newspaper in England revealed how Cliff went on the Norfolk Broads with 27 Boys for a night excursion on the Broads.

      I know letters were sent in Oct 1971 to the Finchley Crusaders Group, which was a Boys Only Christian Group about British Pop Star’s Cliff Richard activity on the Norfolk Broads then.
      Eyebrows were raised then.

      This New video tells more detail . Also included is Orna Keisel and Pamela White confessions about Pop Star Tom Jones. They are clearly not lying !

      In fact both Cliff “Kitty” Richard and Tom Jones used the SAME PAEDO FIXER i.e ‘Peter’ Rhodes and their Fixers and Pimp.

      The CPS are currently reviewing the decision made a few months ago.
      Sure you can do a Max Clifford and write off everyone as “Liars and Fantastists”
      but your going to a very very VERY Hard time, saying that to Pamela and Orna !!

      Editors note! The following video has been made private by YouTube! Censorship at its worst.

      • Hi Dave, new developments have come about with Cliff “Kitty” Richard and his paedo friends a certain Richard ‘Mr X’ Loring. The Paedo Codenames Revealed in the book ‘The Horse Girl’ by Beverli Rhodes. Printed in June 2014, a good while before Cliff’s Infamous House Raid in Aug 2014.

        The Developments are that the ‘Victims’ are speaking out via Youtube.
        Beverli describes how Cliff “Kitty” Richard and Tom Jones used the SAME PAEDO FIXER.
        Tom Jones had “Always Procured Young girls” also.
        In fact it was her Paedo Stepfather and Pimp ‘Peter’ who FIXED it for Richard Loring in SA via Cliff’s PAEDO FIXER in the UK.

        A Celeb VIP Paedo Ring !

        The Victims here are of Welsh Pop Star Tom Jones. However it is the First Victim called Orna Keisel who was Raped by Tom Jones on Sunday 7 March 1976, in the President Hotel, Sea Point Cape Town SA.

        Just 2 Months Prior to this on 22-DEC-1975, she was Photographed with Richard “Mr X” Loring outside the PRESIDENT HOTEL Sea Point SA.

        A Paedo Nest Operated in Sea Point as Beverli Rhodes revealed how her Paedo Fixer and
        Stepfather ‘Peter’ operated in Sea Point SA and it was a well known Paedo Nest.

        Beverli then aged 11, has seen Cliff “Kitty” Richard at a Secret Paedophile Party in the Summer of 1972.
        She saw Cliff with BOYS, and even pulled one 10 year old Blond Boys Pants down to his Y-Fronts. He then did a LOT more with that boy , who was also given Alcohol.

        When Beverli moved to the Transvaal Region of SA with her Paedo Stepfather Peter, as he got a Lucrative Job down there, he met Richard ‘Mr X’ Loring in a Cabaret Club called ‘The Criterion’ in Springs SA near Johannesburg.

        She was pimped out to Richard Loring and was with him the Whole Night for a Hefty sum of money.
        Loring had Genital Warts on his Penis, and she still made the 11 year old blow-job his Germ Ridden dick and everything else in between.

        It was then Cliff “Kitty” Richard phoned in from the UK when on Tour there to Loring in his Posh Hotel Room.
        This had been prearranged by Cliff Richard who had procured the 11 year old for Loring through his Paedo ‘Fixer’ in the UK to Loring in SA.
        Cliff ‘Kitty’ got Loring ‘Mr X’ to describe in Detail the Climatic Orgasm as he raped Beverli then only 11 years old.
        Loring put the Handset Phone on the bed as he Raped the 11 year old Beverli, and let slip Cliff Richard’s name ‘Multiple Times’.
        Beverli even chattted to Cliff Richard on the Phone , and he invited both her and Loring to a Lunch in South Africa.
        Of course this never happened.
        Loring then threatened the terrified 11 year old to “Never Reveal who KITTY is”
        He also told the Paedo/Fixer Stepfather ‘Peter’ this :”She knows who Kitty is: Deal with it!”
        Peter told Beverli to “Never Reveal who Kitty is OR they would be in BIG BIG Trouble”.

        Hear the Victims of Tom Jones speak here, and Orna then only 14 years old in March 1976, who links to Richard “Mr X” Loring. That’s also Orna photographed with Loring in Dec 75.

        See how it all connects up!

        • Good load of information here,Tom Jones has been outed in a Sunday newspaper I think the mirror on Sunday although not named the photo of him was shown somewhere else I think the victim who came forward is a successful business woman now apparently he got her drunk on champagne

      • Hi Dave, just to let you know the last video was BANNED in UK after reaching 2300 Views in just 3 weeks.
        So I uploaded a new one yesterday.
        I was able to add in a bit more information about Cliff ‘Kitty’ Richard and Richard ‘Mr X’ Loring.
        Among them is the Fact that the Paedo Fixer used to give the Boys, as young as 10, ENEMAS to clear out their backsides from poo . Making them Nice and Clean for the VIP Paedo Clients.
        Those Boys were also given Alcohol. Some would be VERY Drunk at these Paedo Parties.
        The General Location of this Particular London Party in 1972, was in the KEW Area of London.
        The KEW area is about 3 Miles West of Barnes London, where the Elm Guest House was situated in 22 Rocks Lane there.
        A similar type house was used, as the EGH, a 3 Story House except it was not red bricked but a ‘White House’ front color.
        Another important point to note, is that Cliff ‘Kitty ‘ Richard isn’t just a name that popped up on the Elm Guest House list in 1982. A Case of Mistaken Identity as Cliff’s Fans and others would have you all believe.
        Oh No !
        Cliff had been a REGULAR Visitor from much earlier , from 1977-82, a good 5 years before the House Raid in Aug 1982.
        Cliff’s paedo codename was ‘Kitty’ as early as 1972 as you can see with this 11 year old girl, who not only SAW Cliff at the London Paedo Party in Kew Area, but also SPOKE to ‘Kitty’ on the phone with Loring Present.
        Richard Loring is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and never was.
        The 11 year old girl was even invited BY CLIFF RICHARD for them all to meet up for a Lunch sometime.
        Of course this never came to pass!
        However the glaring Point that should come to you now, is that Cliff isn’t just another Paedo with an interest in prepubescent boys, BUT a PROCURER of Children to his VIP Paedo Friends such as Richard Loring.
        The Only Reason Cliff visited Poor Countries like Bulgaria, Romania, Haiti and others in the Carribean is to PROCURE these poor children to the VIP PAEDO RINGS.
        Very similar to how Jimmy Savile operated within his Charity Efforts.
        Proof of this even momentarily is the fact that ‘Indian Kids’ turn up on a South African TV Show.
        You must ask yourself this: “What are Indian Children doing in South Africa TV?”
        The Answer is they have been Procured via the Christian Organisations and brought to South Africa.
        The Paedo Fixers arrange all this, and Cliff has his own ‘Paedo Fixer’ and is hidden under his Paedo Codename ‘Kitty’.
        In those days they operated by Phone and scribbled down Notes on paper that could not be traced. Very Secretive and very well Organised.
        The Paedo Party in London in 1972, had WATCHERS , keeping watch of the Lane ways and roads leading up to the House. Also keeping watch out the back and from the Windows inside and so on.
        Cliff is far from a Christian and is in fact a PROCURER of Children to VIP PAEDO RINGS.
        Any man who listens in on an 11 year old Girl being RAPED , well you should reach your own conclusion on that one !
        Personally I find Cliff’s over the Top Saccharine Sweetness thoroughly sickening, and about as Obvious a Fake as you can find.
        It’s a Joke how people haven’t spotted it long long time ago.
        Has anyone in England or The British Isles over there, not questioned for 2 seconds, how Way Way Way over the top Cliff is with his Devotion to Jesus and his Christianity and not ask at least Why ???

        See the New upload here. Hope it gives you British Folks some Insights into your National Treasure !

        • +Fr John McEllan. Thanks, John Good info I’ll weave it into a new article I am writing. You have almost written it for me, and I will give you credit for same. If that is acceptable to you, of course.

          • Hi Dave, You don’t have to give me Credit. The Info is Free to use.
            The Info is Correct and in fact the CPS are even aware that this lady “Spoke” to Kitty on the Phone with his Best Pal Richard Loring present back in Sep 1972.
            Thanks for the support !

  4. I believe most mainstream journalists know much more of which they’re not allowed to report on. They possibly know without a shadow of doubt he doesnt deserve a penny and certainly not worthy of an apology. How much longer must we wait, or more importantly must the victims have to wait before their filth is exposed and justice is served?

    • +Jules. I agree, in almost all news organisations the editor and sometimes the lawyers determine what is finally ‘printed’.

      • Morn Dave,front page of today’s mirror newspaper bbc trying to strike a deal with kitty by giving his new album airplay mate

        • BBC Corporation is trying to get out of court settlement by agreeing AirPlay his music where as they banned it years ago …. But BBC directors have done a lot of damaged to his reputation but not only Cliffs but also others stars as well..

          • Are you stupid !! BBC corporation paid money to police force to get details so that they can arrange helicopter hover his apartment before he being charged !!! And since then they display further news about him and police forces but they wouldn’t do news flash for mistake and apologised to Cliff Richard !!! And by they way he’s not pervert as you said because there is NO CHARGED OR GUILTY !!! This so call sicko pervert victims got the fact and details all wrong compare Cliffs evidence against them !!!! By the way why u changed my story which is truth and u edit to make It bad and lied ???

          • +Yorkcub. No, I am not stupid, but you are because one, you have reacted in a dumb way to a reasonable comment I made in answer to your reply to Charles Andrews. Two, your grammar is appalling.
            Are you stupid !! It should be “are you stupid?” Not two exclamation marks after a gap!
            BBC corporation paid money to police force to get details so that they can arrange helicopter hover his apartment before he being charged !!! It should be “The BBC Corporation” “the police force to get” “helicopter to hover over” his apartment”… etc. etc.

            There are so many grammatical errors I am bored correcting them. Generally, I wouldn’t mock a person’s lack of education, but I can’t stand an uninformed moron pretending he knows more than I do when it (deliberate misuse of the pronoun “it” on my part.) clearly doesn’t.

            Lastly, your claim: “By the way why u changed my story which is truth and u edit to make It bad and lied ???” (Fuck me it has now put question marks at the end of a statement!) I didn’t change a thing in your comment. You see, even you can see how moronic it is.

            BTW I have banned you from commenting. I cannot offend the delicate senses of my readers by allowing such atrocious English.

  5. There is no way that Cliff ”Kitty” Richard AKA Harry Webb will take the BBC to Court.He and his Beak will know that will be curtains for him as that will give the prosecution to ask him all the questions no one has dared asked him.He will find some way of backing down, without hoping,not to lose face

    • +Joanna Frisskie. You are probably right. They could, however, gamble that the BBC will settle out court of course. Or it could be a ruse, with the cooperation of the BBC, to put the whole affair to bed to save CR’s neck and the necks of all his pervy friends in high places.