Cliff Richard Will Have To Die For The Truth To Out

Baldy Cliff Richard

Baldy Cliff Richard

UPDATE July 10, 2016: Harriet Webb A.K.A Cliff Richard is threatening to sue the BBC and the police. Bring it on Kitty you will lose one way or another. Either you will totally lose the case or the cost will be enormous even for you. The most likely scenario is that the two public Corporations i.e. the BBC and the Police will pay him damages out of taxpayers’ funds. A good lawyer could unravel his deception, but I doubt we will ever him in the dock.

The Crown Prosecution Service has announced that there is “insufficient evidence to prosecute” Cliff Richard, real name Harry Webb, with child sexual abuse. This is despite years of the police investigation and the police believing there was a case to answer.

It is as TheDuckShoot Blog has stated along with many of its commenters, “Cliff Richard will have to die for the truth to out”. Even if or when new evidence surfaces the police will be reluctant to investigate. A living Cliff Richard has got away with it.

Some of the unanswered questions are:

  • Was there a super injunction to try and stop reports of him frequenting the boy-brothel Elm Guest House?
  • Were his visits to Elm Guest House subject to investigation?
  • Why was he friends with the abusers, the Kray twins and Lord Boothby?
  • Has he threatened to reveal the names of high ranking paedophiles in government, the Civil Service and the Royal Family

Cliff Richard Will Have To Die For The Truth To Out
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  1. The CPS say they save the Tax=Payer money by sifting through cases that have no chance of success.Surely that is the purpose of a judge ,jury and the two opposing barristers.Firstly how are they saving the Tax-Payer money when they are already paying dozens of Lawyers to go through the evidence.These lawyers are faceless to the General Public.That is not Democracy.Plus they undermine the work of the Police and duplicating and undermining the work of the Prosecution.Surely when the Police have done their work they should present the case to Court and let it be finalised in Public.If the Government want to save money they should close down the CPS as totally unnecessary and irrelevant

    • +joanna frisskie. “The CPS say they save the Tax=Payer money by sifting through cases that have no chance of success.” Bureaucratic bullshit!
      “Surely that is the purpose of a judge, jury, and the two opposing barristers.” Absolutely. The CPS undermine the longstanding principle of trial by jury.
      “Surely when the Police have done their work they should present the case to Court…” That’s what used to happen.

  2. Plus 30 years ago the Internet was not as widely available as it is now so not as powerful.In those days a newspaper editor was sent a ‘D’ notice by No 10 to quash anything No 10 did not like.Now it is harder to do with the Internet.The only way left is the Super-injunctions to try and stop a dangerous story.Funny how the CPS was set up in 1986 about the time the Internet was taking hold.Another way to stop some embarrassing(for the elite) scandals to be exposed.All the CPS need say is ”insufficient evidence”for the case not to proceed to trial and we the public have no idea what that ”insufficient evidence”was.Even if there is a challenge to the CPS’s decision not to proceed to trial the review is carried out by the lawyers of the CPS so not too much of a chance for the original decision to be over-turned as for example in the current Cliff Richard case.Watch this space.

  3. Dave I think he is NOT English because of the way he writes. Not as colloquially and naturally as we would.

    What is the latest on Kitty ?

  4. Has anyone investigated Cliff’s two run ins with the police in Birmingham in the 60’s? I was told by a VERY reliable source over 20 years ago that he was caught cottaging and then with a young boy in a hotel room. The records must still exist, if not the officers must still be around.

  5. According to the Mirror, ‘Cliff Richard vows to never speak about his sexuality’.

    What’s he got to hide like? I wonder.

      • Hi Dave
        Saw this today. Apparently Cliff “Kitty” Richard listened in on the Paedo Rape of an 11 Year old girl. That was in the Summer of 1972. Cliff ‘Kitty’ Richard had procured the 11 Year Old girl, through his Paedo Fixer. The 11 year old was being Pimped out by her Stepfather ‘Peter Rhodes’
        When the ‘Fixer Paedo Stepfather’ got a lucrative Job Offer in South Africa
        he moved to the Transvaal Region of SA, and met up with Cliff’s Best Friend
        a certain Richard Loring.

        Loring was revealed as ‘Mr X’ in the Book ‘The Horse Girl’ written by Beverli Rhodes.
        She claims it was Cliff ‘Kitty’ Richard who prearranged with Richard ‘Mr X’ Loring
        to ring in from the UK when he was on Tour. Then Cliff Richard wanted to HEAR Loring CLIMAX on the phone as he listened in to this Paedo Rape. The 11 year old girl remembered Loring had ‘Genital Warts’ on his Penis. Loring let slip ‘multiple times’ who Kitty was when he was on the Phone with him.

        This lady has now also appealed the CPS Decision on Cliff Richard as her problem is exact Times and Dates. However some new developments and evidence has come to light involving Tom Jones and Peter Loring in South Africa, namely the President Hotel in Sea Point SA. The lady claims Tom Jones always procured young girls. There is one lady Orna Keisel who was raped by Tom Jones on 7 March 1976 in the President Hotel in Sea Point SA.

        Orna was also photographed with Richard ‘Mr X’ Loring outside The President Hotel on
        the 22 -DEC-1975. It was known that a Paedo Nest existed in Sea Point Cape Town !
        So it’s all beginning to connect up now!

        See video here

    • Simply because a perversion has been de-criminalised it doesn’t stop it from being a perversion. Other popular perversions there is talk of de-criminalising too. Harry Webb was groomed early in his career and the allegations are that he is now part of the club and trying to recruit too. You have to remember the perverts that enacted legislation are still in power and plan more. They will need to protect themselves and their particular predilections and variants.

      • +Rupert. No sexuality is criminal between consenting adults. No sexual act is immoral between consenting adults. Nothing is perverted between two or more consenting adults. The important word being consenting! Sex with children by adults is always perversion. Rape is a perversion, forced sex (rape) on one’s partner or spouse is a perversion. Forcing or coercing a partner or spouse to indulge in a sex act that they find abhorrent is a perversion.

        • I don”t often disagree with you but in this case I must. Man and Woman were created to procreate the world …….. along the way they found that intercourse could be pleasurable between a MAN and a WOMAN. It was made to be pleasurable in order that the human race could continue to be.
          I have friends who are homosexual and lesbians but that is something I will not discuss although I have been baited because they know I am a practising Christian.

          • +Didi. Well, firstly, I don’t believe in God or creation. Secondly, being straight myself, to have sex with a woman is very pleasurable, but when a willing woman isn’t available, it is also pleasurable to masturbate. So you only need to be a man and woman to reproduce another human with or without the pleasure. Male and female gay people get pleasure having sex with their own gender. With respect Didi, we all believe in different things, get pleasure in various ways and God and your religion have nothing to do with it, other than to you.

  6. ‘Even if or when new evidence surfaces the police will be reluctant to investigate. A living Cliff Richard has got away with it.’….unless the police are bypassed completely. Lawyers acting in defence of a libel action certainly springs to mind. Will be interesting to see if the hubris of this ‘martyr’ outweighs judgement and he steps into that lion’s den.

    The show’s not over until the fat lady sings and she ain’t finished yet.

  7. How tragic that nine people who came forward with allegations were’nt taken seriously and that the abuse they suffered is just swatted away like a fly by the cps . Anyone who was abused as I know from living with a violent and explosive father knows that the effects of that abuse stays with you all your life . Even now at 64 I have flashbacks ,
    . If 9 people made allegations . 9 ! surely they should have their say in court . It seems to me that in Britain we still have Victorian justice . One rule for the rich , one for the poor . How did Cliff evade the court . The nine people were just shoved away .

    • I think these people had there say, and an innocent man who the Queen Knighted Sir Cliff Richard,would never stoop so low to abuse or hurt any animal , human or fish, you acusers disgust the goodness of this world, why don’t you stop being suspicious of clifff as his friends and familly have proof he never did any abusing, you are abusing a very nice innocent gentleman,yes any abuse is wrong and I sympathise all you children were molested BUT CLIFF IS NOT A PEDOPHILE, I hope cliff will sue all these people making false allegation FUCK OFF,AND LEAVE THIS INOCENT MAN ALONE

      • And friends in high places if joe public had nine people making accusations I doubt the cps would bin it just a thought janners son works in the cps

    • I totally agree, how on earth has he got away with it. I watched his sickening interview with Glow Hunniford and he showed his guilt time and time again. He described his feelings on learning of the allegations as someone who was terrified that he’d finally been found out… innocent person would experience the emotions he described. He also kept referring to ‘one’ abuser saying things like I have forgiven him! I would imagine some of the victims may be from the orphange that were brought to Elm Lodge. Why aren’t the police investigating the Elm Lodge House and guest list? Also, why don’t the victims speak out……or aren’t they allowed to? I feel sick that he may have got away with it! I pray we don’t have another Saville where by it only comes out once he’s dead.

      • Sorry, Chris, I couldn’t watch the interview but I read enough headlines indicating he thought he was going to die from stress; another (OK!) saying the stress had given him black scabs on his face. Nearly all of them said some about his laying on the floor weeping and staring into a black hole. Everything you’d expect from a drama queen par excellence.

        • He said he will ‘probably’ sue oh yes, not in a million years will he sue (but of course he has to say he will) just like Pete Townsend said he would sue when caught with photos of kids on his computer,(still waiting for that to happen). I feel so sorry for Cliff Richard’s victims, I hope they never give up.
          Are they allowed to speak about what he did to them even though it won’t go to court?

          • I think that they would be, as long as they’ve kept dates and times as some sort of proof. Bring it on!

          • Pete Townsend could not sue he was banged to rights his bank card number and he admitted his offence you can see the whole film of his arrest etc on youtube

    • It looks like the CPS have the power to be Judge and Jury.Why do we even need a Court of Law.On one hand we have a experienced Police Force collecting evidence over some 2 years from witnesses still living accusing someone still living and with one stoke of a big red pen the CPS can undermine all that work by deleting and saying No Case to Answer.This gives me cause for concern that this Department can have so much power and can and does abuse this power.Look at the case of Janner.This Perv could have been brought to Court over 25 years ago but the CPS stalled and stalled until Janner became a basket case and was deemed by the CPS not fit to stand trial.Yet all the while Janner was well enough to turn up at the House of Fun( I mean House of Lords) and pick up his fee.And there have been many case like Janners

      • +joanna frisskie. Absolutely right Joanna the CPS is a travesty. It is not justice. Justice evidence put before a jury and a thorough testing of that evidence in court. Cliff Richard has NOT been proven innocent, he has just not been charged.

        • Once the Cliff “Criminal File” had gone to the CPS, I saw that as a Huge Step in all of this. However I also predicted if an “Insufficient Evidence” sprang up, he would go Free.
          Freddie Starr got an NFA on Insufficient Evidence. However when he took Karin Ward to Court he lost. The difference between an NFA on Not Enough Evidence and Court by Judge and Jury is Huge. The questions remain, such why is he on the Elm Guest House Paedo List. What was he doing on the Norfolk Broads. His association with Boy Paedos Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray. His lovely letter to Ronnie Kray in Brixton Prison in Jan 1969.
          That Strange Photo of him in Norwich in 1960. Photos of him on Cruisers and sleepovers on his Boat in the Norfolk Broads. Surrounded by BOYS all over the place.
          One in April 1969, had him with 27 BOYS. Ludham Bridge Photo in 1968, boys hopping all over the boat. Printed in Newspapers at the time. Viewable to all !
          The Christian Crusaders Boys Only Group. Finchley Crusaders Club in North London photos all over the internet and in his own documentaries from 1971.
          His Protestations of being a Sexual Virgin, and his Blatantly Obvious sham relationships with Sue Barker and others.
          Tv Interviews saying he didn’t believe in Sex Before Marriage under his Christian Religion. All easily obtained and viewed on the Internet.
          Harvey Proctor know Spanker and BDSM Fetish freak, named on the EGH List.
          Same too with Cyril “Tubby” Smith getting blowjobs from both Kincora and Elm Guest House Victim Richard Kerr who gave evidence in recent documentaries. Cliff is associated with all of this and the CPS throw up an “Insufficient Evidence” ?
          Just how does that happen ? Bewildering and Bewildered.

          • I really feel that the CPS has taken over the job that in days past the Government would send a ”D”notice to an Editor of a newspaper to shut down and not report a particular scandal.With the Internet this cannot be done as it is more difficult to shut down the internet.But it is just as easy with a Department with the respectable sounding name of Crown Prosecuting Service which has the ring of Authority to do the same job as the old ”D” Notices used to do and shut down a case the Government wants shut down for whatever reason.Even the name CPS is a lie as they do not prosecute their function is merely to give the go ahead to prosecute.It is for the Judge and Jury to prosecute surely.By using the same logic that the CPS uses that a case HAS sufficient evidence to go to Court it should follow that every case should be won by the Prosecutor as the CPS confirmed there was enough evidence.But this does not always happen.It is the outcome of the 2 sets of Lawyers and the Judge and Jury who determine the outcome.Which makes a mockery of the very need for a CPS .We already have the Police who arrest the person concerned and they find the evidence so their should have the Authority to send the case to Court or else their Authority is severely undermined and their morale is weakened .The CPS should be shut down and abolished.They are just a front.This would speed up cases coming to Court and save the Tax-payer £millions

  8. I read a comment on youtube by a woman named Elaine Page. She siad she was at Dolphin Square having lunch with her Aunt and Uncle. She saw Cliff Richard kissing a young boy on the lips. i don’t know if she went to the Police about it, but I am finding other comments online about witnesses seeing Cliff doing things.

      • Delighted a victim has launched an appeal, I hope the others follow suit. They need their day in court.

        How come Freud was called a paedo but didnt face charges, they knew about him years ago. But when hes dead he’s hung drawn and quarted in the media but the likes of cliff isnt to be spoken of. I’m not condoning the prick, but whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

        Anyway I do hope these men alldemand a review.
        Are they entitled to see the evidence put forward?

        • +Didi I know it’s YUK to many people Didi, but if two people are in love or getting close and personal then it’s the natural thing to do. Unless, of course, an adult is sexually kissing a child, that’s YUK!

          • OK. We will agree to disagree. However, what IS normal is a heterosexual couple. If Adam had been a woman and Eve had been a woman WE wouldn’t have been created. If Adam had been a man and Eve had been a man We couldn’t have been created. I KNOW it’s a story in a story book but it’s written in that way so that most of us can understand the Creation.
            Many of the ‘stories’ in the Bible are written so that everyday people can understand them.

          • +Didi. Or the bible was written by a bunch of people who lacked modern scientific evidence. I don’t believe in creation, God or gods, devils or demons, inspired scriptures of any kind, spiritism, mysticism and religion. The human moral code has evolved along with our knowledge of how things work. I don’t need other men who claim to be inspired or ordained by the great myth in the sky to tell me that hurting other humans and animals is immoral. My morality is entirely different to what I was forced to believe by my Jehovah’s Witness parents. My experiences, reasoning, deep thinking and observation of the disgusting people like Cliff Richard, ex-Pope Ratzinger, the Elders of various religious organisations (including JWs, Google Jehovah’s Witnesses and child abuse), lawmakers and corrupt Parliamentary ‘leaders’ have resulted in my moral compass being superior to any Bible BS. How can it be righteous for Lot to not only offer his daughters to be raped by a perverted mob but to have sex later with both of them himself. There is a big difference between a mob of men clamouring for sex with two male strangers and two men or two women in love or merely fancying each other.

            Didi, we should not fall out over this, but please look at your built-in code of ethics i.e. your conscience for guidance rather than a book written by men/women from less informed times. Cliff Richard is not bad because he is a homosexual, he is bad because he abused young boys*.

            * I believe this because his predilection for young boys became known to me thirty years ago long before I became a writer.

          • Nothing natural about a penis forced into an anus. Nature provides the required natural lubricants and elasticity to facilitate the act. Sodomy is a perversion of nature which leads to damage of the rectum. The tearing that occurs is the reason diseases spread so readily through sodomite communities.These consenting adults then actively recruit vulnerable impressionable kids by pushing their perversion in schools. When a holes a hole better lock up the family pet and the kids because the elite and media have already begun the normalisation of pedo behaviour as per recent Salon article decrying they are misunderstood.. .Slippery brothels next? no they’re already here.

          • +Baz. A penis “FORCED” into any orifice on a human body will result in “tearing”, including the vagina. You then make some outrageous claims that such unnatural behaviour will lead to several disgusting perversions.

            I agree that “FORCED” sexual conduct is unnatural, but sex between adults is never perverse providing it is by agreement of both the parties. As to anal sex leading to child abuse and bestiality that is sheer fantasy and I wonder whether you have some deep seated fantasies of your own Baz.

            How can you possibly link consensual sex with such disgusting acts of cruelty?

  9. It certainly sounds like that.
    The CPS and high up police who hinder these investigations and botch them up sicken me and I blame them as much as the sick paedos.

    The victims must feel defeated, and smarmy Cliff richards denial makes me cringe, and I can’t imagine how it made his victims feel. And he calls himself a Christian.

    I’d well believe that story about Portugal Peter. It those days they weren’t as secretive about such things.

    There are so many dodgy knighted men and women that I’m starting to think they are all paedos, even the ones we hear nothing about like Geldoff, McCartney etc. If they are clean they really should look into getting stripped of their knighthood.
    Richard Branson is another, mind you there’s something dodgy about him.

  10. Cliff Richard will never be free because he is a captive of the devil Lucifer. He worships Lucifer like all the rich cronies in governments all over the world and also Hollywood. They have pledged allegiance to the devil in exchange for talents, running the governments as Satan wants them, and for money. They are all guilty and they will one day burn in hell and whatever they did to their victims will be done to them over and over and over for eternity. Anyone can sell their soul to the devil but there’s no getting out of the contract; you will pay with your life.

          • By the way, Cliff is a J.W. – I know this because I know his sister who lives near to me. I see her most Sundays at lunch. Of course, we don’t discuss THIS. Joan’s partner is a long term friend of mine and we sit together in the Anglican Church service but Joan comes along after the Service when about a dozen of us lunch together.

          • +Didi. Sorry to disagree with you Didi; his mother was a JW and maybe his sister is, but he doesn’t consider JWs to be Christians. A couple of the Shadows are JWs, Hank Marvin being the most famous. I am writing an article about his connections with JWs, Billy Graham (considered by JWs to be Satan’s Ambassador), The Shadows and Australia. His association with Billy Graham would have prevented him from being JW. Strangely, being a paedophile wouldn’t, there a thousands of paedos in the JW religion.

          • Brian ”licorice ”Locking one of Cliff Richard’s old band guitarists is also a J.W.Have seen Locking knocking on doors around Croydon years ago doing the usual 2 by 2.Richard is not a J.W.He fell out with Hank Marvin several times about this.Hank Marvin’s son sadly died of a drug overdose in Paddington several years ago and Marvin did not want to know.They also fell out about the J.W .thing.

  11. A Sky New report I read says, “The CPS has carefully reviewed evidence… made by four men.” And goes on to say, “A further five allegations considered by the investigation team did not meet the threshold for referral to CPS …”

    Does that mean at least nine people came forward? I wonder.

    • The crazy thing is 2 people have come forward 7 years after the death of Clement Freud and they are believed.This without any proof just their word.In the Richard case there are at least 4 accusers and a person still living who is accused.The Police after years of investigation felt it was worthy of going to Court and this dodgy CPS department decides there is no case to answer.What right do they have to over-ride the Police.Who gave the nod to Alison Saunders to drop this case I wonder.STINKS

      • Clement Freud’s wife has apologised for the suffering of the (alleged) victims. That kind of indicates it’s more than likely the truth. If she hadn’t, who’s to say if the accusers would be believed.

        A few weeks ago, this was in the media.

        Alison Saunders issued the directive to senior officers, reminding them that only those who are living can be tried in a criminal court, because CPS lawyers are being bombarded with files of evidence from police seeking charging decisions on deceased suspects.

        “Since deceased persons cannot be prosecuted, the Crown Prosecution Service will not make a charging decision in respect of a suspect who is deceased,” the guidance states. “This applies in all cases where the suspect is deceased, including cases in which the police made a referral to the CPS for a charging decision prior to the suspect’s death. The CPS will also not make hypothetical charging decisions.”

        I’m not sure what you mean about the truth coming out when Cliff dies. Even if he could be tried posthumously (which isn’t fair if you can’t submit a defense ), if the verdict was ‘not guilty’, it wouldn’t be believed/accepted by those who are convinced of his guilt now. So how does truth come into it? I think in any situation, the only ones who know the truth are the accuser and the accused (and perhaps a camera). I’m sure when Cliff goes, there will be lots more ‘dirt’ comes out, but it doesn’t mean its true.

        • +flashxlight. I already believe Cliff Richard is guilty of child abuse, and I don’t need a court of law to confirm or deny my belief. In your efforts to play Devil’s Advocate, or, more likely, force your opinion on me as the ONLY option you expose your confusion. You say concerning Clement Freud; ” kind of indicates it’s more than likely the truth”. (In answer to Joanna Frisskie.)

          Then concerning Richard you switch in two ways: 1. away for Joanna to me the author of the piece “Cliff Richard Will Have To Die For The Truth To Out” and 2. you suggest that “isn’t fair if you [he] can’t submit a defense*”. Which is it flashxlight? In your mind, we can both find/believe the deceased guilty but we also can’t because a dead paedophile cannot submit a defence.

          You’ll have to get out of bed a lot earlier to catch me out pal!

          * I have maintained the commenter’s choice of spelling “defense”, which is the American spelling, just in case readers get “kind of” confused. 😀

          • We’re English – we don’t get confused over spelling! That’s my DEFENCE!

          • Which is it flashxlight? In your mind, we can both find/believe the deceased guilty but we also can’t because a dead paedophile cannot submit a defence.

            this is not what she said…….

      • The Sun confirmed nine men came forward with ‘false allegations’, including a convicted serial rapist, apparently. I imagine the others were equally dodgy characters but, if Cliff’s previous association with the Krays is anything to go by, this may be his bag. Also, I don’t suppose it’s unusual for abused youngsters to grow up losers, scumbags, terrible people no one will believe in court. However, I don’t think Cliff will be suing anyone, including the BBC, his priority will be his comeback, along with one of his fag hags, in the royal box at Wimbledon. You can read the old queen like a book.

        • Must be true if it’s in the sun if the police thought the allegations were false it would never have gone as far as the cps

          • +Colin. The case is not closed, it will always be up for review until he dies. Whether the iniquitous CPS will actually review it is another thing.

        • DavidT: Although I wouldn’t quite describe myself as a loser nor a scumbag, I think the point you are trying to make is valid, albeit in language I wouldn’t of used.
          I was put into care at an early age and after a difficult time in foster placements I was eventually transfered to a childrens home where I was sexually abused on a regular basis. Obviously my experiences did nothing to improve my behaviour which resulted in me being placed in a boarding school for boys with behavioural difficulties, where my sexual abuse continued, by people who where supposed to be looking out for my welfare.

          My adult life is as chaotic as it was as a child. I have had issues with alcohol, drugs and risky sexual behaviour. My relationship with my parents and siblings is almost non existent. I have consistently failed to hold down jobs and maintain relationships, which I truely feel is partly down to my childhood experiences.

          I am told I need to love myself before I can be capable of loving others, which I dont totally agree with. Although I dislike myself with a passion, I have found myself in love several times. (Until I deliberately destroy that relationship for reasons unknown).

          Its pathetic that I do not have the balls to even talk about my past history let alone consider speaking to the authorities about my experiences. When I read about stories like the Cliff Richard allegations and “no further action” being taken, why should I put myself through reliving the traumatic, for what?.

          Apologies for this lengthy waffle, I but I have found it to be somewhat cathartic in the least.

          • +PotHeadBurier thanks for your comment I do understand your pain and your reluctance to report your abusers.I understand because as a child I was abused physically and mentally. I was fortunate to not experience sexual abuse (although I did have a close call at age 11, but what happened to me affected my adult life. Best wishes and love PHB and you do whatever is best you.

          • I am glad writing about your experiences has brought you some sense of relief.

            According to the Telegraph, Cliff has said, ‘the BBC should never have done this.’ Somebody has to teach them a lesson and if it’s done by suing, let’s do it. And the same with South Yorkshire Police.’

            He won’t sue anyone.

          • I’m very, very sorry that you had such an unhappy childhood – supposed to be the happiest days of our lives! I was very lucky in having loving parents but they were very controlling and were still giving me pocket money at 18! No wonder I got married at 19 – to the wrong man. Eventually I married the right man, then sadly widowed at 58. But all is good in my life now and I hope your future will be brighter than your past.

        • So true, (thank god for people like you). I’ve just been reading the messages of support from the white cardigan brigade on the mail on line, they are talking as if he’s been cleared! I wrote several comments pointing out that he has not been cleared but none of my messages where published. I haven’t read one article in any newspaper that is not pro Cliff Richard, why?. As for old fag hag Gloria Hunniford now doing a loose woman interview. That just about sums it up. Why hasn’t they guy that exposed Saville taken this on? I pray the victim who is going to appeal will win but it’s unlikely.
          The wonderful Cliff is too nice to be a Paedophile is what everyone is saying… was Rolf Harris and all the catholic priests and the music teacher who abused my son!

          • Oh God, I mistook ‘Gayle Hunnicutt’ for Gloria Hunniford in a previous comment on yahoo!

            However, it seems strange we haven’t heard from other people, like the Shadows, for example, or Una Stubbs, Olivia Newton-John, and Sue Barker. I thought they would have come out in support of Cliff, but I haven’t read anything so far.

          • Hunniford asked him which friends had supported him and he struggled to name any apart from Elton John and Tony Blair… one else. I too thought it was very odd. Not sure if you saw the interview but he came accross as a terrified paedophile who thought he was about to be found out until the CPS announced there was insufficient evidence. (or cleared according to Mr Richard). He even mentioned how distraught he was when Jill Dando was shot…..just to remind us!

    • However, there is no smoke without fire. Yes, the CPS is a disgrace, who or what are they afraid of, I wonder.

      • +Didi. They are afraid of the ruling Elite who have put them there as a barrier to justice. The courts, the Crown courts, the Appeal courts, and the Supreme court, i.e. proper courts with judges and sometimes juries generally deliver justice. That is, justice according to law, whether the law is just is another question. The CPS is a travesty of justice, as are Magistrates ‘courts’, Family ‘courts’, Asbos and on-the-spot fines.

  12. I lived in Portugal in the very early 1980’s,in resort town named Cascais. I used to sell tourists crap to bring back to the UK and other countries,of course.
    I knew an Irishman who had left London in the 1970’s because the UK taxman was after him! I spent most of my day sitting at my table of wares,so,i used to talk to this guy,named Niall,from time to time.He was a pleasant,funny guy.I knew he was gay,however,that never bothered me.He would earn money doing all sorts of jobs for ex pats,mainly translation,however,he would turn his hand to anything!
    One Saturday afternoon he passed by with about 6 young boys,none of which were over 12 years of age,i was somewhat bemused to see him with these kids and asked him what he was upto? Oh he said “Cliff Richard is having a party at his Algarve villa and i’ve been asked to round up a dozen or so kids for him and his cronies to have some fun with” At the time i never really gave it a lot of thought,however,now it all falls into place.Thing is,knowing what this guy would do for money now doesn’t suprise me,that that’s exactly what he was doing! When i was down the Algarve Cliff Richard was well known for being out and about Albefeira with young lads! When i read the facts there are,the fact that i’m much older and understand more how the “powers that be” delude us,i’m more sure that Richards did do and has done these awful things to children! Anyways,i’m just telling you what i know,he will continue to be free,he will continue to do what he does freely!

  13. This news is not surprising.Look how long the CPS delayed in the case of Janner until he became a basket case and then croaked.The CPS has not done Richard any favours as now there will always be a question mark against him.It would have been better if the CPS allowed the case to proceed to Court and then if Richard was cleared it would be end of story.The motorists around the Yorkshire area beware as the Plods will have to get a shed load of parking and speeding fines to pay for their botoched and futile investigation.And again I stress why has no one asked Richard if he frequented the Elm Guest House.This will probably happen when Richard croaks

  14. I’m shocked the CPS came to their decision so quickly, I’m sure they were only handed the files in May, which would also have me believe Cliff has some juicy stories to tell on other powerful people.

    Hopefully the victims won’t let it rest and demand a review though it’s doubful anything further will come of this until he is dead and buried.

    The royalsa and their knighted paedos will never be brought to justice for their crimes.

    • I think you could be right. Justice will never be done. There are too many powerful and corrupt people involved.

  15. Got away with it such a shame for his victims he has never addressed the elm guest house links