Is Cliff Richard Connected To The Jill Dando Murder?

Jill Dando Journalist and TV Presenter

Jill Dando Journalist and TV Presenter

Jill Dando’s murder is not yet officially solved. I believe the authorities know who killed her, but are themselves part of the plot and the cover up.

Consider this, the Establishment was at that time desperately trying to keep the lid on the burgeoning paedophilia scandal, celebrities, politicians, police, churchmen and the elite class were (and are to this day) involved in abusing children of both sexes. The BBC, where Jill Dando worked, was up to its neck in it.

Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris, Alan Freeman, John Peel, Stuart Hall, Dave Lee Travis, Esther Rantzen and David Smith are all paedophiles or have connections to the BBC paedophile ring.

Jill Dando, a journalist of impeccable character and loved by the nation, reported her findings of paedophiles within the BBC. Her murder followed. She was killed on her doorstep as she arrived home. Jill Dando was silenced; assassinated!

Imagine the shock when she heard rumours about Cliff Richard’s fondness for young boys. She was a big fan of Richard and a close friend.

Their relationship raises many questions. Did she know Richard is a paedophile? Is he involved in her murder? Or, does he know who killed her? How many more celebrity child abusers is Cliff Richard aware?

The police investigation into Sir Cliff is now at an end and the file is being passed to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), maybe we will get some of the truth. It is is doubtful that the police will make the connection between him and the death Jill Dando however.

Justice For Jill Trailer
UPDATE: The following trailer is for a documentary up for release on April 26, 2016, the 17th anniversary of her murder.

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11 thoughts on “Is Cliff Richard Connected To The Jill Dando Murder?

  1. the government is corrupt from the top down,
    so is the government controlled bbc(buggering british children)
    so are the courts and so the police.
    they are all intertwined in some way the old school tie and such,unless you have video proof it seems that if you a powerful enough and well connected you will get away with it no matter how sick,BLAIR springs to mind straight away.
    the U.K has become a dirty nasty place where laws are bent by the wealthy and the rest pick up the pieces and the bill.
    JUSTICE thats for the powerful and wealthy individuals who can buy it .
    long live whistle-blowers for having the back bone to stand up,without whom we would be more in the dark.

  2. she worked for bbc could she bring them down with all there stars who would allow it as half off them was paedos we find out years later govt are as well and that includes police judges etc and guess what we sit back to let them set up inquiry after inquiry and guess what no evidence sorry people why isnt there something else like UN to do it some would say cost to much i would say we pay enough and 2 look at our inquiries at what cost and still going on they wont let us have say as truth may come out put your self in paedos boot why would i let you have that

    • +Malcom. Sadly, once the corrupt CPS refuse to prosecute there is only private prosecution, which the CPS always shut down, civil action, which may result in compensation but never justice, or public outcry.

  3. I think Cilla Black could be added, she was a close friend of Cliff and Rolf Narris. Cliff was due to visit her that week also. Did she find out something about him and questioned him about it?

    Why did she lock her bedroom door, her sons said she never locked that door. Why had she bruises on her arms? How did they know immediately that she got dizzy and fell over. How would they know that at all.

    • Oh my god you may be right, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Looking at that hard face of his (they say you end up with the face you deserve) I reckon he’d kill anyone to save himself!

  4. & her fiance at the time, is rewarded by being appointed, pediatrician to the Royal Family….. A thank you for keeping his mouth shut.

  5. For such a high profile figure as Jill Dando to be killed and the murderer never found plus no real outcry about murderer not found is very odd and does as another commentator on here said, suggest Establisment to blame

  6. What a waste! Not because she was a beautiful woman, which she was, but because she was a talented journalist and TV presenter. You can’t fake it and the the public loved her for being a thoroughly nice person.

  7. What is happening on 26th April.Looked on Jill Dando’s website but could not see anything relevant ?