Dallas: The Backlash Has Begun, US Cops Asked For It!


Despite unwarranted, almost daily murders of black people in the United States by police the demonstrations throughout the nation were peaceful. Concerned citizens of all colours and origins supported the protests. Then it happened right at the end of the demo; snipers opened fire on the police below them. The backlash began, and the US cops asked for it. In Dallas, Texas five police died, and the shooters injured seven more, some of them critically.

Am I surprised? Yes, but not that it happened on July 7, 2016, but that it hadn’t happened earlier. This incident could be the catalyst for a civil war in America. Black against authority, the same authorities that have for so long connived to prevent the black man (and woman) experiencing the privileges afforded to most of the white population automatically.

There is an exception to white-privilege of course; poor whites experience similar bias but without the frequency of severe consequences that black people experience every day. The first to make headlines was the execution-style shooting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of Alton Sterling. This African American was selling CDs in the street, and police detained him, had him restrained on the ground and then fatally wounded him by pumping numerous bullets into his body. Here’s the video that I warn you is very graphic.

The very next day police murdered Philando Castile in his car, in front of his girlfriend and her 4-year-old daughter. This execution happened in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. He fully complied with the law and the cop’s instructions but was shot to death anyway. He declared his weapon as required by law and was reaching for his documents when the uniformed thugs opened fire.

As you will see on this second video produced by The Young Turks and narrated by Genk Uygur further humiliation was piled on the grieving girlfriend by forcing her to the ground and handcuffing her. Her daughter comforted her, but she was unable to pacify her in return due to the shackles.

It is my belief that there will be a very bloody uprising in the USA and that many more cops will die. If I were an American black man, I’d be on the streets killing the fuckers. I have no sympathy for those dead cops they chose to be part of “America’s Biggest Gang”.

The Backlash Has Begun, US Cops Asked For It!


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