Does This BANNED Video Prove Cliff Richard is a Paedophile?

Cliff Richard at Wimbledon

Cliff Richard at Wimbledon

The original video I published here is now blocked following a legal complaint. I don’t fully understand whether the complaint to YouTube is from Cliff “Kitty” Richard, from the maker of the video, or from Universal Music. Below is a transcript of the original film. I replaced it with another, but that has now gone. Kitty has been a busy pussy hasn’t he. I will try to fix this as soon as possible.

The following statement appeared on YouTube video page which resulted in the ban.

“Please read all of this- UMG (Universal Music Group) are criminally stealing money using youtube advertisers revenue, by putting adverts on this video. The music is entirely written and made by us (way back in 1994, to be precise!), it’s not UMG artist Katy fucking Perry! IT Is not a remix of “Firework”, from her classic album “nonce protecting”. WE Wrote, played and recorded this experimental piece!”

UPDATE: June, 2016 An historical sex offence inquiry into singer Sir Cliff Richard has now been dropped by the corrupt Crown Prosecution Service. They claim there was insufficient evidence, so why did the police investigation take so long? Contrary to what some people are saying this decision does not make him innocent only a full jury trial can totally clear him.

The Questions this video raises (Transcript):

Cliff Richard was a friend of Lord Boothby and Ronnie Kray. He wrote to Ronnie Kray regularly in prison. What was the relationship between these men?

He was a friend of Tony Blair (aka Anthony Charles Lynton Blair aka Miranda). What was his relationship with Blair?

What WERE the details of the photographs found at a London train station in 1970?

He is on the National Association for Young People in Care’s (NAYPIC) Elm Guest House list. Who IS “Gladys”?

Was he arrested in 1983 by Sutton police for interfering with children?

Did MI5 then tell Sutton police to drop it?

The ex-policeman who tells the story of a cross-dressing “Harriet Webb” who turned up at a hospital screaming and wearing blood stained women’s underwear. Was this Harry Webb aka Cliff Richard?

What’s his friendship with Melvyn Bragg all about?

He was good friends with TV presenter Jill Dando, but why was he questioned so many times about her murder?

Was she investigating an elite paedophile ring?

Why has he given up UK citizenship and become a fully-fledged citizen of Barbados?

Read this article on Cliff Richard as well: CLICK HERE

Here’s another video on the subject: The maker of this video must read very fast because the frames move on too quickly. Be ready to use pause to give yourself time to read the dialogue.

A NEW expanded version of the banned video is now available here: This video may prove Cliff Richard is a child abuser

Some readers are misinterpreting posts like these. These posts, those full of questions, are intended to encourage debate; readers should do their own research. It should also be noted that most videos on TheDuckShoot Blog are not produced by TDS but are embedded from YouTube, Vimeo and similar video sites.

Does This BANNED Video Prove Cliff Richard is a Paedophile?

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  1. Well Mr. Webb has now released a new album (as advertised on t.v). Talk about rubbing our noses in it. :@

  2. My question is now that the CPS ( Judge & Jury) will not allow this case to proceed to a Law Court is this the end of this story.And have the Top people closed ranks so tight that there is now no chance of Webb being brought to Court?

  3. Two little boys went missing in birmingham,I often wondered if they were found,I think it was in chelmsley of them were put on milk bottles to jog people’s memory’s.

  4. “Contrary to what some people are saying this decision does not make him innocent only a full jury trial can totally clear him.”

    Actually, no. In civilised countries there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, not the other way around. I’m no fan of Cliff Richard but he’s never been arrested, none of the accusations against him have been corroborated, the CPS file on him was quickly demolished by lawyers and serious questions are being raised about the investigation.

    You my believe that someone is guilty until proven innocent but that is not the way the justice system works, and for good reason.

    • So, Pete, if you caught a man raping your wife, you would put the evidence aside and say “No dear is he not guilty of raping you, we must presume his innocence”. If the courts or the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) find insufficient evidence, then all that cum running out your wife’s pussy is her imagination. You and your wife then meet the guy, shake his hand and apologise for the trauma you put him through mistaking what he was doing as sexual violence when the CPS said it wasn’t.

      Of course, you wouldn’t you dumbarse, the presumption of innocence is a legal term, not reality. If the above scenario was genuine and a thorough police investigation resulted in the evidence being passed to the CPS, and the CPS said “not in the public interest” or “Insufficient evidence” or “the cost to the public purse is not warranted” you and your wife would be pretty peeved. Oh, coincidentally so are Cliff Richard’s victims.

    • SURPRISE SURPRISE, the now infamous CPS has reviewed the decision of The CPS and the new review by The CPS of THE CPS has confirmed that the original decision by The CPS is Final.All behind closed doors by nameless and faceless uncivil servants who do what they are told to do.Is this Democracy? And is this Justice? Why even bother to have Law Courts or a Judge and Jury when the CPS think they can do it all.Save the country a fortune

      • +Joanna Frisskie. Any prentence that the UK has a justice system ‘fit for purpose’ is now dead. Victims of abuse have two options, private prosecution or civil action. Private prosecution will almost certainly be closed down by the CPS, civil action, while likely to succeed, is expensive.

      • In USA there is something called SAID. It means sexuall allegations in divorce. It happens millions of times. And most of time is lies. The CP’s had to have enough evidence to make a charge which they didn’t apparently. In my view though if not clif Richard then lots of other celebs in jimmy savilles age ether are the same or knew of what went on. Jill dando I think new all this as probably Diana did too which is why she couldn’t b let go

    • You say that the CPS file on Webb was quickly demolished by Lawyers.It has been rejected by faceless civil servants and faceless lawyers behind closed doors.Paid for by us the tax-payer.This is not transparent democracy.Why was it not allowed to be argued out in public in a Court of Law.Only then would the outcome be near the truth.Now Webb will take the BBC to Court.The BBC will probably spend our licence fee money to fight the case.So how has the CPS saved the tax-payer money(as they said)by not allowing this case to proceed to Court.

    • You are either an idiot or a liar, probably both.
      ”Innocent until proven guilty” is a fabrication forced upon us by the corrupt judicial system.
      It has never worked for the poor people of the world and never will.
      If you have power and money then you can get away with murder (literally), especially if you have the power and the connections that go with it. Go to a seance and ask Savile about it, he may tell you.
      If innocent until proven guilty is true then why are all the prisons full of men on remand that are pleading not guilty?
      It isn’t all about who you know. It is all about WHAT you know about who you know.
      Harry knows that to be perfectly true.

    • Hi Dave just like to wish you all the very best and a successful new year, keep up all you do .

  5. I think Cliff Richard is guilty. He’s bribed people to get out of trouble. I don’t think people would make up stories like that if they have been mucked about with. I think the case should be reopened.

    • He is protected by the higher up,s because of what he knows. Hiding behind the godbother scene just as Salvile hid behind the kids charity fun raiser guy

    • Get lost he is innocent jealousy get you no where condem without bloody proof hes case been dropped police done a lot of wrongs so keep your opinion to yourself

      • +Lynda. There’s none so blind as those who will not see. I don’t see anything in Earl Jackson’s comment to indicate he is jealous. It is you who is deluded and ignorant of what no prosecution actually means in this case. The CPS dropping the case DOES NOT make him innocent.

    • I think your right ! And he will sue them big time to try to prove it if he wins he should give the money away it will be blood money!

      • +Jenny. He’ll only sue if he knows the organisation will settle out of court. He wouldn’t dare sue someone who would go to court and ask all the awkward questions.

    • This guy has never openly had relationships with women, never fathered children, never married, never had spontaneous relationships with women, never been seen out with women, looking at women, never influenced by female sexuality, has never openly discussed his desire for women, shown his desire for women, want the warmth of a woman, be loved by a woman, be weakened by a women’s active uons, behaved like he wanted a women in his life. YOU decide, as for me, it is obvious…..move aside the crap…and the church….everyone has a desire…as did Elvis Presley, and he was a open hetrosexual who openly liked and loved women…he was genuine! This cunt Richard is not!!!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks! I never used to be able to understand why the big wigs like raping children so much but I guess it is the power, the fact that children cannot usually speak out or do anything to stop the abuse. Plus a young child is, for twisted types, more appealing I guess in certain ways which we dont need to describe. I understand a lot more now – the media hide so much of what they know no doubt or are forbidden by those (perpetrators) on high from telling what they know and victims can easily be discredited (for example, the abuse causes them to have mental health issues and more so they can be called unreliable etc). Look what happened to the police chief recently (cant remember his name who was looking into yet another old high level suspected paedophile – his integrity/ability to do the job has been mauled So now again it will be difficult again for victims to be taken seriously if they dare to speak out. I hope for justice for every abuse victim and that the paedophiles become as hated and hunted as they deserve to be.

    • +Noteen. You have also made an additional shorter comment that I cannot approve yet as I understand it, nor who you are referring to. Could you review it and resubmit.

      • Hi Dave I think that the Sutton incident could be true as lord boothby died in 1986 so maybe strings were pulled, the krays well a young musician named Bernard oliver may be the link there he was found chopped up in 2 suitcases in Suffolk where the twins had homes the case is still unsolved but the twins have indirectly admitted it Mr oliver was a musician from London and was gay so good chance he may have met kitty.

  7. Too right a long way to go.The way I see it Cliff Richard has 3 options.
    One is a win-win situation where the case goes to Court and he is found Not Guilty
    Two is a lose-lose situation where Alison Sanders does a Lord Janner and wastes time and finds some way of not proceeding.If that happens there will forever be a question mark and doubt hanging over Richard.So the CPS would be doing him no favours.
    Third-Goes to Court and the prosecution gets the opportunity to question him,under oath,what were his connections,if any,to the notorious Boy-brothel,the Elm Guest House.Nobody has ever asked him this question after all these years which I do find bewildering.This would be in the public interest.And the Jury is out on that one—-well not yet–but could be

  8. Well,Well.Well.At last Cliff Richard’s file has been sent to the CPS.After the Janner hold ups and fiasco I dont think Alison Saunders dare obstruct or delay this case.The danger for Cliff Richard is that if it came to Court he may at long last be asked, under oath, what his connections,if any,were with the notorious Boy Brothel, the Elm Guest House.Watch the Worms fly out out the can.And what his connections were to The Krays or Lord (and I use that word with derision) Boothby .The problem will be getting him to appear in Court as he is now a Barbadian citerzin .This is one Personal Appearance he will be reluctant to make

  9. Totally agree.I also feel he is quite clever and has let the Elite know that if anything bad happens to him he has ways of opening many cans of worms they would not like.So he knows he is safe and too high up the food chain to be touched

  10. It really looks like South Yorkshire Police don’t have ANY intention of passing the file on Cliff Richard to the CPS.Very strange indeed,After all that time and money spent there seems to be no conclusion.The question is WHY ???????

      • Hi Dave I,’ve been reading that one of the compliments are to appeal the decision on various twitter accounts hopefully all four do

        • It is now being claimed on a twitter page that the person who is appealing is claiming to have been assaulted at elm guest house by kitty and Leon if true that’s one big can of worms that people want closed

          • If this complainant does appeal who would hear the appeal?Will it still be the Dictatorial and dodgy CPS,who are accumulating a load of suspect decisions.If it is it will be like peeing in the wind same old same old.Or will it be another separate department

  11. aha previously I could not understand why Gordon Brown and government in general seemed/seem so keen to help the McCanns in their ‘search’ for the child. But Steves comment clarifies somewhat. Does anyone know what the exact charges or investigations re these 3 were? I believe Blairs was to do with public toilets and possibly cross dressing but not heard anything about the other twos activities. I hope the child can rests in peace.

    • hi noteen sorry I hadn’t been on this site for a while-just saw you mentioned me and to be honest I can only vaguely remember telling the peter powell guy that paedophiles are not just tories but as many are labour.
      regarding brown and my comment -I read in great detail in several locations on google [sites like this one] about 2 cases involving brown -one is branded into my brain and the other is almost as bad.
      one was a gang rape him and 2 others of a prostitutes daughter-maybe7 or 9 or so -I cant remember-I think Scotland and when he was younger-maybe 20’s ? I don’t remember -they visited the prostitute who was a drug-head I think and they saw the kid and paid her to let them rape her-I think it was very aggressive rape-maybe bleeding anal-I don’t remember-the press I think knew and the cops I guess. I would guess the 1980’s ? all those facts maybe slightly off-forgive me if they are-that’s my vague memory of that story-I read it in several locations on the net a few weeks back.
      the worse story was an evil dr german or dutch psycho monster- a real one and im not joking-who raped his own kid/s and anyone elses and took custody of them and locked em up as mad and experimented with drugs on them to make them like vegetables or unable to remember etc -he was a top professional and powerful and well connected and brown new him and visited him and he visited brown and he gave brown drugged kids-at least one -a boy I think-young-I guess 10 or less ?
      the dr or the kids dad-this man is like you to the boy-he doesn’t see too good-meaning gordons bad eye etc and the kid swears it was brown-the face the voice and all the rest of it -it was very detailed and it disturbed me-doctors and drugs and laws that let you lock kids in padded cells or strap them to beds-I find this more disturbing than any other type of abuse-similar to what they did at derby in mental hospitals -or something like that-I read that once a few weeks ago-so haven’t given that famous story as much attention as the few I have read about.
      anyway I read this second and more serious brown story in several places and in great detail-I can still picture the website -as it shocked me that much-I cant say these stories are true-but I believe them-you must make up your own mind-they will be very easy to find-just type Gordon brown paedophile and search the first 2 pages or so on google-I think that will get you there.
      you were right about blair-hampstead public toilet on the heath -maybe the same loo ted heath was done in by the pigs ? blair used his middle name apparently and it was removed from the record by alister Campbell or someone like him-a cop go between basically and blair was a tranny at university and the night he was arrested.
      likewise Gerry McCann is meant to have had his record for child porn or something similar removed also-I am only relaying what I have read-I cant state to a legal level of requirement its all provable beyond doubt etc -look and ye shall find and you can make your own mind up.
      I recently realised-from all the great sites and experts and witnesses etc that when they got that list from the yanks of so many professionals and wealthy folk paying for kiddy porn with credit cards -and most of them were doctors and teachers etc -that so few were arrested or prosecuted and seen recently theories that say McCann was let off or blackmailed and maddy could have been the price they had to pay for that-the maccanns made about a million or 3 from it and Gerry had no record of his crime -which may have ended his career at its birth and maybe he was doing stuff anyway so could just continue-his buddy payne was thought to be a paedo in the hotel-making lewd gestures and remarks as was witnessed by another of the tapas 7 -or it may have been something slightly different-there are several theories that fit brown and payne and gery and maddy and operation ore? or whatever that was called when most doctors and teachers were let off for paying for child porn as proven by the yank police-the theory being -you have kids supplied forever and blackmailed victims of the state and all that power over them and their kids and if they are teachers and doctors then you get access to thousands of kids-not just their own-I love this theory as finally for a dimwit like me it makes sense of why so many professionals who work with kids in the uk were allowed to get off scott free even when the yanks kept demanding our pigs arrest them all especially the docs and teachers-so im inclined to think it makes sense and makes sense of things I couldn’t understand previously.
      hope I helped ? im just a twit -I don’t even trust my own opinions-Gordon brown haunts me daily .

          • Hi Dave sorry not sure how to do the link if it,s of help I think chris spivey covered it and host of others,
            The one thing about Brown I would like to know is why did he sell of half of the uk gold reserve when it was at rock bottom price it cost the uk tax payer billions did someone blackmail him he did that when he was chancellor .

          • +Colin. Just the URL will do as follows:

            Re: Brown, he caused the drop by announcing the sale in advance. There are rumours that Brown is a paedo so maybe the financial elite blackmailed him. After the price hit rock bottom the price rocketed over about 18 months. The FE bunch made a fortune in the billions.

      • Hi again Steve,the Brown story was meant to have been in Aberdeen, the Blair story was connected to public toilets and went to court where he dropped the Blair part of his name and got a fine, also use,s the name Miranda for some reason .

          • Hi Dave I have tried to send you a link but my kindle for some reason won’t do it, breaking now Patrick rock guilty on 5 charges mate.

        • Hi Dave I thought your site would be on melt down with all the kitty fans after today’s another person wrote to well protected to go any further mind you they did say the same for janner until he died now all the media will be poor kitty.

          • +Colin The hits to TDS are through the roof today and it doesn’t usually get going till the evening. Even my latest CR article has done well and that’s before it has reached Google’s first page.

  12. EDITOR: Your crass insensitive comment added nothing to the debate and merely identified you as a moronic egoist,. Therefore, I have trashed it and banned you from commenting on this site.

  13. Now that the South Yorkshire Police Chief has been suspended and his Deputy stepping down as she was under investigation maybe,just maybe now the Cliff Richard File will be sent to the CPS for consideration whether the case can go to trial.I feel Alison Saunders has a duty to put it up for trial otherwise there will always be a question mark over Cliff Richard

    • Cliff is protected from on high. He isn’t dead like Savile, Janner or Britan and he is far more clued up than Harris. Cliff has dirt on extremely powerful and important people and those people know that he doesn’t have the constitution to withstand rigorous questioning. They fear he could expose too much of the rotten edifice of the British establishment. He will never get to trial. The whole thing will be dropped or we’ll be told he has died, like we were with Janner and others. He is nothing at all like his public image, he is an utterly depraved, cross dressing, little boy abusing paedophile. He is sadistic, scatalogical and obsessed with paedophilic sex. And he pretends to be a celibate Christian. He makes me sick

      • your summary is absolutely spot on in my opinion-you covered all the key points in one short paragraph-wish I could learn to be so concise and so readable -well done .

      • You’re spot on the money Jack. When I visited London in 1992 I met a cousin of the Queen who was in the British Police Force who told me they have a ‘file’ on Cliff Richard as thick as. They know he’s a pedophile but can’t touch him as he is protected from above. They also had a similar file on the actor Robert Morley (now deceased I believe.)

      • The Fact Cliff is Protected from High up is very True.
        The SY Police had a ‘BIG FILE’ a BIG BIG CRIMINAL FILE on Sir Cliff
        hanging around for over a Year. Still wasn’t sent to the CPS until last week.
        Anyone else it would have been sent ages ago. This stalling of sending it says a lot
        in itself. Sir Cyril Smith back in the day, only had to send an M15 Courier on a motorbike to find his Criminal File, and put it in a Locked Vault for Years. Stuff pertaining to that Fat Paedos Elm Guest House Boy Brothel Days. The Fact Cliff’s Criminal File is with the CPS is a Huge Step ok, it could have been a NFA if it wasn’t. However whether the CPS take it to Trial is another matter altogether. Cliff’s back is a lot of Powerful MP’s and others backs. He’s too well Protected. If the CPS sent it to Trial, then Job well done, if NOT then he’s Protected as always. That’s where were at now !

        • I find it strange that 2 women can come forward 7 years after the death of Clement Freud,without a shred of evidence only their word(not that I dont believe them)and receive widespread belief and sympathy while 3 people STILL living can accuse a person STILL living,gets investigated for 2 years by a Police force,who with their findings and experience feel this case involving Cliff Richard should go to Court and then we are told by this dictatorial CPS department that this case does not need to go to Court. Surely this cannot be right.I feel it it time that the CPS which are now building up a huge catalogue of dubious decisions should be themselves investigated.

          • Even his wife whole heartily apologised
            To the victims so hats of to her that took courage more than money grabbing janners have done or ever will do

          • The wife of Clement Freud may have apologised but only years after knowing full well what her husband was up to.She had the means and the opportunity to halt his behaviour sooner and saved those women years of anguish.But she chose to keep silent to enjoy the luxury life-style Freud provided for her.She is as guilty as him and she has only now said sorry now when he has been exposed

          • These 2 women took their story to the ITV investigation team who made the documentary.I wonder if the accusers of Richard likewise went to ITV would they follow it up with a documentary.I presume if ITV did Richard’s lawyers would have a go at them to sue.Would that result in ITV forcing a Court case which obviously Richard does not want.It could then give the Lawyers for Richard’s accusers the oppurtunity to bring up the subject of the Elm Guest House which nobody ever asks Richard

  14. BBC won’t say anything because since Tories threatened them with cuts they have turned as Tory propaganda as Sky News. Most media is now Tory controlled. Tories made soo much fuss when they went on and on and on just because Labour had Alastair Campbell to deal with the media, but then Tories go and use people who are sent to jail for breaking the law.

    • The Police were supposed to send the file on Richard to the CPS in January but now apparently it has NOT YET been sent.What on Earth can be behind this delay

      • The delay is because a plausible ‘get out’ clause is being stitched up. Cliff is easily on a par with Savile. He is an absolute monster. A key player in the establishment paedophile network. He has abused hundreds of children the vast majority being little boys under ten.

    • pete powell … don’t seem to be aware it has nothing to do with tories -so why do you write what you did? alistaire Campbell has a terrible reputation-I have seen reports of him being a paedophile but there are the likes of harmen and hodge and Hewitt and janner and vaz and Gordon brown and even blair too -all have much written about them and in the case of Gordon brown it is horrific and involves 2 well documented cases of child rape and he was involved in the mccann cover up to -so why do you write what you do pete ? as for the bbc and the media-all the media is tory and always has been and always will be-yes lovers and gang members have spats but no one was anti tory and is now pro tory -the whole media is pro tory -tories and business and law and the media are all related and share the same ethos and skills-so sadly I think you got that wrong to pete-you will find the internet is full of what I am saying so I am assuming you have barely researched your subject-I hope I have pointed you in the right direction?

  15. There is a very creepy 7 room house in this episode with Cliff Richards calendar in the rooms,massive sauna,and erotic arts. half the house was deemed private for the visit and the person claimed only 2 people including him and 4 cats lived in it. Everything about it had pedophile written all over it.

    • Am I understanding you correctly. A man living on his own with two cats in a large house, and you consider this has paedophile written all over it.This was precisely how the Witch Finder General Matthew Hopkins defined his priorities in the 1500’s. In his own words , ‘Their house has Satan written on the door and they have a black cat on the step, a sign indeed’. The man he was talking about was the local vicar. My God, spare me from the judgement of the masses. Nothing changes.

    • Absolutely Barry. Reading these replies is scary. The article itself u shameful.
      Cliff was a young born again Christian, he was probably trying to convert Kray. Also I write to people in prison but I’m not a child molester.
      People hate Cliff because he has led a successful, private life. I am stunned how people read an article like this with spurious connections and no evidence and draw a verdict of guilty. Yes, beware the crowd would still burn witches if they could. Without evidence.

      • +Daisy. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I can just imagine the hypocrite Richard saying to the Krays “don’t push your dick too hard down my throat I want to talk about Jesus”. LMFAO at the naivety of some christians (yes I know cristians should have a upper case C, but I am taking the piss). You look like a very nice woman Daisy so I am kind of sorry to attack you. Please just cut the crap.

  16. I worked in the theatre for many years, only in the band admittedly, but I was well enough informed nevertheless.And it was a well known fact that Cliff was a lady, which in homosexual parlance means , he was submissive.Now obviously Cliff himself could confirm these rumours but in order to do so he would have to reveal much of his private nature, his intimate secrets, and possibly , his lovers. Frankly I don’t see why he should be put in this position.

    We have seen a great deal of smoke but very little fire, despite an exhaustive police investigation costings millions. An investigation which, thanks to the chief commissioner of police at the Met, has depleted other areas of the force, leaving current crime to back up in a cue and , as the chief constable of Birmingham candidly admitted, making it impossible to investigate up to 40% of all reported crime. This isn’t policing, this is what might be selective investigating , an operation focused upon narrow interests. And it’s not good enough.What about today’s children?

    There are many areas of crime , drugs, theft, violence, organised crime, that are being neglected, and it must stop.If Clif Richard was involved in paedophilia in the past then certainly investigate, but with a force proportionate to the crime and the time lapse. There are other dishes on the stove that need watching and we have not the resources to concentrate so many men on crime from thirty years ago. I suggest retired personnel are ‘re- steamed for these cases and the main part of the force subsequently freed up for more important work, work like the 1000 girls who were being groomed for prostitution in the north , a grooming that went on without the benefit of any police attention or the mildest interest. And I further suggest that the BBC be confined to court reporting.

    • This attitude is prevalent it seems ie it was a long time ago, there is no evidence, Cliff is a National Treaure etc. It may be a long time ago but the police would not be investigating if they did not have some reason to surely; especially given how much heat they would take for investigating a National Treasure. Child abuse destroys childrens lives and can lead them to suicide or self destructive behaviours in their lives such as drugs due to trauma so young. I feel that the police do indeed have reason to investigate CR but are prevented from proceeding by his star status ie his fans and the general outcry there would be if he was found guilty A bit like Michael Jackson who it seems probably did molest some children but managed to escape justice until the end (he paid millions to the families of more than one child why do that if you have nothing to hide?) Paedophilia IS worth police money to investigate as it is a prevalent in our society unfortunately and the rich and powerful seem to be big consumers of child sex but due to their power so few are punished.

      • +Noseen. The police are duty bound to consider every complaint, although, in practice they don’t do so, the fact that they are investigating Cliff Richard (Harry Webb, Kitty, etc.) proves nothing. So to assume that “the police would not be investigating if they did not have some reason to surely” in itself is not proof of anything. However, investigators will consider all types of evidence to build the jigsaw; that is what the police are doing because they can only charge him once the evidence is ‘beyond reasonable doubt’. That doesn’t prevent us, personally, making up our mind about a person based on less than concrete evidence.

        Now, concerning Michael Jackson while the burden of proof for prosecutions is similar in the US, their ‘justice system’ is skewed by plea deals, multi-million dollar lawsuits and the corrupt influence of the corporations. I think Jackson, due to his sheltered upbringing, didn’t see anything wrong in what he did with kids. He was child-like himself, which does not excuse him of course, but abused children often grow up and abuse others.

        Has anyone seen the connection between Cliff Richard and Michael Jackson? Both had mothers that followed the Jehovah’s Witness cult. I know from experience how that religion screws up a person’s mind.

      • According to m.w.t on his Twitter page there is more than one enquiry into him, I think one line has been dropped,he also said that the file would be with the cps within 8 weeks don’t hold your breath on that happing

        • Barry Waterfield you are not welcome here om TheDuckShoot Blog with your extreme and misogynistic views, your insults and right wing opinions. So fuck off! – Editor

          • Just about half way to the eight weeks if you go by m.w.t who in my option on some of his tweets thinks that the messenger is more important than the message.

    • Your suggestion that retired personal should be re-employed to cover old sex abuses cases sounds good but the problem is that it is probably those same officials were involved in cover-ups years ago.So why would they alter their findings if they were commissioned to look into those same cases now and risk themselves being exposed for complicity or inefficiency.It needs a new broom with different attitudes to clean up to seek out the truth

        • Well, if we continue with vintage investigations of this size then I don’t think you can expect much more from the police.Household security and respected personnel requires we do our best,Retired staff do not necessarily have to be that old. People who retired in the last ten yhers would do.

    • This very comment is a classic diversion method used to make an important factor seem less convincing by comparing it to a larger and less specific issues. The underlying point made is that some how one person being suspected of pedophilia connections is not as important as 1000’s of girls being forced into prostitution.
      So Pedophilia is not harmful and important to investigate? Really,a defender of pedophiles? The victims are some how not seen or important when it comes to boys? or a single individual?
      If this comment was made to an investigator in these very terms it would be considered highly questionable,because of what is being deemed less important despite the connections to various highly damaging pedophile rings across UK.
      Also by first saying that he was considered a LADY and submissive in the theater is also unusual.Submissive meaning he was not aggressive? Lady and not a manly aggressive type…oh just a softy? He could not have done any serious harm,right? I would classify your entire comment as professional and well versed in concealment. Connected possibly to the guilty party?

      • Where have I said the paedophilia is not important Please highlight the passage.

        What I feel we can do without is a witch hunt, formed of inexperienced and largely ignorant people . The police have to investigate any compliant , and certainly , in this country, celebrities seem to be fair game. But it doesn’t stop there. Once this sort of thing gets a hold it’s like a bush fire, it destroys the good with the bad. I take it you are familiar with the details of the French revolution. Toward the end , even the humble peasant was being accused , via letter de Paris, of insurrection, and marched off to the guillotine.No trial just off with his head, it was mob rule.. That’s what I expect next, the jury replaced be committee , it’s quite possible believe me and you people are playing into the hands of those who are working toward a police state.

        I met Clif Richard on many occasions, and for what it’s worth , I found him to be a very charming person. He is a Christian , and I most certainly am not , but we still got on well.There were occasionally oafish boys hanging around the stage door but not in the theatre. You’ve never even met him. Yet we get the benefit of your opinion.If he has done anything wrong then certainly , bring him to book, but it does not need such a large force investigating. The chief commissioner of police is already preparing to apologise to the family of Leon Britain but it hasn’t stopped this time wasting, his force are now investigating Edward Heath . HE’S DEAD FOR GOODNESS SAKE. THE GIRLS IN THE NORTH ARE ALIVE AND THERE ARE OTHERS LIKE THEM.THEY COULD DO WITH HELP TODAY. Wake up England.

        • +barry waterfield. All paedo Catholic priests claimed they were Christian, Jehovah’s Witnesses claim they are Christian, There are lots of Anglican and Protestant paedos that claim they are Christian. Then there are the warmongers Bush & Co., Blair & Co, Cameron & Co. Christians? In my experience they are, as a group, the biggest bunch of child abusing hypocrites on this planet. Why don’t you start your own blog Barry Pissfield?

        • The fullnextent of these paedophiles’ crimes often only emerge when they have died because victims feel braver when their politically powerful attacker cannot get to them. Jimmy Seville is an example. So yes police should investigate dead potential paedophiles. Sadly it has so far been only when they are dead or too old to stand trial eg Lord Jannerthat police or COS act ie protection of the

          • My last comment ended in mid sentence sorry My phone screen would not work. The COP but was meant to read CPS must turn off predictive texting.
            So many powerful alleged paedophiles are are not investigated wbile alive Which of them cared what is thought of them when they are dead?’
            I applaud Police Chief investigating but the powerful establishment has hidden these crimes and destroyed anyone speaking out or investigating it for probably centuries Nowthe police have to go back to not automatically believing victims due to the Brittan incident which is a win for the paedophiles always vigilant to discredit victims speaking out of course
            I agree with the comment that if enough people stop keeping the crimes secret things might change but victims are chosen precisely because they do not have power in society eg children in care homes. The underlying philosophy also needs investigating ie Satanism, Secret Societies including Freemasons

          • Sorry my last comment stopped mid sentence and predictive texting out COP instead of CPS. The establishment is expert at hiding paedophilia possibly for hundreds of years and the victims are chosen precisely because they have no power in Soviet and will not be believed mainline they do speak out at the time or when older. The police have been labelled ‘witchunters’ now due to the Brigham case and given New orders from above to not automatically believe potential victims Ideal outcome for the paedophiles again

          • Sorry typos I really must double check before I submit my comment in future it’s this new phone but I am into it now! I was saddened to see that after Brittan incident and police forced apology police might have to go back to not believing victims unless proof Proof is obviously deeply difficult to get when often it was when the victim was a child etc

        • I believe you have said it isn’t important-sorry but I do and I will explain what the others have tried to explain to you and failed.
          firstly if cliff where utterly clean and there was no evidence this would not have taken the year or more it has-secondly they are considering right now whether to charge him or not-so they have something to consider-if they are bent and say it is too hard to prove or not in the public interest then it again proves he has some guilt at the very least-so why is it a witch hunt? it isn’t .
          if it isn’t a witch hunt then why would you say don’t catch the abuser and don’t stop him or her and don’t act to dissuade other abusers by example and don’t protect the victims yet to occur and don’t represent the rights to legal protection for the historic victims.
          so why are you arguing the other comments are wrong and you are not defending paedophiles ? I cant see how that can make sense? also if he is charged-unlikely knowing the bent cops and politicians and media-but if he is -then what do you say ? sorry? if he is charged and convicted then what do you say? sorry sorry ?

    • Sexual abuse as we know now was endemic at the BBC, The Catholic Church and parliament. Celebrity and forces within the highest reaches of the police, MI5, judiciary and government are implicated.

      If Cliff Richard is not guilty of forcing himself on people that were not old enough to give consent or just plane didn’t give consent then the law will find that to be the case. I wish him well in maintaining his innocence, if he is indeed innocent of these reprehensible acts. However his association with so many under investigation shows his lack of judgment with the company he kept. Whilst guilt by association is not a crime, associations of this kind are likely (lawfully) to be investigated. Whilst I do not wish to know about where and how people lawfully engage in sexual activity, this corrupt bankrupt behaviour must be brought to justice. If Cliff is collateral damage then he needs to look no further than the company he he kept for someone to blame for his position now!

      • Or on the other hand,if Cliff committed crimes and was not just keeping bad company, don’t let his world superstar status protect him. If you hang around with paedophiles the chances are you share their tested it could be argued

        • Why Oh Why is Cliff Richard being investigated for an incident fairly obscure and difficult to prove.Whereas why has nobody asked him why he is named as a frequent visitor the the boy brothel the ”Elm Guest House”.There are people still alive who have confirmed he frequented the place.Far easier to get proof so why is he not asked about it.Leon Brittan was also said to frequent the house and he was also investigated for something obscure and now the Met are asked to apologise.Weird !!!!!

          • It seems to me that the whole UK system moves into action to protect VIP paedophiles from police to courts to CPS etc which in turn suggests that someone or people very very high up in our social hierarchy is are protecting them which in turn leads to those at the ‘top of the tree’ and who are they? The Royal Family seem to be immune from investigation but, and I am not accusing them given that at present there is no evidence to do so, but they do pop up from time to time in close proximity to fairly large scale child sex offenders from Saville to Prince Andrew’s friend Geoffrey Epstein. Until we can investigate all the way to the top (eg who gave Saville the keys to all those hospital where he ruled unchallenged for years…..?)

          • 2 people who would be interesting to have a closer look at is firstly Edwina Currie who I believe was on the board of Broadmoor governors and apparently authorised for keys to be given to Saville.Why? Secondly Esther Rastzin(sorry spelling) who set up Childline.I wonder just how many people have actually been prosecuted due to information supplied by Childline.Or is Childline just a front to bury complaints by children getting too close to accusing someone high up on the food chain.Both these people ”acted” appalled by the revelations of Saville

          • Yes all interesting and are Childline records avsilable to compare actual cells made to them and information given to the charity with subsequent investigations undertaken based on this information ie whst ate the outcomes for all those callers? It is more shocking for me to think a woman might be or assist paedophiles but I suppose that helps such figures to escape suspicion etc

          • Hi true and I really will check the predictive text in future – thanks for reading it anyway!

    • It’s clear no filthy paedophile got his hands on you. If it happened to you or someone you loved you would know that 30 days or 30 years is irrelevant as to the damage these animals do and the horrendous ways it scars and changes the victims. You are forever changed and to never have the chance of bringing the disgusting excuse for a human being to justice has caused many to simply end their life. Perhaps you are one of the “elite” who refuse to face facts and are here to downplay the overwhelming damage you to do us, the helpless innocent, who will never be completely whole again. How you can say that the passing of time somehow lessens the need for justice just leaves me gobsmacked.

  17. This comment is rejected due to the pedantic commenter being insulting. Your point can be made without insulting other commenters or the Editor

  18. Last October there was an article in the papers that the Police were about to hand in the file on Richard to the CPS to see whether the case could go to trial.Does anyone know if that has been done as there has not been a word since October.I dont have much confidence in Alison Saunders,of the CPS, to take on the case.She let Janner slip through the net.She will find every way of wriggling out of bringing the Case to Court

      • If that is the case what a total waste of Police time and resources.Somebody should be held accountable to the tax-payer for such a waste.Alison Saunders should be interviewed by a Select Committee to explain her reasons if she buries this

    • Hi update on your question to Dave as of today’s date according to m.w.t twitter page op kaffie has a new line of enquiry as files should be with cps within the next 8 weeks op kaffie is the name of the investigation into kitty hope this helps

      • Thanks for that update.In October the article said the Police were going to hand the file over to the CPS in about 2 weeks.Well it has now been about 10 weeks since then and now you say it will be within 8 weeks.Seems like the usual delaying tactics going on.Lets wait and see.Watch this space

        • On a similar point about the same time it was reported that rolf could face up to 8 new charges as 20 woman had come forward,still waiting for that to happen.

          • Does anybody know who we could contact to see if Richard’s file,has in fact, been sent to the CPS? Or just hanging around somewhere collecting dust

    • I agree that Saunders and her department seem to protect the high profile paedophiles (the few that we actually know about that is)

      • I really do believe that if Saunders and the CPS think they can do Richard a favour and try to bury his file they will be doing him more harm than good.It is in Cliff Richard’s best interest to have this case come to Court and if he is found innocent and not guilty that will be the end of it.If the case is not brought to Court there will be,forever, a doubt on Richard and the whispers will continue for evermore.Thus is image will be tarnished forever.It is surely in the public interest and his for this case to come to Court

        • Most of the paedophiles uncovered had been ‘whispered’ about for many years and it did not bother them at all plus fans of these celebrities don’t seem to care what they do often eg Bill Crosby still gets fans waiting for him even outside court where he will answer charges of multiple rape etc. Michael Jackson etc Unless they are actually charged people believe it is just gossip but often it is hard to charge them I suppose as victims are ashamed, embarrassed, dead even These types have no shame and don’t mind gossip as long as they are not caught it seems

          • Cliff Richard keeps saying he does not even know who could be accusing him of the alleged offence.If the CPS allowed this case to come to Court we and Cliff Richard who then know who the accuser is.If the Judge and jury clears him, his reputation and legacy would be restored.If the case is buried after all time there will always be doubts on him and if he had nothing to hide he should welcome his day in Court.Cannot understand why the delay.

  19. Dear ramjid_frogeyes

    I have deleted your rant because you have not only broken rule No.1 “don’t attack the editor” and your spew is based on something related to dog shit.

    I believe Richard is guilty of something involving kids, but nothing in the articles or videos states that. So fuck off with your football fan mentality and read the Beano, it’s more in your league. The Duck Shoot is NOT a forum and it is far too intellectual for you.


  20. Update: Cliff Richard is currently being questioned by police in relation to ‘historic allegations’

      • Hope the Police are going to ask Sir Cliff two things.Why did he correspond so often with Ronnie Kray while Kray was in prison and secondly did he frequent the ”Elm Guest House”. and if so Why.And please could we, the public,know his replies

      • I firmly believe Cliff Richard is guilty & sooner or later it will all come out. I’m the same age has him & remember clearly back in 1959 his name was linked to the late Russ Conway. I’m very suspicious of the fact that he is living with John McElynn a former missionary. Cliff Richard was quoted as saying in 2008 “John & I over time have struck up a close friendship, he has also become my companion which is great because I don’t like living alone, even now” …. We all know what a bunch of paedophiles priests are!!!

  21. Sounds like a conspiracy story. I NEVER BELIEVE THEM. Anyway where is the corroborating evidence? If it was that good they would charge him. It is easy to make up stories. People’s names mean nothing. I know 3 Cliff Richards living with 10 miles of me. Perhaps one of them frequented this place?

    • @Franz von Rintelen. You sound like you are a conspiracy theory, probably born an elf and a fairy. The elf raped the fairy and you were conceived. Your birth was difficult though because of your oversize head.

    • Your logic seems sound (if unwelcome), but flawed. “Cliff Richard” by most reports ALREADY does NOT appear on any list – it’s an allegedly linked nickname that appears. And everyone knows that an alleged nickname allegedly linked to a specific person that could have been added to an alleged list by anybody at any time is proof of something…

  22. I read a day ago that the Police will be handing over Cliff’s file to the CPS in a couple of weeks.The CPS could give a decision whether to proceed further in about 5 months.But with Alison Saunders (she who was not going ahead with the Lord Janner case) will this file also be chucked into the waste bin.Time will tell

  23. Well it certainly looks like ”Kitty” Richard has got away with it.Yorkshire Police who have had 13 months to investigate this are so arrogant that they are refusing to give any information of the progress of their investigation.Looks like a case of closing ranks and pulling down the shutters……very strange indeed
    In the meantime ”Kitty” has the front to start another tour knowing he is so well protected

    • ..and/or has nothing to hide? Do we withdraw “innocent until proven guilty” now that rumours and unsourced speculation can spread like wildfire on the Internet – or is it actually more important than ever to follow due process?

      Obviously if ‘due process’ is questionable, there can be flaws in the system. But damning someone with “getting away with it” instead of using occam’s razor to dare to suggest a lack of evidence derives from a lack of evidence is piling on the innuendo and conspiracy.

    • It’s not like he didn’t have plenty time to get his house in order as the rumours were all ove the internet for ages,

      always look at the company a person keeps & kept it answers most things

  24. “Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM) represent approximately 2% of the United States population, yet are the population most severely affected by HIV. In 2010, young gay and bisexual men (aged 13-24 years) accounted for 72% of new diagnoses of HIV infections among all persons aged 13 to 24.
    In 2010, gay and bisexual men accounted for 78% of infections among all newly infected men. From 2008 to 2010, new HIV infections increased 22% among young (aged 13-24) gay and bisexual men and 12% among gay and bisexual men overall.”
    Source: CDC. Estimated HIV incidence among adults and adolescents in the United States, 2007–2010. HIV Surveillance Supplemental Report 2012;17(4).

      • I was told about 13 years ago that Cliff Richard was a registered peado under his real name in Essex. He also owned a house in the 70’s in Essex which then became a boarding school for boys when he sold it. Whether this is true or not(being registers) I don’t know but it’s certainly a strange coincidence considering what’s come to light over the last couple of years!

  25. I met Peter Bottomley years later in my late teens at a house party. Thankfully I was with a boyfriend at the time…. Had I known then what I know now, I would of been more alert.

    Cliff Richards day of reckoning will come. Mark my words. The guy most definitely IS a child abuser. I’ve grown up with these animals, they all look and behave the same way

    Just because the man is a “Christian” does not mean he is beyond reproach. As an Atheist , I have often found that Christians tend to be the most deceptive people. I don’t trust them.

  26. I was abused as a child. My father was a military man. I remember very little due to having no memories. They are there, I just cannot access them on my own. I have a few scant memories of important landmarks and places, but unless my memories come back, I have zero proof.

    I have grown up with a special mark. (Star within a circle scar)

    I was in and out of children’s homes. I reported many staff members for child abuse against my friends, sometimes the police were called, other times, nothing was done.

  27. All of the elm house lot were listed by their real names except ‘Gladys and Kitty’. Why are all the other (high profile people) “happy” to be known by their real name? And yet you assure me you know who Gladys and Kitty are. These abusers are the vilest scum imaginable, but something doesn’t quite add up.

      • Wrong how? Explain how exactly. Where is the actual evidence it relates to Cliff.

        • @ Silver. Do your own research. I had this response I was reporting that Rolf Harris was a kiddie fiddler. I just waited, the truth will out.

      • Wonder if ”Kitty” will turn up for his good friend Cilla’s funeral.As long as he don’t start singing ”Summer Holiday” please

        • @ Joanna Frisskie. Back in the day when the film of the same name was released, in which ‘Kitty’ sang THAT bloody song, I was ‘courting’ a woman who later became my wife. She adored ‘Kitty’ and dragged me along to see it. Even for that time it was amateurish, terrible acting and I hated it.

  28. As Sir Cliff is about to buy another property in England does he feel he is going to get away without being charged

    • Well if he is afforded the protection that this vile establishment of ours seems to like giving, then yes!

  29. WARNING! Paedophile apologist alert…..

    Seroiusly? people honestly believe that Sir Cliff visited that place and signed his real name on the books?

  30. There are plenty of people who knew about Cliffy’s close connection with The Krays and the sadistic nature of The Krays and their elitist connections. Why would a squeaky clean pop singer be so closely connected to these evil and violent gangsters? Why did Reggie Kray marry Frances Shea and never consummate the marriage before making her life a misery? Why did she commit suicide? The answers might not be in the mainstream media, but the questions are certainly there to be pondered.

  31. Keep up the good work, xpose the filth, ignore trolls and shills. In the end, the truth will prevail. Of course, “Kitty” is just the tip of the iceberg, so was Saville, Cyril Smith and so on. Start with the royals….

    • @Christine. You are right certain members of the Royal Parasites are up to their neck in child abuse, but it is dificult to get the evidence. I will keep looking though.

      • Dave, in a TV interview from about 3 years ago – possibly with Piers Morgan, if I recall correctly – our white Cliff of (Ben) Dover, when questioned about Blair’s holiday break at his place in Portugal, became noticeably defensive. His expression changed, palpably – as did his body language – as he begrudgingly acknowledged that TB had stayed at the singer’s residence…

  32. Well said Tommy. The MSM seem to be avoiding the satanist connection like the plague. I can only recall one or two newspapers ever headlining Jimmy Savile being part of a satanic paedophile ring and that was it more or less. The majority of the public either forget or simply don’t care. Thank God for the alternative media.

  33. I’m new to this site and I’m impressed. I hope the satanic ritual abuse and murder these “celebrities” are/were involved in is mentioned in the MSM when these b******* are exposed. Then again I’m deluding myself. Keep up the good work Editor and contributors.

    • Digressing slightly, I wonder if the people who named Cliff’s first film “The Young Ones” (which I saw as an adoring kid fan at the cinema with my mum and dad) were trying to tell us something – knowing the Masonic Illuminati’s tendency to toy with us unsuspecting sheeple – by way of making us unwittingly complicit in their Satanic ‘revelations’. Check out Walt Disney and paedophilia, et al.

      • I think the same as Jonathon – I also think Gladys, Kitty’s friend at Elm House is an anagram of gay lads …I’ll get me coat…

  34. All i can say is an innocent dignified man would fight to clear his name. He would answer questions posed to him by the police and even welcome them to his home to stop what he claims to be untrue. He is not of ill health nor is he incapable in any way of having a conversation. Instantly it seems that there is a want to instill the fear of being sued into the police/investigators, therefore making their job very difficult.This is my perception however if there is no prosecution I would expect an explanation for the contradictory information on Elm Guest House which is freely available on the internet.

    • John – I have no idea if Cliff is guilty or not but the legal system is not as fair or simple. Without knowing the details, it is too simplistic just to say he should be fighting to clear his name. frankly, how do you know he isn’t? All media have their own agenda, be it ratings, profits, personal reasons etc.He doesn’t control what is print nor do we. I think it is nonsense to bring up something from 1985 unless there is real proof. And even then are witnesses living? Available? How accurate is a memory after 25 years? Do the police or prosecutor have their own motives? And I don’t necessarily mean deeply nefarious – sometimes they just want to win, or make a name for themselves. Glad I’m not accused.

      • @Rik Lapham. 1. Hundred’s of children, women, old people and corpses were raped by Jimmy Savile because nobody said anything. 2. If you’ve had your arse, vagina or mouth violated by force you would remember it forever. You, Rik paedo apologist Lapham, may suffer with a defective memory and choose not to believe the victims, but most people have more empathy for their fellow humans and know that people who cry rape are a tiny minority.

        • Editor – Your vitriolic reply to my comment would be understandable if you were responding to what I wrote. I was responding to John Usher’s comments and fail to see how dissecting the realities of the legal system are construed into lack of empathy for the victims. I never said allegations of child abuse should be ignored – I ONLY referred to bringing up a 30 year old accusation and QUALIFIED my opinion by saying “if there is proof.” Likewise I was clearly and specifically referring to the memories of the witnesses. Obviously a violated person would never forget. Nowhere did I say or imply a victim was lying.

          • @ Rik Lapham. These are the words I particularly took issue with: “I think it is nonsense to bring up something from 1985 unless there is real proof. And even then are witnesses living? Available? How accurate is a memory after 25 years?”

            Have a look at my articles on Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have this stupid “two witness rule”, which they only seem to apply to accusations against their favorite “brothers” and elders. Since when do paedophiles invite an independent person to observe what they are doing? As to witnesses memories, if you’d had a dick forced up your arse as a child believe me you’d remember.

            The only witnesses are the abused and abusers, so your pathetic argument in your own defense is shit.

      • Hi Rik. Fair point but there’s a hell of a lot i could not say in that post for legal reasons. Do a bit of research and you may see what I mean, there’s certainly more to suggest one side of the argument than the other.

    • WARNING! Paedophile apologist alert…..

      He did meet with the police everytime they have asked him too and answered questions. How do you fight someone slandering you when the police wont tell you who is doing it? how can he let them in his home when he was out of the country at the time the police broke into his home. never once asking him if they could enter nor telling him they were going to do it. People making up stuff is part of the problem

      • Oh you know that for sure do you? You were there and witnessed everything, The police are not investigating just one allegation and they had a warrant to search his house. Sorry that this pervert is your hero, unrequited love is such a pain in the arse.

  35. I’M a liar am I? Where were you in those years, in nappies? Until you have outright proof instead of hear say, I sugest you refrain from further comments or are you just after fame yourself?

    • @ Paul B Stevens. Not only a liar a fucking idiot too. My photo is on every page of this blog, do I look like I was in nappies in “those years”. You are just a paedophile apologist who boosts his latent perverted feelings (if they are indeed latent) sticking up for famous perverts.

  36. People who don’t know talk a load of bollocks just to get printed. I knew Sir Cliff Richard well and truelly for ten years or more. I belonged to his family through marriage. The Cliff I knew then was well into women but, of course,kept from the papers. Okay he kept house with Bill Latham but that didn’t mean women were off the menue. But the more famous he became the more the women wanted to share that fame. In the end he gave up finding that true love. Lets face it people, the more famous you are the more they want to knock you off. After fifty odd years of trying he’s still there at the top doesn’t that tell you something.

      • well said dave the editor…you are on the ball and wise to the problem. people will sometimes defend the un-defendable-like royalists do which ever lurid story is in the news about them.
        though I hate that -it is the human condition and I love people in all their mistaken prejudice stupid deceitful ways -I put it down to being entitled to an opinion and why I have always been a fan of democracy and freedom of speech over political correctness and positive discrimination -plus I don’t even wish to live in a world of perfect people or people who all share the same view if it were even possible .
        also and more importantly- you spot the made up stories and false facts very well and I agree with your judgements usually -so for example when people keep saying cliff was bisexual -I agree with you-he appears to be gay and not bi and the stories never make sense and like you I don’t recognise them or see any evidence to substantiate them-therefore challenge the tellers as they will almost assuredly turn out to be apologists or liars or idiots or a combination-though I don’t mind the idiots as I think we were all wrong once and all had to learn and all of us tend to trust too much so when we are challenged we try to rationalise the situation and look for ways to justify not accepting we have been wrong all these years-exactly like royalists do all the time and considering most of the world are religious still- I think anything is possible -like believing in ghosts and paranormal powers or aliens or big foot etc so believing in their heroes and the elite and the famous seems like a milder form of self deception relatively compared to believing in god or the royal family .
        can I point out-I have never believed in anything paranormal and haven’t had a hero since I turned 30 years old -23 years ago-[ just in case I have sounded confusing ].
        I agree that cliff was not bi and they are likely to be false and obviously made up stories to muddy the waters and maybe nefarious forces are responsible for much of this false input on independent sites like this one-otherwise it is just mistaken fools .
        I also agree that the overwhelming majority of sex crime allegations are true or largely true and so like you I think we can assume that and only assume the opposite in those exceptional cases where the accusations are obviously off-these though rarely if ever involve paedophilia accusations-usually those cases are prostitutes or ex spouses or business partners etc-though even they are rare.
        separately from these general comments and opinions -I also agree with you that the evidence against cliff is overwhelming -unlike ted heath cliff didn’t kill most of his victims and so victims do survive -but even half or so of victims don’t ever consider themselves victims -though this matters not to the law and rightly so -but of course it means we rely on honest caring authorities to spot this and fight the victims corner regardless-this is constantly stressed by the police nowadays and often even by the vicitms-like that sunderland footballer whos victim took months for the police to convince she was a victim -but the cops and the law is correct -the law doesn’t need a recognisable victim as it used to decades ago -this is one reason why if we wait for a crying claimant and for obvious evidence like cctv we can assume 99% of paedophiles will go unpunished and unrestrained and even un-identified .
        I also think powerful and lethal friends of cliff will have taken measures to protect him -I mean janner and britten were probably murdered or forced to top themselves and almost all the known victims of parliamentary and royal paedophiles have been murdered also -so cliff I suggest straddles the celebrity and power networks-just as did Saville -who ran a bloody mental hospital for gods sake -that’s not a celebrity role and cliff could not be considered normal if everyone we associate him with is either newton john or chris evert -both duped celeb hunting bimbos and otherwise all royals or known paedophiles and the krays and mad judges and blair the tranny war starter and brown the paedo and esther and Saville and elm street child brothel etc plus I have heard what people say about cliff-old business associates and witnesses and drivers and so on and they all sounded rock solid to me -so im not willing to believe cliff is innocent until proven guilty -if life were that easy we could buy justice like Michael Jackson and Elton john and o j simpson etc-all of whom are guilty and considered so by most of the world regardless of the fact none were ever convicted or even forced to truly defend the facts in court.
        they usually have evil genius lawyers and the victims have paedophile stooges or idiots on a shoe string and the law is truly an ass .
        cliff may well buy his way out or have witnesses killed or he may be assassinated or he may get off on a fabricated technicality-it doesn’t matter if he does as in my opinion the law is very very very faulty and taudry and cliff is likely to be guilty always as the facts indicate that-and for him to be totally innocent is beyond believable in my opinion ….. however he may well get off or not even make court-we have seen loads of paedophiles walk free under our noses haven’t we? those 2 monsters in coronation street bill roach or roche and the younger one called kevin who stuffed the teddy bear in that toddlers mouth to muffle her cries -both got off scott free and yet you see I believe both were obviously guilty .
        there is a silly comment below from Malcom stating that to accuse without evidence that presumably stands up in court is to defame and he states people defame to increase viewer statistics or gain fame etc-both those comments are the enemy of truth-we should all wish to know the truth and not find justification for not looking for the truth or even covering up the truth-I assume the fool or apologist assumes all criminals confess and all court judgements are valid and we are not entitled to opinions and the right to voice them.
        I haven’t read a single comment anywhere online yet -in reference to this subject -that hasn’t been believed by its creator-people making these accusations or repeating them or expressing anger at the known cover ups are always well intended and genuinely felt -I haven’t seen one ever that makes me think it is stupid or malicious or written to make the creator popular or famous or rich -this is a total myth just like the myth all victims are looking for money-there is no evidence for either myth-the reverse is true in fact .
        also…on a different note to colin the regular commentator-he is possibly correct brown may have been forced by the paedo blackmailers to announce the gold sell off in advance but colin is wrong to have faith in mark William Thomas as he does so clearly-as mark William Thomas and Clarence Mitchell are considers the 2 worst paedophile gate keepers in the media industry -you must form your own opinion as must you dave-but I have read on so many sites disturbing evidence involving mark William Thomas that I am personally convinced and I never liked or trusted him years before I even discovered his involvement-as he is as creepy as hell -like nick ross and nicky Campbell and we all know about nick ross I hope ?
        as for why the operation ore was called off by blair -at time of the Iraq war -isn’t it obvious it was either a cover up to end the truth being exposed or to save and use through blackmail the protected names like Gerry McCann or it would have harmed the govt so badly to see ministers and mp’s named and heads of the armed forces and senior cops and judges etc -so in war no government allows itself to be weakened by its own police or media -the first casualty in war is the truth as the cliché goes.
        did you know about Gerry McCann and his probable or certain guilt ? and have you checked out Richard d halls amazing latest series investigating maddy who died on the sunday not the following thurs -I think I remembered that correctly-many experts are amazed by rich halls detailed evidence as am I .any way did I already tell you Gerry may have been one of the operation ore cover ups ?
        and lastly did I ever tell you dave or do you already know about johnny depp and tom cruise being rent boys as kids like most of their generation good looking thicko talentless scum who have all risen to the dizzying heights of fame and wealth for keeping shtum and being obedient .
        and did I tell you dave the yorkie ripper sutcliffe probably killed at least 35 according to a brilliant researched book-I was convinced personally.
        I feel better now I have ranted .

        • Brigham and Manner killed or committed suicide? They were lucky enough to live long lives despite their crimes so they seem to have died of natural causes because their power enabled them to avoid justice. I do not know about Nick Ross and Nicky Cambell so feel free to tell us more.
          I also watched Hall’s films on Madeleine McCann and they changed my mind completely from being supportive of the parents to seeing what they are.
          The state is busy using secret Family Courts and other methods to remove thousands of children from their parents on flimsy or fabricated ‘evidence’ so that there will be no shortage of children for the UK and worldwide insatiable appetite for young victims to sexually abuse.
          Clement Freud is the latest ugly devil to emerge as a paedophile and his grandfather Sigmund invented a way to make people who report sexual abuse as a child be see as fantasists ie Psychanalysis where children are meant to subconciously sexuallyvdesire the opposite sex parent. This theory is part of our culture now and pervades literature, art, psychology and more.
          I am also very interested in the Royal Family’s involvement in this type if behaviour and only know about Prince Andrew and Epstein and Prince Charles and Saville as friends. I would be interested to know more.

    • I once knew a man for about 2 years. i found out something on him with my own eyes. Other people who have known that guy for longer will never believe me either. I have no idea how Cliff is still at the top with the tunes he churns out either??

    • Hey Paul B Stevens, if you ARE FAMILY of Sir Cliff Richard thru marriage or whatever. Then you perhaps can ask Cliff this “What is Cliff “Kitty” Richard doing on the VIP Paedo List at Elm Guest House???
      We have asked this for last 3 months and still no answer.

    • the Lea Bridge road parties,Alan Freeman had the lease on the property,it was a venue for ‘names’ to indulge their dapravity.There is evidence that Cliff,Ronnie Kray,Jeremy Thorpe,Joe Meek,Savile and Freeman were at these gatherings.The only name that is’nt on the list and has’nt been mentioned in public is a young bbc disc jockey whose own biography mentions a fair bit of underage activity

  37. Problem is you will never know the truth.
    You can rant and rave but rich and privileged will always get away with it.
    because to them you are the unwashed, with no rights.

    • I agree with you. Pedophiles are not necessarily stupid and they know very well how to cover up for each other. I believe this reaches all the way to the top. There’s no chance the favoured ones will ever face justice. Yes, a few lesser beings, like Rolf Harris, will go to the wall, but the true elites are above the law and are full of contempt for our attempts to get justice for their victims. Why else does it not come out until they’re dead???

      • Asked: “How can questions be lies?”
        Answer: By being LEADING questions designed to imply an answer that is untrue.

        Which is not in any way to comment on the veracity of the leading questions here, merely to shout into the maelstrom that these ARE leading questions, designed to skirt around outright saying something that requires proof in order not to be defamation.

        c.f. “Do some websites deliberately print disingenuous statements and/or lies, in order to gain higher online traffic and advertising revenue?”

        • @ Malcolm. Don’t be silly. A question is never a lie! Lies are always statements. Leading questions are questions that are framed in a way that evokes a specific response from the individual being questioned. But they are not lies.

          You said: “Do some websites deliberately print disingenuous statements and/or lies, in order to gain higher online traffic and advertising revenue?”
          I have no idea what other webmasters do, but I do know that it not the practice of TDS. TDS does not carry advertising and Dave Duckshoot’s meager state pension wholly finances TDS. As to traffic, Dave D would not lie to get traffic, unique reporting, and well-researched information is what ALWAYS works best.

          • Editor

            Rant, rant, rant. Bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

            Four more comments from this geezer trying to prove himself right by stating that a question can be a lie. I’ve deleted them all because I don’t have time for his shit.

    • EDITOR’S NOTE: Paedo apologist ALERT!

      Utter rubbish. Why can’t they leave the man alone for pitty’s sake

      • susan if you are a genuine person are you a celebrity worshipper or a fan of cliff or someone who doesn’t want to have the truth about paedophilia and snuff films and torture of children unearthed publicly ?
        either way I would say this to you -would your instinct be to believe someone who is sneaky and unhelpful when questioned -and he is very well aware of what the public know about him …. when he lied about his sexuality for 50 years and carried out elaborate hurtful scams involving Olivia newton-john and sue barker and that woman in the vid who was his first g/f of sorts -all of whom I think were mislead and hurt by him and simply to cover up his homosexuality and also cliff had some of the most serious criminal friends this country has ever known-like the krays and yet you brush all the facts we do know aside and say with total certainty that he cant be a paedophile and its utter rubbish-why ? he has a track record that shows he has lied to everyone his entire life and always had very murderous and child raping friends -I would say that makes me expect him to be a paedophile -but even if by a miracle he isn’t -then he deserves to be investigated and we must all stay open minded or even suspicious of him -at least.
        I personally believe he was a paedophile – its people that share your attitude who refuse to ever criticise the royals because your type see the royals and celebs as almost god like deities -beyond reproach -which is a very disturbing facet of human nature-likewise most catholics refuse to criticise the catholic church whatever truths are revealed about them-I have considered all folk equal all my life but it seems most people sadly have never known that freedom and been bought up in brainwashing families which explains religion and royal and celebrity worshipping -anyway you are free to think as you wish of course-but im hoping I can persuade you of an alternative value system that tries to believe victims where reasonable-so far I haven’t heard a single victim of paedophilia who has been proven to be lying-if nick was he was a straw man set up to fail and derail the public belief in the Westminster paedophile ring and if he wasn’t a straw man then he was threatened or blackmailed or bribed -otherwise he was genuine and still may be -as I never followed that actual story-though I have read about 200 -just cant keep up with scale of stories to investigate.
        as for ben fellows I totally believe him and the hampstead kids and the hollie Johnson story and like I said every story-it must have dawned on thousands of us by now-that all these years people in power said all accusations were lies to get money-yet no victim asks for money and many don’t even know the concept of money as they are very young kids or mentally impaired etc-it turns out the public are almost always honest and the powerful have always told lies -but lies we no longer believe. the public say all politicians are the same whatever party and politicians always refute this-but it now known to be true-the paedophile rings and schools and corruption and secret deals and masons link the labour liberal and tory parties in ways we are only just becoming aware of .

  38. Hi Dave have you saw the kitty update,the investigation has grown significantly with more allegations on bbc news breaking now,yet only a few weeks back kitty was front page on a Sunday red top claiming all will be dropped so he was adding more tour dates,

    • @ colin. I’m onto it Colin thanks. Yesterday I thought the cop/BBC link up was a conspiracy to get him off. Wow today’s story is a bit of a shock.

      • Hi Dave and that’s for your reply, I thought that the BBC and police thing could have been aimed to show victims that they were onto him but needed more from them i.e. come forward and speak,one paper is saying that it’s two other people home and abroad.

  39. Sorry, I have sent a few versions and maybe you moderate comments first. Sorry if I have now sent you 500 comments! if you approve, the last one is the best as I had time to edit it! Cheers

  40. Thanks, Dave for your website. I think the comment about masonic clubs made by Pissed Off With Them holds a lot to investigate.

    Masonry carries with it a lot of secrecy, privilege and hierarchy, especially among judges, lawyers, doctors, government including police and secret services, media, the financial sector- banking and its dirty underbelly insurance – royalty.

    Racketeering, profiteering and conspiracy to defraud the public in various ways are the masonic/ State/ corporate ends. To do this, they obviously provide varous dirty means to their fellow masons at whatever degree/ club they are, whether bribery, successful high-paying careers with status, catering for kinky predilections, providing immunity – secret, sovereign or through special immunity laws as for doctors etc – seem the ways the masonic “Establishment” expedite their hypocritical and corrupt ways.

    We, the honest working and lower middle classes are so left out of the loop and are so removed from this culture of freemasons – i.e. a getting ahead through having secret dirt on each other and been given licence to behave brazenly and audaciously in crimes in clear view of each other and the public. The average, law-abiding person would be held accountable for paedophilia and child porn, as it should be and in accordance with democratic law, but with masonic protection and immunity, it’s a case of “eyes wide shut”.

    I’m a medical malpractice victim, intentionally and deliberately injured so medical indemnity insurers, doctors, lawyers and government can racketeer. Masonry in the medical and legal sectors is behind doctor-owned mutual insurers, like the Medical Protection Society in the U.K. and I’m sure behind Jill Dando’s, Jacinta’s Saldhana’s, Princess Diana’s assassinations among very many. Medicine has long been in the profession of secret and illegal bodysnatching. With full knowledge of the church whose graveyards they sack.

    As you are a whistleblower, please take care now. Attacks can come out of left-field, such as doctors mistreating you, accountants/ lawyers racketeering upon you, etc. They think it’s so hilarious as they don’t think we know how they are connected. Usually through insurance networks.

    I want to thank you for your bravery, courage and decency. Ordinary people need to help and protect each other, especially against the abuses of the State, masonic or corporate elite.

    • @Anonymous Sarah. Sorry to hear about your experience with the medics, I know someone else who had a similar experience. He was also deliberately injured by a surgeon.

      I also thank you for your concerns for my welfare. I no longer visit doctors or take their tablets. I even avoid pills for headaches and other aches and pains. Pain can often be remedied by drinking plain water to rehydrate yourself, and I drink a few sips of lukewarm water to relieve indigestion and heartburn. I eat well too. I was veggie for five years and turned vegan last Christmas, so my immune system should have strengthened as I am no longer ingesting hormones and other growth crap they pump into animals.

      Thanks for your concerns re the ‘professionals’. I live a very simple life avoiding those crooks as much as possible. Taking responsibility for my security and health. And, as I am now 70 I am looking for a way out of the UK to avoid being sectioned for exercising my right to freedom. Here are two examples of abuse of the elderly: (these are the tip of the iceberg).

      • De error Thinking maybe you could do with a few medications to help you .Have you ever smoked weed , or have you ever touched alcohol a wee bit too much ? Both of those are known to cause paranoia , delusions of grand ure and really mess up your life .The fact you are avoiding DR’S would suggest a real paranoia problem .Please do something to help yourself seem to have a real problem .Not everyone out there is trying to hurt you sweetheart it is something you need to talk to someone about .Are there any people you feel you can trust? An anonymous call to Sahara n’s might be the way to start .Hope you can bring yourself to do that .Hoping you can get help and start to live your life again in the world xxx

        • @concerned. Hello concerned Susie, thanks for your comment, didn’t we meet in rehab? No, of course not, because I have never smoked any variety of weed in my life.

          Or was it English grammar school where you just could not get the positioning of that very important punctuation mark, the full stop? Let me school you one more time, the full stop goes at the end of a sentence, not the beginning of the next.

          As for the significance of the (?) question mark, the article you have made this comment to is full of them and indicates to the educated reader that no conclusions have made by the author. What is more, had you been able to concentrate for long enough and read the whole article, you would have read my note thus: “Some readers are misinterpreting posts like this one. These posts, those full of questions, are intended to encourage debate; readers should do their own research. It should also be noted that most videos on TheDuckShoot Blog are not produced by TDS but are embedded from YouTube, Vimeo and similar video sites.”

          You see, I did not author the article or the video so it was not necessary for me to imbibe, as you suggest, in copious amounts of alcohol.

          So let’s go through your other curious ramblings.
          “De error.” WTF does that mean?
          “delusions of grand ure” What’s ure? Or grand ure for that matter?
          “avoiding DR’S” I assume you mean doctors or doctor’s, but if the latter doctor’s what?
          Who the fuck is Sarah n’s?
          I am LMFAO, you crazy, illiterate tosser, get an education!

      • You are all turning into terrorists .Hound em out , chop em up crucify em on crosses .I Was Sexually Abused by my own brother ….Badly ..If you pervs want the horrific details I’ll tell you …But I’m first to be disturb urged by this I Have A Right To Be …but yous all just bandwagon jumping ….LEAVE IT TO US THAT HAVE BEEN THERE , FELT IT, SUFFERED IT FELT IT , AND DONE SO ALL OUR LIVES .Anyone else F off out our misery unless you been there .It’s just another topic for you to spend your sorry lives on …It’s to our issue Not Had it done to you then shut up .COS YOU KNOW NOTHING , YOU FEEL NOTHING And your using us abused people to get fame make a name for your selves ….Just grow up and leave us Abused people to come together ourselves cos this is only going to push us back , and make us not want to talk about it .

        • @concerned. Another rant from Susie. Firstly, you are assuming that me, the editor, and the authors of this article are not survivors of abuse. Secondly, you suggest that writing about the abuse and the abusers is an act of terrorism?

          If it was not for journalists and bloggers this whole scandal would still be swept under the carpet. These rants of yours are not about you being a victim of your brother, but you can’t believe that Cliff Richard can be an abuser. You are are a paedophile apologist who wants to protect famous scum who have many questions to answer.

          I always believe real victims but I don’t believe YOU!

  41. Does anyone know or have idea how many D Notices or Super Injunctions have been been put into effect by Blair? I’m trying to put a full list together of who has them and I would appreciate any help anyone can give me. I’m trying to put a time frame to certain events. If Blair ever does face any kind of criminal proceedings for anything then I cannot see why the D Notices/Injunctions would stand. As we all know this is only the tip of a very big sleazberg and the only reason things are coming into the public domain now is because some of these people are dying and it is these people that are being used as the scapegoats.

    • @deepdownboydeepdownboy. Unfortunately we do not have any brave journos in the mainstream media. So for the time being the info you want will remain hidden.

  42. You would really want to make sure you have your actual police evidence accurate before publicly accusing people of being Paedophiles. Can you please post such police evidence?

    EDITOR’S NOTE: I replied to this comment and challenged the commenter to prove that he/she was Sinead O’Connor. The SILENCE is deafening, typical troll.

    • @Sinead O’Connor ?? As I haven’t accused Harry Webb of being a Paedo I don’t need to produce any evidence. Can you prove you are Sinead O’Connor?

  43. I have a question, is it a coincidence that as the net closes the fish start to die?

    Sir Leon….. What a shock!

    • But are they really dead! Or just afforded the ultimate protection of never being accountable for their alleged vile actions? Living a new life perhaps?

    • alter …… I think exactly as you do ie: that the living ring members get bumped off just before they are netted-though I guess you were being sarcastic when you said what a shock? janner died with britten -bang on cue -like a script in fact.
      also peaches Geldof died on cue as did jill dando and robin cook and dr.david Kelly and 4 figures involved in the jersey investigation died on the job including a senior cop and a judge -you literally couldn’t make it up-the only thing comparable is in turkey where journalists disappear and in Belgium after the dutroux horror when half those involved died very soon once the story broke or the drug mafia in mexico etc -basically this level of murdering witnesses and victims and whistle-blowers is an obvious sign of an all powerful murdering organisation .

  44. This is Britains shame. No doubt the shame of all countries where children are molested or killed to cover up. It’s fairly common knowledge these days what went on back then in these houses and the poor kids that had no choice. So I put it to everyone….speak out!!! There must be many out there who remember what happened to them or someone they know. If enough people speak out and name these scum bags then the authorities cannot keep covering up and must act. true or false???? I’m glad they finally got Rolf Harris, and I hope they get more, including the latest….Bill Cosby. Get them our children deserve better! Cliff denounces British citensenship and people are not questioning why??? LOL?

  45. My feeling towards the Elm Guest House VIP list is that it finally got revealed thanks to the Internet. I’m sure that it was meant to be hidden and covered up !
    The EGH VIP list clearly shows Cliff Richard on the list and even his boyfriend Norman aka Gladys.
    It is very obvious to anyone who sees it that something dodgy is going on, as that EGH was a Hell-Hole of Paedo Abuse.
    We gather they were Secret Sex Parties whereby the VIP’s like Cliff Richard dressed up as women and abused boys.
    There were Gay Porn Movies purportedly there and Saunas. We learned that Fat Paedo Sir Cyril Smith MP got stuck in the Sauna there and one eye witness who worked said they had to prize the Fat Slob out!
    Sir Cyril Smith’s nickname there was “Tubby” and Cliff Richards was we all know now “Kitty”, a kind euphemism for ‘Pussy’ we imagine!
    Cliff needs to answer for his name on the EGH list fast!

  46. …There surely is enough information out there for people to read but the mainstream media are shit scared to run/print it because of huge libel cases and the fact that the people who run these huge media cooperations are/was directly linked to many of the people involved in the first place. How many times as it been mentioned in the press or on tele that Blair got arrested and fined for inappropriate behaviour in a public toilet?
    It’s interesting that the Magna Carte has been in the news this week. It was to stop rich powerful Lords and royalty getting away with doing whatever they wished againt the underclass and giving us a say. Where can we find our voice and be heard?? Nowhere. Is there a judge in the land that would send Britton or Mandleson down? Is there ****!
    Solidarity, brothers. And sisters


  47. Cheers Alex.
    I used to live just around the corner from the record shop and used to go in there on my own as a kid just to look about without realising. I’m glad I wasn’t their type! I had a friend who used to live in them flats above the shop for a very long time around the same time as all this was happening. I will try to eek some info out of him as to what went on. Sickening. I wish there was more I could do to get these scum sent down and for the World or especially the UK to wake up and see what these Lords, MPs, PMs, Slebs and even police/MI5 and 6 were and probably still are up to and do something about it…

    • Yeah, the best we can do is let people know and then something can happen. Just educating the people is a good thing as these guys are treated like heroes but in fact are the worse ever. Then people will open their minds to all the cons and mind tricks that they play. The best thing about us working class is we don’t excuse peadophilia, we would rather cure them with a shotgun. Lol

  48. Peadophiles or no peadophiles why do people wait for years on end to sue people.. (because they have the eye on other peoples compensation and strip them of their wealth? and now all famous people are Peadophiles? after Rolf Harris…. ? Britain is not the Britain any more.. they are trying to put the wrong people behind bars… and never mind the real murders in our communities …. l don’t blame Cliff Richard to and settle in another Country… after all he has done in the name of entertainment….. if Cliff is innocent than he should also sue the person who has accused him and put him in grief and wits end… and also lucky Cliff was not inside the house that they raided….that would have been even more worse….. ….

  49. Cliff Richards was once arrested in Nice in France in the mid80s, because he was caught in bed with an under-age girl in a hotell. The BRI police unit in Nice was then told to have him released, they wouldn’t say why, but then 3 months later the police captain in charge heading the unit lost his job because he tried to talk about it..

      • Hi Dave I’ve just heard Wolffe has stood down from csa good news it was on 5 live news mate

        • @colin. Fantastic news, and thanks for letting me know. There will be updates to TDS over this weekend, one of them will cover the issue of the attempt by the Cameron government to cover this whole matter up. Are the not the worst government this country has ever had? Worse than Thatcher and the Blair regime put together.

          • Yes why did Mr Blair effectively close down open orr, when the police had a list of names of people who bought child abuse pictures films,can’t see how that would effect the armed forces who were ready to go to Iraq or maybe their is a very logical answer and its me that’s thick.

        • Hi Dave if I have read this right exaro news are putting out a bombshell story proberly latter tonight around 10.30hrs if your interested mate

          • Makes you wonder how many were at his hands ,he has links to Cooke,I think he was more than capable of it,for me it’s not enough for people to say savile has been exposed,not until we find out who he was supplying the poor wee souls to regardless of what social standing they have.

      • Good evening Dave, I have just read that the met have opened a new line of enquiry of child abuse in dolphin square,no need to say who all had flats there.

      • Hi Dave you may be aware of this,a new investigation called op midland concerning a murder approx thirty year ago,no doubt Cooke and his scum will be involved,this is going back to Jason swift time and as I have wrote before a certain mp name kept coming up during enquirys I won’t him here. All I will say about him is don’t give him any files. Hope this finds you well dave

    • @Nige. I’m having a kind of rest and doing a lot of backroom techie stuff, but the blog will burst into life again soon. I off to the Trafalgar Square demo again today and the masked march on 5th November.

    • Hi sue,I had a look into this and there were 3 caravans on sight 1under the twins name 1 for mummy and Charlie,the twins themself prefered Norfolk .

      • Hi there, sorry bout delay, only just found your reply. The twins were at steeple every weekend, and always had young boys around them. Poor Frances was there several times too. They had couple of young male relatives there with them most weeks.
        We, my siblings and self, were not allowed near them, my father loathed them, at the time I thought he was being daft and that to be asked to come and sit in the bar with them as their “lucky charm” while they played cards, was exciting. I didn’t realise how brave my little dad was to tell them he wouldn’t have a drink with them, and they were never to speak to me unless he was present. I was thirteen and thought my dad embarrassing, I now realise how brave he was to front them all out while everyone else in the place was lapping them up and treating them as if they were special.

      • BTW, I am not the sue who is a fan of cliff richards, please don’t anybody reading these posts confuse the two of us. I have no time for the man at all. Why does he just not give an honest interview about who he is? It’s easy for him to stop all this stuff by just doing that. I understand about personal privacy but celebrities cannot turn this off and on like a tap, one minute they are asking us to watch, read, buy, listen to every pathetic thought they have and note they quaver, the next they demanding their right to privacy.
        Sue ( can’t bear cliff ) Carroll-McEvoy

      • Sorry to fixate on bloody cliff, but I did mean to ask Dave if he thought that leaked farce of the search/raid on cliffs empty house was a deliberate act so that he/she can claim it will be impossible for him to get a fair trial?
        After all the previous screwups (pun intended) it seems impossible that the police would make such a huge mess of this arrest, or, even go ahead at all, on what appears to be one statement. Now everyone can and as I see from posts here, are saying, “witch hunt” “unfair,unjust” etc, all to his advantage now.

        • @susancarrollmcevoy. Yes, I do agree that the action by the police and BBC was to muddy the waters. Cliff Richard could spill the beans on a lot of prominent people. Consider Jill Dando, prominent BBC journalist and friend of Cliff Richard, she was investigating high profile paedophiles, so she was murdered. Lord McAlpine threatened the BBC and ITV, and took CIVIL action against Sally Bercow, As a result he closed down press speculation and convinced some naive sheeple that he was innocent. But we know better don’t we!

  50. Dave, do you know anything about the caravan the Krays had in Steeple Bay Essex in the sixties? Ronnie used it to bring so called celebrities, and under aged children, boys obviously, maybe something you could find out from there.

  51. idk what to believe , sure did play this video fast for me to decide and why so fast, I had no time to read it all, makes me wonder about this video

    • @Betty James. I agree it is too fast but I didn’t make it and I can’t change it. Try stopping the video when the dialogue changes and start the video again when you have finished reading each screen.

    • Hi betty play the video and press the pause sign when it’s shown writing then continue to play once you have read it that’s what I done

  52. Apparently Kitty lives in Barbados on a secluded part of the island with security like fort knox’s, I wonder what he is trying to hide? might be of interest for the police if they are serious about finding out what he has been up to,I am sure he is paying off the some one there.

    • As far as I know he lives in Portugal where he make,s wine,but he has taken out citizenship for barbados.just read on mark William Thomas Twitter page of info on a big exposure in tomorrow’s p papers that he helped with more to come out on that tonight from mark

  53. Bloody disgusting poor cliff Richard he’s innocent come on people really l don’t think so

    • @Sarah Allen. You know he is innocent do you? How do you know, have been by his side for 60 years, every minute even in the toilet? How was the Elm Guest House when you visited with him? etc. etc. etc.

    • Give or take if the elm list is true or not,someone spoke to mark William Thomas and made the allegation,who in turn passed this over to op yewtree officers,can you explain why he gave up UK citizenship Sarah or are you just a fan of kitty

  54. Stores in the high street are no longer stocking Cliffs merchandise, seems like its still going on…

  55. I was looking into the Cliff case, then made a couple of commenst about what i khad read on a video on youtube. I never said my opinion as i had never made one. However O was bullied online by another youtube user. They accussed me of making accusations about Cliff that was untrue. They never read my comments properly. They then made a copy the youtube account i was using and started threatening me with it. After that episode..I am beginning to wonder, what is going on?

      • Thank you Dave, I blocked the person bullying me, but trying to send a report seemed complicated. So I eneded up cancelling the account and that took a long time to work out as well. I then sent a message to them about the situation.

  56. To Dave Knight – this is a serious question. I am not a troll but I am beginning to think that there is a lot people who are defaming Cliff Richard without supportive hard evidence. I like the truth. I accept you have done a lot research. I also know and believe there is evidence of MP’s, VIP’s and entertainers who are or were involved in this horrible business. However I am not convinced, apart from the Elm Guest House list (that is not proof in itself), that there is any evidence against Richard at all. It all seems to be in people’s minds because of the type of personality he is. There has been a lot of circumspect gossip over him being a closet gay etc but this is not the same as abusing and violating children. What actual evidence have you found? Thanks in advance.

    • @Robin Bradford. The Elm guest list is one piece of evidence, the eyewitnesses are another. There is much more that the police have and it is their job to start the investigation.

    • The evidence against cliff was given to yewtree police by Mark Williams thomas after victims spoke to him, I would trust his ability to know when a person is being truthfull .then you have to ask why cliff gaveup his uk citizenship completely other major music stars live out with the uk but are still uk citizens.either way the truth will out or we as a nation have not moved forward post savile and all the promise of this will never again.

  57. It seems to me that south yorkshire police force have totally cocked this up beyond belief. Together with what has happened in Rotherham…. Jesus! I am afraid you will find corruption and incompetence in all areas of government agencies, its the nature of the beast. In the case of Cliff Richard I would think its totally buggered up any chance of a fair and proper ivestigation. Is Cliff guilty of anything? I have no idea whatsoever, I would hope not but now i dont think we will ever find out.

    • @Phil. I am gradually coming to the same conclusion, it may be deliberate. It could be a conspiracy between the police and the BBC. I actually knew nothing about the ‘Billy Graham’ alleged incident, but as I do know about Elm Guest House, I began posting about Cliff Richard. Now it could be that the actions of the police and the BBC will prevent further investigation into the behaviour of this hypocrite.

      • Hello Dave. Yeah, I’m afraid reading into the media being tipped off with regards to the Richards case a continuing investigation/trial seems unlikely to go ahead, I hope I’m wrong but I can just imagine the old bill all queuing up for his autograph. I’m sure the prisoners on B wing would have queued up to give him something else if he rightly did get sent down. His super injunction will remain in place and his lawyer who is probably connected to Blair or some Lord will tell the world that there was never a case and Cliff was happy to help with any investigation and he now wants to concentrate on watersports, sorry, tennis.
        Ps. the Elm House guest list. You know there was Special Branch members and “Spooks” amongst the names, well I’ve just found this piece from the express claiming Special Branch/spooky people where actually there to keep tabs on the rich and famous and moreover MPs to blackmail them if and when that time arose. Any thoughts, mate? I know you’ve delved deep into this and know more than me. The link (hopefully) is below…

    • The other way to look at this,is that the police want to show who is being investigated in the hope that other potential victims come forward with complaints,or am I hoping for to much.

  58. Hey, forget about celeb and establishment based abuse on kids, the bbc have deemed it the right time to cover the ‘revelation’ that is the 1400 or so children abused/raped by some within ethnic communities; muslims. And yes abuse is an abhorrent evil vile act, no matter who commit’s it! The very same establishment that turned a blind eye to letting those, from developing countries with middle aged dogmas, that allows marriage for 13 yr old girls. Watch the panorama doc where immigration workers, were told to turn a blind eye to criminals coming in to the country, and we all know the policy of certain political parties, on immigration.I mean c’mon what did they expect would happen, with middle age dogmas in a developed country? Only in chaos will the order prevail.The establishment are writing the narrative, leading the attention of the masses elsewhere, where they deem fit, where it benefits themselves. We are all being led, like sheep. Wouldn’t be surprised if sir cliff is not charged and nothing comes of this, regardless of what he is alleged of doing. From the recent photos in Portugal (an apparent paparazzi stalking photo; smelled more like a p.r. stunt) cliff had reasons for a big ‘celebration’ Its all corrupt.

    • @elma fudd. Absolutely Elma, it was the same police force that under the glare of publicity searched Cliff Richard’s home that totally failed the minimum 1400 young victims in Rotherham. And yes the police and the judiciary play politics with peoples lives by manipulating the news. I will be writing about Rotherham once my research is complete. (Contrary to what the trolls try to suggest I do not just collect information from the main stream press and regurgitate it on TDS. I do research, make phone calls, talk to people etc.)

      However, I will not forget about the child-raping celebrities and hope to get enough evidence on the political abusers as well.

    • @michelle. Don’t believe michelle.
      (Named with a lower case ‘m’)I can’t be bothered to look for it but she, if she is a she, posted under a different name previously. Same old shit “my hero can’t be guilty”.

    • Michelle/Vera/Clive or whatever you call yourself, just because you are a massive fan of Kitty (o: AKA Cliff “pee on my head” Richard and you have a couple of his albums and once saw him at Butlins where he seemed nice doesn’t mean he is innocent of the allegations made against him. Would you trust your kids/grand kids with him and his MP friends? No, of course you wouldn’t, much in the same way as the freaks who let their children stay with Michael Jackson. He was also a dirty paedo

      • Your replies made me laugh.I too feel that Cliff probably has a twisted hidden life and should be pushed off a cliff (just for the music alone). Why on earth is this country so jam packed with paedophiles? It is probably from the top down ie the top layer of power sets the agenda for the rest and the agenda seems to be child rape as you know.

        • @Norm. It is partly down to the obscene amount money they make and partly the adoration they get get from, the naturally, immature youngsters they prey on. It is this age related immaturity that requires that adults protect children. All the excuses that the paedos and paedo apologists trot out, like “she/he led him/her on”, “he/she was dancing sexily”, “she/he was dressed provocatively”, are just nonsense. Adults should know better.

  59. Thanks dave, good reply I,’ll take the black cap off, but stand by my life with no parole, my reason for that is you can not reform that type of person.

  60. Ps. I also remember a lot of young boys were going in missing around that time. I even remember the Missing poster in the post office window for, I think, Jason Smith, opposite that record shop in Leyton. Sick sick world. I despair but would gratefully wear the hangman’s cape for these bastards

    • Do you mean jason swift, I will try research missing or murdered boys in london about this time from the top of my head I think there may be 3 or 4, but I have read that a certain mp name kept commuting up in the switch murder by the pack of wolves ie sidney Cooke.

      • Thanks, Col. I did mean Jason Swift. Mps and kids, what is wrong with this country? And prople mock the third world and call them backward. There was quite a few boys that “disappeared” at the same time as Jason Swift. I remember the police dug up a church or synagogue grounds.

        • Thanks dave, sidney Cooke holds a lot of information however I think he had a stroke in Wakefield prison so I don’t hold much hope of him being questiond anytime soon.that’s the sort I have no other option than the death penalty for,but that’s another topic. My view is if you do these horrific things and show no remorse then it’s the gallows if you show remorse and help with investigations then it’s life with no parole.regardless of your placing in society one law,no hiding and hope it will blow over.maybe it’s time for the people of the uk to take to the streets like they did in Belgium.

          • @Colin. A monster like Sidney Cooke does not deserve to be alive, but and it is a big but, if the death penalty is restored we will sometimes murder innocent people. The problem is that in order for the Cookes of this world to suffer the ultimate penalty it has to be applied to every murder, or at least every child murder. I believe Cooke is guilty; someone else may not, and there is the rub, who decides. What if new evidence comes to light? What if the police stitched him up? What if it is mistaken identity? While the convicted are alive; new evidence may prevent a miscarriage of justice. If the State murdered him, his newly proved innocence is no help to him. Now if you want to discuss sentencing and how they spend their time in prison, let’s have a conversation. For further consideration read this article:

  61. I know the record shop where “Fluff” used to own and the know about the parties help upstairs with the Krays, Lord Boothby, Cliff, Savile, the Beatles manager, Lords, politicians and showbiz “slebs”. The police turned a blind eye because if it got out literally the whole world would come tumbling down. These people are scum of the earth and whose tentacles reach so far and wide into the very highest echelons of society they are virtually untouchable. No newspaper will ever print what it knows because A) the people who own the media are also closely linkes and B) they would be discredited, alibis found and the newspapers would be sued for millions of pounds. You can’t beat the establishment! Scum. Great post Dave Knight. I’d love to be kept informed please, mate

    • What I found out is Sidney Cooke may be responsible for up to 9 young boys murdered around about this time but this may go up to 25 because boys were being moved around to holland.cooke has been linked to savile and savile in turn was linked to kitty,just join the dots .

  62. Hi dave,
    First time I have been on this site .you would never believe ( yes you would ) how hard it is for vulnerable people or people with convictions to get the police to act.i have been a bad person in my life,no pedophilia or sex offences.i have to agree with you 100% how corrupt people can be.i was a victim of abuse in north wales care home.Im 51 now still no one convicted and when anything happens to my family the police DONT act.So I do believe people are protected in high places.Some but not all will fall because people will come forward and help expose the truth.i wish you well in your quest. P

    • @ Philip j b day. I sometime attend courts to watch cases that should be open and shut for the victim, but I have never yet left the feeling that justice was done. The judiciary doesn’t give toss about justice. Peace and love, Dave

      • Thanks dave I heard it on radio 5 live news it stated that cliff had flown it for it. I was surprised that it was not on sky news then or made front page on sunday news papers.

  63. From someone who know: Cliff sold his soul to the DEVIL a long time ago for fame and fortune.. He’s not the Christian man he claims to be, just a front for all his evil wrong doings. So pleased to read that bitch Karma is finally catching up with him.. Dirty bastard that he is..
    From someone in the know…

    • It now seems all the major players in uk be it music ,television or politics sold their soul. The children will rise and be heard and with a few good men expose them all

  64. There’s some very fishy shit going on with all this peadophile elite ,why aren’t we hearing more in the press .i definitely think old cliffs a nonce as well as countless others were yet to hear about .i hate the fuckers and hope they get ripped apart when there all caught .but it stinks of a cover up ,just imagine the shite storm when all of this comes out …or if it ever comes out .good work please keel digging let’s expose em all then burn the fuckers with there bibles shoved up there arseholes

  65. The problem I have with this site, and sites like this, is they offer no real evidence, just a bunch of hear say! no offence but there’s no evidence cliff richard has done anything but all these people come out and automatically believe he’s guilty due to rumours. anyone not remember the false accusations of [various people name named here who have never been mentioned on this blog]. people make up stories about rape and child abuse to get money out of people all the time!

    Editor’s note: I have removed a list of names that were put there to give the impression that TDS accuses everyone irrespective of evidence.

    • +gangstapenguin a.k.a. Dominic Anderson.
      The first problem you have Dominic, other than that rather childish Nick, is that you haven’t done your research. Subsequent comments, where you drop your immature gangsta-fucking-penguin moniker , are equally problematic for the same reason. The second problem is your is your miserable tiny, prejudiced mind. “People”, note the grammatically correct capital ‘P’ I have injected, do not “make up stories about rape and child abuse to get money out of people all the time!”. Where is YOUR evidence, NONCE?

  66. Agree with the comments about cliffs suspicious refusal to return to the uk. Say suspicious as Cliff richard stated at the start of this investigation that ‘ he would return to the uk and help the police with their inquiries’ Now cliff has gone back on what he said. Also Cliff has been aware of these alleged acts, for some time now. This makes the case for some relationship or warning from the police to cliff. As seems the case with jimmy savile the old adage ‘you scratch my back’ seems to be true. The police knowing and covering up savile acts till after he is dead. Has the same action happened with cliff and gone a wry?

  67. If he has nothing to answer for then he ought to be here now to face the questions.

    • +Joe Bueno. It was reported ealier in the week that he was returning to the UK to answer police questions, has he returned? No! His lawyer has flown to Portugal to speak TO HIM instead.

      OK, a reality check: Never speak to cops without a lawyer present, they often twist your words and make up a case against you. However, one has to ask why the lawyer has gone to him and not him to the lawyer. Staying silent is NOT proof of guilt but staying in a foriegn country is highly suspicious.

  68. Dave, you speak no sense. You only appear to be winning your verbal battles because you delete the comments which show you up.

    • +Cliff Dick. Comments are ONLY deleted for the following reasons: 1. Using a false email address. 2. Insulting me or another contributor*. 3. A comment is clearly libelous.

      * with regards to insults I am reactive, in some instances I will allow the insulting comment and react with as scathing a reply as my mood takes me. In other words, in some instances, attack and you will be attacked.

      Here is an example: You wrote, “Dave, you speak no sense.” My reply: stop speaking out of your smelly arse!

    • +Pat Gilbey. And…. I believe that the moon is a pizza, and the stars are special toppings. Thank god for the gullible otherwise people would stop believing in ancient fairy tales and priests would have to beg to abuse kids outside schools.

  69. Gladys was a common nickname for gays in London at that time, but there was a David someone in Rocky Horror Show, had that moniker, worked with my sister Dee at Kings Road, she also knew Jess Conrad. might have been Godspell actually, probably worth talking to her. Been trying to tell you this for an age. He used to spend time with us at a bar called Penricks in Earl’s Court. Memory not great but I have a photo of him somewhere on Facebook maybe, not sure. Liz Robillard (blogged this)

    • Dave. Maybe cliff is waiting to see what was taken from the house search,I would not be surprised if he went to barbados first just to make it look like he is doing a runner,then tip in the uk and claim all sorts, personally I think anyone with nothing to hide would have acted long long ago,but that’s just me good blog site

    • +Steve. No you misunderstand several things 1. Unless I can show proof with evidence or logical argument my posts never say someone is guilty before a trial. In the comments I may do because that is where I mostly express my opinion. 2. Where kids are concerned is normal to disbelieve them and then their complaint is not investigated properly. 3. Please read my article that explains the meaning of “presumed innocent”.

  70. Some of you Cliff fans appear to be very defensive over these accusations. I like his music too but I don’t this as a reason to create an illusory image of him, or to buy into someone’s self-made public persona. He denies being gay and claims that he has had no time to find a wife or raise a family, yet he seems to find plenty of time for his male companion. Come on, people! Of course, being gay isn’t a problem at all, but if he’s hiding this from the public, what other skeletons does he have in his closet?

    There are too many connecting pieces of evidence and ‘coincidences’ to overlook the possibility that Cliff has abused young boys. The police wouldn’t have raided his house last week over some superficial accusation. Also, why would the people in charge of Elm Guest House write Cliff’s name on their visitors list when this was private information for their own records? Do you fans really believe that Cliff was that naive to stay at the house without the knowledge that it was a boy-brothel?

    PS great blog! Keep it going.

  71. OK so Yorkshire Police have raided Cliffs flat but he’s moved to Barbados permanently after the Savile revelations and let’s say he is guilty… We would be foolish to think that he hasn’t cleared the computers etc of any incriminating data.. just to pre-empt any such situation. M15 and the special branch are dedicated to hiding the perversions of the rich and elite so with what Cliff knows about living politicians and Royals this won’t go anywhere. Take the MP expense scandal for example despite fraud on a massive scale all that happened was a few token MPs where there was irrefutable evidence ended up doing less than a quarter of their sentences all without exception in cushy open prison, which at worst was like a free stay at a health spa boot camp. Compare say Maria Millers massive fraud and Margaret Moran both making the worst benefit “scroungers” look very very tame and neither of these have been prosecuted even if they were it would just Lord Taylor again. Jill Dando was murdered and professionally … someone framed Barry George… Who are they protecting?. Perhaps Cliff Richard knows.
    They go all out to protect such people like pleb tory boy etc.with lies and frames.

  72. Dirty fucking disgusting bastard. Hope he rots in hell the cunt. Apologies for the colourful language but I’ve had enough of these so called celebs and especially the BBC ones, and I use that term loosely, being captured for horrific crimes inflicted on children. I have 2 happy children of my own and by fuck if I ever ever ever caught one of these fiddling little degenerate cunts doing anything to them I would have no qualms in going full retard and skinning the bastards. Horrible fuckers. Absolutely revolting. Makes me so angry!!!! Protected by the police and their Masonic clubs. In other words they are CUNTS!

  73. The most recent interview with cliff about the investigation showed him looking really edgy. The thing that always puzzled me with cliff was his devout christianity p.r. Like jimmy savile with his charity work, cliffs religion seemed a veil to other matters, considering he was not open about being gay, or having female partner – family unit with kids; cliffs christianity remained the main focal point, in the media and nothing else questioned for a long time. Maybe now its time to throw the lamb to the wolves?

  74. If cliff Richards is found guilty then all I can say is thank god we have another peadophile off the streets .

  75. Hearsay, hearsay, hearsay, hearsay…..rumours, rumours, rumours.

    • +b j. No Mr Blow Job it is not hearsay and rumour there are too many witnesses including video. Proof? You’ll see, but Blow Job, just like some Rolf Harris fans, will still be in denial.

  76. How come you’ve got so many articles about these celeb paedo cases but you never mention Mark Williams-Thomas? His name doesn’t appear on your site. Yet you’ve been following this issue closely enough to know the name of Barbara Hewson. Don’t you acknowledge Mark’s role?

    • +Abby. Thanks for bringing my attention to Mark Williams-Thomas I will somehow weave him into future posts, once I’ve researched his role.

    • I like m w t. But sometimes his tweets make the messenger look more important than the message, strange though no mention of cliff in any of tweets since the weekend.

      • There was a lot of censoring and hacking over the last week. I haven’t fully recovered from being hacked, partly because I’m beefing up my security and partly because I need to trace orginal saved articles so that I can restore them. Stumbleupon refused the last CR post I tried to upoad to it too. CR’s legals are doing their damned to keep the lid on this.

  77. If Clif is guilty i,ll be gutted ,been a fan for 50 years.Having said that if guilty i,d hope he,d rot in hell for all the young lives he had destroyed

  78. Related post no. 4 .. And these are the people we have running our country .. It’s an absolute joke that we are governed by a ring of “PAEDOPHILES ” .. If you haven’t watched this ” watch it ” politicians , police and MI5 cover ups .. Totally disturbing !!!

  79. Jill Dando was investigating an elite paedophile ring when she was murdered? She was a TV presenter, not a detective.

    • +Adders. Yeeesssss she was a TV presenter and….. a journalist and…. a human being with a brain. So why is she “not a detective”. Oh of course, in your tiny head cavity she can’t investigate because she isn’t police! You dumbo, fuck off and play with your Buzz Lightyear.

  80. Hi David, are you one of those conspiracy theorist? I lost confidence in you when you said that Cliff had a string of girlfriends, as a cover-up. He is 73yrs old and has had about 3 girlfriends in his entire life. I think he has admitted to having sex with 1 of them. So where did you get the idea that he has had a string of girlfriends, are you getting him mixed up with Peter Stringfellow?
    No seriously, I don’t want to believe these rumours are true. Not because I am naive or a fan of his, because I am neither, but because it is all getting too frightening. All these paedophiles, what the heck is going on. Soon I will trust no man at all.

    • +Helen White. Conspiracy theorist: the insult thrown at everyone who proffers an alternative view. I was over a year ahead with the news that Rolf Harris was a paedophile and a jury of 12 good people agreed with me, eventually.

      So 3 is not a string? How long is a piece of string? The man is gay and chose to hide his sexuality, and he “had sex with one of them”. WOW. Who got him hard for that?

      YOU don’t want to believe the “rumours”, so justice must be denied to his victims because YOU are frightened. Take your head out of your arse you silly woman.

      • +Helen White. After this answer, I am not going to waste my time with you, unless future comments are based on common-sense arguments, I will assign them to SPAM.

        Here is a more complete answer to both comments:

        YOU ASKED: “Where did I say that justice should not be done to his victims?”

        Your first comment was in support of CR with no empathy for his victims. You trashed me as a “conspiracy theorist”, and yet you filled the comment with YOUR own theories. You insult me and you insult paedophile victims.

        YOUR ATTITUDE PARAPHRASED: The above comment then goes into a rant about Richard’s homosexuality and homosexuality in general.

        This proves you have a very narrow prejudiced mind. There is no correlation between gay people and paedophilia! A gay man or woman may be a paedophile just as heterosexuals may be paedophiles, so why do you bluster on about gays? I have not, unlike you, condemned Cliff Richard for being gay nor do I believe all gay people are paedophiles, but it seems you do. Paedophiles can be men, women, gay or straight.

        YOU SAID:
        “it is all getting too frightening. All these paedophiles, what the heck is going on. Soon I will trust no man at all.”

        Not so frightened that you “don’t want to believe“, that Richard could be a paedophile? Too frightened to have empathy for his victims?

        THE OTHER RATHER STUPID THING YOU SAID: “I lost confidence in you when you said that Cliff had a string of girlfriends, as a cover-up. He is 73yrs old and has had about 3 girlfriends in his entire life.”

        Any number over ONE is a string; simple mathematics! Then there is the string of kids he has buggered as well. You have really shown your ignorance with that statement. No, despite your denial I think you are indeed a raving fan of Cliff Paedo Richard, and you are a typical paedophile apologist who will support your pervert hero whatever happens to him in the future.

        • You are very offensive and pretty stupid.
          Didn’t mummy and daddy teach you manners and courtesy?

          • Haha, that made me giggle Dave. Sorted that goon right out. Hats off to you sir. I do find it amusing that some people are so caught up in their fake interpretation of life that they can’t accept anything that rocks the boat.

    • +Matthew you are a fraud! That is why I have deleted your three comments. You have used false email addresses and false names and you posted an extremely homophobic post above. You thought you were clever but you missed something and that how I identified you. Also known as EUSSR and Brian.

    • +Brian you are a fraud! That is why I have deleted your three comments. You have used false email addresses and false names and you posted an extremely homophobic post above. You thought you were clever but you missed something and that how I identified you. Also known as EUSSR and Matthew.

  81. Id heard from my mums friend that he had made a pass at her brother (this was in the early 1960s) her brother was 21 at the time.

    I think its common knowledge that Cliff is a homosexual

    • +Paddy. So what that he is homosexual, that is not the issue, although there are many of his fans don’t accept it. The issue is that he has raped underage boys.

      • THIS HOMOPHOBIC comment has been deleted and the nameless moron who posted it is banned. He/She even hides behind a false email address. Coward! In future get your Pitbull to comment it has more sense than you.

  82. If he goes down, watch the names that will follow. They’ll protect him, because there is people in more powerful positions and who more at stake than little ‘Kitty’.

  83. My mum knew a friend of singer Russ Conway, who told her in the 1960s, that Cliff Richards had a strong sexual preference for young boys.She was really shocked but said the person had no reason to lie…….I have always been suspicious of him since I first heard that over 30 years ago…

  84. It’s a shame that you are not in charge of the police force, I wonder how many would be in jail?
    I believe that the UK has extradition treaties with Barbados, So no safe ground for him there,

    • +Mike. If it were in my power I’d sentence all convicted paedophiles to a minimum 25 years.
      If the Barbados authorities are willing to bend the rules to welcome Richard as a citizen I doubt he could ever be extradited from there by the British Government. In becoming a Bajan he also revoked British residency. To extradite a Bajan may be possible in principle, but in practice I don’t think it will happen. Of course he could always be arrested on a visit to the UK or in mainland Europe on the European arrest warrant.

  85. I’ve got cliff,s life story book and no were in that book dose it say about these things, so it can’t b true, all a load of bull,

    • +Ros cheal. Oh that’s OK then. The perv would definitely have told the biographer everything about himself. He would have revealed what he did at the child abuse orgies at Elm Guest House, what he did to children in his white Rolls Royce, yes, yes, of course he would. You dickhead, go away.

  86. Dave knight, I know I talk a load of shit, but I’ve bin a fan of cliffs for years, and I no for sure he never done nuffink wrong, he a good man, makes me mad ppl like you, wen I wos 8 he let me lik is dick wile e sang a him to me.

  87. Oh picking on cliff now, Wots the world coming too, he’s a good Christian he would never do a thing like this, it’s a load of crap, don’t Beleave things u read, leave cliff a lone,

    • +Ros cheal. The inference that I only put things on TDS without research is insulting, but that is not surprising coming from an obvious god botherer. Your hero has been a paedophile for years; he loves to rape and sexually abuse little boys. One of them who is now a grown up of course, will testify that he was raped when only 10 years old. Where was your god for him when he was a little boy?

    • +Ros cheal. Your sounding really stupid now. Yes I used to like Cliff but there is something strange going on here , its not rocket science and if you want to be a Sheep all your life thats your prerogative. No more protection and cover ups for these sicko’s.

  88. i really hope that it isnt true,but as we have seen of late the bigger the celebrity the more chances they have and it only takes 1 person to come forward before others are brave enough to come forward as i said,i hope it isnt true,but if it is,i hope he is treated like any other paedophile and i agree with philipa gould,he should be named and shamed and put away with the rest of the paedophiles.

  89. As an East Londoner, if the video is to be believed, then the real prize for me would be the deconstruction of the Kray Twins’ myth. “Yeah they were criminals but they were decent blokes” — utter nonsense. However the still of Savile and Blair looks dodgy to me, there’s an “aura” around Blair that suggests that this was copied from another photo. I commented on the you tube video but the owner insists it’s genuine. And all the stuff about Blair that’s included would suggest that he’s gay, not that he’s a paedophile. That would make him a hypocrite, not a criminal (in and of itself), but as far as I am concerned, calling himself a “Labour” Prime Minister was far, far worse.

    • I went back to take a look at the photo of Blair with Savile. I see what you mean about the ‘aura’. However, I think the photo is genuine. It looks like fill in flash. There is long shadows and side (sun) light in the background. But front lighting (flash) on the foreground / subjects. I think the combination of the fluff and the flash has caused the ‘halo’ or ‘aura’ effect on Blair’s jumper.

      Anyway, it’s just a picture of them in a field. Great, thread, comments and video. Astonishing stuff.

    • The Krays were disgusting, predatory paedophiles who shouldn’t be glorified by anybody.

      • The Krays were mind controlled/MK ULTRA (sex) slaves, but this doesnt justify their crimes.

  90. Whats happened to the saying innocent until proved guilty. Yes I have been a fan of Cliffs since I was 11. If he is guilty he deserves everthing thats coming to him but he hasnt yet so lets stop speculating and slandering him

    • +lynne collier. No where in the article or the video does it say he is guilty of anything, but I suggest read this article to understand what the “Presumption of Innocence” really is.

  91. I am reeling from all this, bad enough weird Savile & then Harris (who sobbed over those lovely animals on the vet programme) but if this is also true about CR then I pray & hope it is all revealed … by the way, how do you know all these things???

    • +Allie Actually, I don’t “KNOW all these things”, that is why, where I need more evidence, I frame the title as a question. I then research the story, ask questions and dig out the little gems with “the ring of truth”.

      Many years ago I had a florist business (1980s) and one of the guys who worked with me was Gay. He told me that Rock Hudson was gay, which I refused to believe. Then Hudson died of AIDS, and it was revealed that he was, indeed a gay man. He told us about many other celebrities that were gay as well, but I make this clear being gay does not mean the person is a paedophile, nor does contracting AIDS mean a person is gay. Cliff Richard’s penchant for young boys reaved to me back then, but was never revealed in the main news media. The secrets I have locked up in my head need a few more facts before I start to investigate and write about them, but sadly there are people we ‘love’ as actors who are yet to be outed.

  92. I would like to see more professional investigation done into this to find out if he really was arrested back in 1983. Surely it must be known if he was or not!

    • +Crystyn Thomas. What do you mean by “professional”? The BBC investigation of Jimmy Savile type professional? The Metropololiton police refusal to question Leon Brittan type professional? The Dunblaine inquiry now buried for a 100 years type professional? The Metropolitan police shredded files type professional? And yes it is “known if he was or not”, but as no Internet existed back then, it was easily covered up.

    • +Crystyn Thomas. You will notice that I have updated my original reply. It was a tidying up exercise, because your comment is very relevant and I wanted my reply to reflect that. The updated reply is clearer, me thinks.

    • crystyn … the police record -I think it might be called a mainframe or databse -was altered to remove blairs conviction and Gordon browns and Gerry mccanns -that’s what I have read on many websites -the same is probably true of ted heath and many others -I have seen it explained that it is easy to do and happens often-clarnce Mitchell and Alistair Campbell and their types do this sort of dirty work with mi5 and mi6 . that’s just what I have read on dozens of sites-some are informed and have insider whistle-blowers and so hint at the reality -not what you will see in newspapers or on tv where the truth rarely makes an appearance -so sorry to disappoint you .

    • @Colin Cameron. That is what people were waiting for with Jimmy Savile and the pervert ruined kid’s lives for 60 years. By the way I was right about Rolf Harris and that started with a question.

  93. Was she investigating an elite paedophile ring?

    No Jill Dando most certainly was not. Because there is no such thing as an “elite” paedophile ring. A paedophile ring is a paedophile ring.

    • A bettter wy to describe it is a peadophile ring of Elite People or People of Power and Influence and wealth

  94. EDITED: I wonder what skeletons there are in your closet. “NONE” You’re the one who needs locking up, spreading accusations like these using a couple of very spurious bits of “evidence” that could point to just about anyone on the planet. All I’ve done is ask a number of questions. NO ACCUSATIONS and NO evidence – YET! This sort of shit can literally ruin peoples lives you knob. Do you really believe that celebrities are all whiter than white? Just make sure your house is in order and mind your own business, arsehole. “My house is in order, how about yours, SHITFACE?

    Editor’s note: Normally, I wouldn’t authorise a misinformed, prejudiced piece crap like this comment. However, I did so because it gave me an opportunity to show how the idiots of this world read stuff. You see, this cretin’s knowledge of English is so basic, probably due to idolising celebrities and reading comics, he hasn’t seen that the post is a series of questions. To him it is an attack his idol, not sensible questioning of a man who constantly lies about his gender, for example. Perish the thought that the person, in this case Cliff Richard, should come under scrutiny. Instead he attacks me, suggesting I have “skeletons” and that I should “put my house in order”. What pillock!

  95. dear Dave i agree with your comment to Chris Roberts, what a vile thing he said, i hope dear old cliff is not involved in paedophilia as this will be such sad news but if he is then he has to be named and shamed like the rest of the dirty scum bags and bought to justice and johnny D yes hun google is a wonderful invention i use it daily lol

  96. You sickos have an unhealthy and rabid fixation with child abuse and I can only assume that you get off on it. Perhaps you have fond memories of a favourite uncle buggering you ?

    • @Chris Roberts. Reporting crimes against children is sick and unhealthy? You and your comment are sick mate. I didn’t have to experience an assault by paedophiles to have empathy for victims of sick people like you.

  97. If Mr. Webbs paedophilia is ever made public the whole house of cards could come tumbling down. Several political names have been mentioned re the Elm Guest house.
    Although I’ve seen or heard nothing via the MSM about a 73 year old man being arrested. A super injunction perhaps?

    • @johnny D. “Although I’ve seen or heard nothing via the MSM about a 73 year old man being arrested” comments johnny D.

      May I introduce you to the Google search engine, a wonderful invention that you should try out so that you are better informed: Google

      • My step father who was in the Met has seen it on police records but it was in his real name Webb.

          • Not correct. People can give any name they wish, when arrested and that is the name that will be recorded and used, throughout the judicial process.

          • +Pippa Gill. While it is true that when arrested you should remain silent, I can find nothing that says that it is OK to lie about your identity. That is not to say that Pippa is wrong, but a link regarding this rule could be a help to demonstrators and freedom fighters who are constantly harrassed by the police. Could you provide us with one Pippa?