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TrollI set this page up on January 12, 2014 to “have a laugh with the haters and trolls”. I thought, wrongly, that ridicule would stop these annoying people from posting insulting, obscene and threatening comments.

How wrong I was, haters and trolls are by nature immature and all of them are excited by the oxygen of publicity. React to them and they dish up more. They will play to their audience, and I became their audience.

What I do now and how you can combat this problem

All blogs, forums and websites get their (un)fair share of threatening and annoying posts and there are several ways to combat the onslaught.

So, what have I done to stem the flow of these idiots? Firstly, and in my opinion absolutely essential is to moderate comments so that their childish efforts can be easily assigned to the trash. This is fairly easy with blogs and forums by using administrator tools. This used to be enough, but as my blog gets more popular this menace becomes more and more time consuming.

Another course of action is to block the troll’s email address, this will only work if he/she uses a genuine email. Nevertheless, sometimes these numb nuts use a false address more than once so it’s worth listing it in the Settings/Discussion part of the dashboard. Put their address in the Comment Moderation and Comment Blacklist sections.

You can also block their IP address but you have a very busy site, millions of hits per year you may block out genuine visitors as most IP addresses are shared. This is not a problem for the vast majority of websites however.

3 thoughts on “Haters & Trolls

  1. I guess you are aware there are many agents working on commenting on all good sites? cops and mi5 and mi6 agents and possibly politicians like mr green the tory mp who used an alias online and has never been honest about it -so it is my assumption the lying and ugly posts are often by agents of the paedophiles and elite and they are far more sinister than simply trolls or apologists-as everyone is entitled to a view I have always believed-but to lie about your motives is far worse than holding a silly view .

  2. Keep up the good work I so have a story for you. Corrupt that’s being nice. There’s no way that u can put it in words. I pray that people will rise up and begin to start ripping these crack head judges and prosocuters attorney every one slap them with the stupid ignorant patriot act so they themselves don’t get a trial. And watch them flop like fishes from a tree. They are a disgrace from the top to the bottom

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