Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?

Baldy Cliff Richard

Baldy Cliff Richard

Without seeing the evidence the police and the Crown Prosecution Service has on him it’s hard to answer the question; is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?

As always when I put up a post that questions the morality a major celebrity regarding child abuse the supporters come rushing out protesting their hero’s innocence. They accuse me of “making it up”, “cashing in”, “jumping on the bandwagon” or similar old chestnuts.

“Oh, picking on cliff now, Wots the world coming too, he’s a good Christian he would never do a thing like this, it’s a load of crap, don’t Beleave things u read, leave cliff a lone,” – Ros cheal (The above comment is real, bad English, and all.)

“And how many people are coming forward to try and cash in on this type of thing let the truth come out and if you do want to try and cash in on lies …………. they should be the ones whom go to jail and get named and shamed” – John

Who is “cashing in”? How will “the truth come out” if the journalists don’t tell the world and put pressure on the authorities?

UPDATE: November 6, 2015. South Yorkshire Police are again questioning Harry Webb a.k.a. Cliff Richard about historic sex offences with children.

“i think we should all wait for the final verdict the truth WILL come out as to who it realy is behind the mask” – christine filer

Christine like most people is deluding herself; she thinks the police, judiciary, the courts and the government are there to make sure we all get justice.

Wake up sheeple. There are no knights riding white chargers in those organisations; at least no one that can battle through the wall of corruption. Many individual journalists, bloggers and activists pressure the Establishment to do something, without them we would see even less justice.

The child abuse epidemic

Here is a comment that I applaud from a genuine, open-minded person who doesn’t want her celebrity icon to be guilty but understands reality:

“I really hope that it isn’t true, but as we have seen of late the bigger the celebrity, the more chances they have, and it only takes one person to come forward before others are brave enough to come forward as well.” – Angel Cooke

I wish it weren’t true too, not that I am a fan of the Elvis-wannabe-aged-crooner. However, the seeming epidemic of child abuse that has blighted the lives of those victims who were ‘lucky’ enough to survive is now exposed.

Super-Injunctions, what have they got to hide?

The reasons the mainstream media (MSM) continues to cover up or ignore the crimes of the wealthy and powerful are many. Firstly, paedophiles also infest the MSM as it can provide a relatively substantial income. Wealth gives access to the children through bribes and favours and serves to protect the perverts through the use of legal threats, D-notices, and super-injunctions. The MSM is running scared of lawsuits.

Super-injunctions are used by the wealthy to prevent the MSM from publishing KNOWN and PROVEN facts about rich criminals. Crooked lawyers with the connivance of equally corrupt judges have devised these money-making legal instruments to stop the publication of damaging facts about their immoral clients. It doesn’t prevent the police investigating and building a case but without the pressure of an unbridled press, they choose easier targets.


The BBC is a breeding ground for paedophilia. Dominated for decades by Jimmy Savile, a weird clown with no talent, children flocked to his shows like Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, and the pervert took full advantage of his status. As did Rolf Harris whose programs were also attractive to children.

Many more famous BBC personalities and personnel have already been convicted, and there are many more yet to surface. What is it about the entertainment business that triggers paedophiles to flock to it? Probably, it is celebrity culture, where ordinary humans are adored by the masses just for being famous. Just read the comments to the articles on The Duck Shoot blog about famous paedophiles to get what I mean. It’s sickening!

The Cliff Richard secret

Cliff Richard obfuscated about his sexuality for years, and he has never directly confirmed or denied he is gay. When he was young, it was essential to deny one’s homosexuality, because the sexual act between men was illegal. Ridiculous I know, but those were very different times. In England and Wales the Sexual Offences Act 1967 “decriminalised homosexual acts in private between two men”. Scotland and Northern Ireland had to wait until 1980 and 1982 respectively.

Just why we’re made the way we are remains a mystery. I am heterosexual, but why? What determines our sexuality? All that bollocks about gayness being ‘unnatural’ is gradually being assigned to the rubbish bin. There are people who still believe it is a sin, an abomination; mostly religious people who quote an ‘ancient’ book ‘written’ by an ‘imaginary friend’ they call God.

This biblical fact begs the question, how sincere are pious Cliff Richard’s religious utterances? He claims to be a Christian, but the Christian scriptures say sticking the penis up the anus is a mortal sin, and that, by the way, applies to heterosexuals too.

Personally, I accept that persons of the same sex can be in love, or just desire each other. Lusting after kids is entirely a different matter, however.

Sex with male children

So, being gay may be one of Cliff’s secrets but there are many more and the secrets I am referring to are his predilection for sex with boys below the age of consent. Now I’m not sure what methods of sexual abuse he got up to, and if the case gets to court, we will learn the gruesome facts. Many paedophiles restrict their abuse to oral sex, touching and finger penetration, but giving and getting blowjobs with underage boys is no less disgusting than the difficult and painful act of anal penetration.

Of course, these facts equally apply to the abuse of female children, but unlike Jimmy Savile, who abused boys, girls, adults and dead people, Cliff Richard probably confined his abuse to males.

For the police, his victims’ being underage is complicated by the changes in the age of consent over the time Richards has been abusing boys. The other factor is, even if over 16 the present age of consent were they agreeing? Or, were they pressured, forced or tricked? Having sex with a 10-year-old is never consensual, though, is it?

Elm Guest House

One place in London that terrifies Richard the most is the Elm Guest House. The Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, near Barnes Common in South West London was a private paedophile’s club back in the 1970s and 80s. The often videoed orgies of rape of young boys by adult men and Richard was a frequent guest.

So was Leon Brittan a former Tory Home Secretary, Cyril Smith former LibDem MP now dead, Anthony Blunt the Soviet spy, Peter Hayman a diplomat and knight of the realm. Many others are Tory MPs, a Labour MP, and a Sinn Féin politician.

Richard is rumoured to have taken out a super-injunction specifically relating to the Elm Guest House. Why?

Video evidence, which the Met police have, puts him at the premises. Super injunctions are expensive, and you don’t stake that amount of money unless you have something to hide. Cliff does have something to hide; he is a paedophile.

Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?
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345 thoughts on “Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?

  1. This is a comment for Tilley.
    I’m really sad tonight .
    I’m dumbfounded by your comments !!
    If you really believe Rolf Harris is innocent then you are seriously in need of help and support .
    There is nothing else I can say really.
    I hope you get well soon. Take care.

  2. Hi Dave.
    I agree. Don’t think the “Loose Women” have a clue about the real politics behind their show.
    Good minded little fish in a very big pond.
    It’s a shame really.

    • Hi Dave.
      Just watched the ITV news here in Scotland.
      I feel sick . Cliff at The Pride If Britain Award Ceremony.
      His side kick , Gloria Hunifford at his side.
      He was also getting emotional about how he has been treated by the Police.
      Also !!!! Saw him talking with Prince Charles , saying how hard it’s been for him.
      OMG !!!

  3. Can’t see all that Tilly said.
    However , have to say I sincerely hope she , or any of her friends have NOT been physically , emotionally or sexually abused.
    People like Dave have no reason to do what they do unless they believe victims are not being heard .
    The TRUTH is really hard to hear.
    It’s not NICE stuff !!!

  4. Am beginning to think Dave himself is a spook provocateur. I don’t object to being spied on and I have nothing to hide. What I do object to are the spooks using that information to try to entrap, hack and plant false evidence on your email.

    And that is precisely what is happening in order to shut up activists who seek justice. The fact that it doesn’t seem to have happened here leads me to suspect that the agents provocateurs who try to entrap, hack and plant false evidence have left Dave alone precisely because he is one of them. This feint of pointing the finger at the wrong people whilst letting the guilty walk free from the sort of harassment he has poured on Cliff Richard starts to make me wonder whose side Dave is on. Why did Dave leave Greville Janner alone and focus on Cliff?

    Methinks this is a smoke and mirrors blog site.

    • +Helen Pender. There is an old saying: “You know what thought (think) did! He followed a muck (shit) cart and thought it was a wedding!”.

    • Lord Janner.
      He was a real life abuser.
      He was totally protected by “The Establishment “.
      I call him “Lord Forget me not “.it was suddenly not ok because he apparently couldn’t remember what he had done.
      That’s total crap.
      His victims will remember for the rest of their lives.

    • Helen , Dave has not been left alone.
      He has had numerous threats to shut down his site.
      He’s been threatened by prosecution several times.
      Nobody puts themselves on the line unless they believe in what they are doing.
      Stay strong and keep fighting for what you believe in.

        • Hi Dave,
          Not received many emails of late. Are you doing ok?
          Just read something re: Louis Minster.ex Director of Social Services, maybe Richmond .
          Remember clearly he was a visiting lecturer at my university in Scotland when I was studying.
          Info I have is he’s at least 81 and living in Malta .
          Always thought he was pretty odd ?
          Apparently he’s denying who he really is.
          Do you know anything about him?

  5. Hi Dave, good to hear from you.
    I’m learning a lot.
    There have been times, recently, that I have thought that my phone has been tapped .
    The main reason, I’m currently involved in making a complaint against the Police.
    I had the cheek to contact Nicola Sturgeon’s office .
    She is the First Minister here.
    Have to say, I was impressed by the response from her office.
    Still got more meetings but I’m positive
    Police Scotland are trying.
    Will let you know.
    Take care and no your not paranoid .
    Things happen that the general public dont have a clue about.

  6. Hehe, you’ve cheered me up !
    Good idea not to vegetate and die .
    Me too.
    My conscience won’t allow me to give up despite all that has happened .
    There is something , an inner strength , that motivates us to keep going.
    I detest injustice , always have done for as long as I can remember .
    I’m assuming the word “spooks ” means Police ? Or maybe something similar.
    I’m so glad that you are such a good researcher and that you keep going.
    Don’t give up.
    The fact that people have tried to close your blog means that you are doing a good job.

    • +Patricia.Yes, I use the word, spooks, to mean the police, the Security Services: MI5, MI6, and GCHQ. And then there are all the foreign spooks too. Although the USA has proved to be the most secure place to host TDS, I am never putting my physical self in their control. Paranoid or what? 😀

  7. Hi Dave.
    Guess you are right.
    You care though . Suppose that’s why you keep doing your research .
    I’m trying in my own way to make changes .
    I’m not particularly Internet friendly .
    Not that good at it to be honest.
    Got 2 questions for you , if that’s ok?
    1) Is your blog site monitored by Police ?
    2) Why did you start it ?
    Would like to share some stuff but unsure ?

    • +Patricia. I retired in 2009 and was determined not to vegetate and die; I decided to start writing a blog. I knew it would be about human rights but wasn’t sure how it would be received. Someone from George (Gideon) “Cokehead” Osborne’s camp hacked TDS at least three times and eventually took it down. (

      Every spook monitors TDS and blogs like it; police, the security services, GCHQ, the FBI, CIA, you name it they have their dirty noses in my business somewhere. I reported that Rolf Harris possessed child porn in articles as far back as 2013: is one such example. I was ordered by the spooks to remove it, or I’d be prosecuted. Without anyone knowing outside the actual court, the Judge forbade the press to report that Harris had downloaded indecent images of children.

      As I also physically protest for human rights, animal rights and justice at protests I am well known to the Spooks.

  8. Sir Cliff is guilty beyond a doubt, and has the nerve to complain about the bbc and the police invading his privacy just because a cps lawyer decided that the evidence was not enough to provide a realistic prospect of conviction in a court of law, someone needs to tell cliff that this is not the same as being found innocent. The truth will out hopefully while he’s still on this mortal coil.

    • Interesting statement .
      How do you know , without a doubt Sir Cliff is an abuser ?
      I actually agree but wonder why you are SO convinced ?
      Would appreciate your comments.

  9. He may even be a ”closet” Transvestite.His girlie name may be ”Kitty”as used on the guest list of the Elm Guest House ??????

  10. I quite like Robbie Coltrane as an actor.But I feel his character ”Cracker” has gone to his head.Read the other day him saying ”Cliff Richard is innocent”.Since when has he become Judge and Jury?.Has he been given access to positive evidence that even the Police are unaware of?

  11. OH PLEASE! Give it a rest, it’s quite clear this was a distraction accusation to protect the really guilty by a colluding establishment. Do you actually work for the Security Services? Because after the Kincorra Boys’ Home scandal and the lack of any sort of will to carry out an enquiry into that disaster the Security Services appear to be firmly in the frame and those who point fingers in the wrong direction appear to be colluding in that misdirection. Can you not follow the real stories rather than try to mislead us with stupid unproven accusations against one man – a man whom the BBC were clearly trying to smear. And where the BBC go you can be sure the Security Services are pushing their agenda. How many BBC stars have been accused and found guilty of child abuse? How did they get away with it for so long? Oh let’s not go there we might find too many rotten appes colluded at the BBC.

    Far easier to falsely accuse the iinnocent and cover up for people like Greville Janner who were enabled and encouraged to commit crimes against children with the full cooperation of the Police, the DPP, numerous colleagues, including Keith Vaz, and the whole establishment has escaped a proper enquiry through the rather coincidental death of Greville Janner. Enquiries into the Kincorra Boys’ Home has been resisted by countless Home Secretaries too. How convenient to flog this dead horse endlessly. Prove your credentials by campaigning for justice on cases where the establishment has constantly swept much of the evidence under a rotting carpet for years and years.

    • +Helen Pender. Poor deluded Helen, your idol is a child abuser (my personal opinion), and you just can’t stomach that can you? When I revealed that Rolf Harris was an abuser, the same scorn and derision came my way from people like you. When I wrote about Leon Brittan I was lambasted by his political groupies, and the same with Alistair McAlpine and I do have at least one post on Greville Janner BTW; not a lot more can be said about them they are all dead! So you see you read a headline, get your knickers in a twist and direct false accusations at TDS in an attempt at defending your wrinkly old crooner hero. Grow up!

      • I am very, very sad to say that imo you are correct. The sight of him sickens me now. I cannot bear to even listen to him …… and that phony pseudo American accent he has adopted is very odd!
        (He is looking VERY old, and rightly so).

      • Hi Dave,
        Learned today the programme “Loose Women”
        On ITV are bringing the beloved Cliff on their show in 17th Nov.
        To sing his latest single .
        The whole audience will be Cliff Richard fans !!!
        Seriously , the world has gone mad.
        What do you think ??

  12. Will Harry still go ahead with his threat to sue the BBC or will that now be on hold because his accuser is asking the dodgy for a Review of the case ??

      • What is wrong in our society ?
        Why do so many people protect those who abuse children .
        I don’t care about Cliff Richard really, not a fan . However, The elm “guest house” stuff makes me sick to my stomach .
        That is still the tip of the abuse iceberg.
        Barbados ? Can’t be extradited ? Mmm?
        “Kitty” ? Mmmm?
        Good job for continuing to look into this.

        • +Patricia. People hate to be wrong, so they are protecting their own hurt feelings when they discover that someone they idolise is a wrong’un.

          Take a look at this post and notice how Waymon Ivery, a convicted child rapist, is immediately supported by his Jehovah’s Witness companions. They probably, genuinely didn’t know because the JW leaders cover up child abuse and rape.

          • Yes, I have heard this on many occasions from many sources. I didn’t want to believe the truth about CR but I am sorry to realise that it IS THE TRUTH. Filthy Beast. I don-t care about other people-s sexual preferences but paedophiles are the lowest of the low. The victims cannot speak for themselves or protect themselves because they are children. WE have to do it.

    • Joanna By Harry do you mean Harriet Webb ? I am not being obtuse but not sure why you would call CLIFF Richard Harriet Webb.

    • +butlincat. Your second question,”Which elite have been protecting him over his sexual crimes involving children?”, is right on the ball I believe.

  13. THE THREAT: Keep looking over your shoulder because one day I’ll be there.

    EDITOR: This MORON with a very small penis is a typical Christian coward. He is hiding behind a false IP address and a temporary email address. Hey loser watch yourself in the bathroom you may poop your brain out.

    • Maybe wee Cliff sent you that threat 😀

      Typical playground coward though, hiding behind a wall and calling names.

        • Hi Dave there is a short film on the lord Langford on porn on YouTube mate

          • You are pathetic its people like you who are so obsessed with sex and like talking about it to like minded people, you and others like you are sick it doesn’t matter what evidence there is in front of you, you just don’t want to believe it.

          • +Tilley, your comment is a reply to one of Colin’s comments and I hope he will forgive me for replying to you as well. Please answer these questions Tilley: How do Colin’s comments add up to an “obsession with sex”? 2. How is wanting to rid the world of paedophiles “sick”? 3. Can you show us the evidence that proves Cliff Kitty Richard is “innocent”?

          • Have you got any real evidence? You and others are throwing around different names ( kitty, Harriet ) so what proof is that? Someone goes to this club, they can put anyones name down, can you honestly say, unless you were there with that person that it was Cliff, NO YOU CAN’T. At the top of the page there is two pictures one with Cliff with hair the other bald whats that all about? O so to make him look ridiculous, his hair is thinning men’s hair does but he is not bald. What’s that all about ( is it supposed to be, o he’s bald so he’s got something to hide) you can take any situation and make it into something else. You and others say no smoke without fire and you and others are revelling in it. Don’t you lot realize this is a witch hunt and it can happen to anyone. Savile was evil and he drew a lot of people in, just because celebrities went on his show or had their picture taken with him doesn’t automatically say they were the same as him, some police, the home and some people in the bbc knew but he just blackmailed them with the money. Barbara Winsor was friends with the Krays does that make her the same. You have no PROOF. Hearsay is no proof and we all know it happensitsguil still happening, but some of us actually look at the evidence, and just for the record I still don’t think Rolf Harris is guilty that was a was another farce.

          • +Tilley. Cliff Richard is a sanctimonious prick, a hypocrite, and a liar. The contrasting pictures, one of which is fake due to being photoshopped and the other is fake due to the nest perched on his pate trying to make himself look young, is a piss take!

            Kitty is the name Richard used when signing into the boy brothel in Barnes, London. I think I used the name Harriet (Harry Webb: birth name) also as a piss take. The man is a clown and as he did have sex with underage boys he is also a pervert.

            So, Silly Tilley, you are so in love with your hero nonce that you can’t see that sometimes people are having fun at his expense, and you certainly cannot see that CR is a child fucking pervert. Your unbelievable admission that you still think Rolf Harris is innocent proves beyond doubt how deluded you are.

            ONE MORE THING! How do you know Savile is guilty, WERE YOU THERE?

      • +Didi. LOL, yep the geezer, if it is a geezer, has had me running to the doc for sedatives. NOT! He has written a lengthy comment and repeated the threat that I have filed in trash but I think I’m going do an article about it. Should be fun. 🙂

        • Hi Dave you should also have a look at the comments left by other viewers on the YouTube Lord longford clip most interesting mate.

  14. Silence is golden eh?. After all the years of lies and vicious rumours it seems Sir Cliff is innocent after a lack of evidence passed to the CPS and they’ve took no further action.
    This shows how evil and vicious sites like this are. Your research came to zero. Shame on you all.

    • +Cheryl. He is NOT PROVEN innocent! He just has not been charged, ONLY a jury can find him innocent. So your paedo apologist comment is BULLSHIT.

      • Cliff richard is a freemason and is protected by masons and has had masonic help not to be charged

        • I would be VERY surprised to find that Cliff Richard aka Harry Webb aka Kitty is a Freemason. He doesn’t have the attributes to become one. He’s not particularly bright, is he?
          I have a friend who is one and he will know. He’s quite ‘high up’ – Grand Master of the Lodge – I know because I have been to social occasions with him and his wife and I notice the great respect with which he (and his guests) are treated. I will see him on Sunday and mention it CASUALLY OF COURSE.

          • +Didi. I have been told there are different levels of Freemasonry and I have known really thick people who were members of presumable one of the lower orders. 🙂

          • there are three requirements to become a freemason,
            U must belive in a sumpreme being
            U must be over 18
            Umust not have a crinal record.
            I am a master mason
            And know many masons in police and high court judges – our first rule is to help a brethen in need of help. You will be surprised the amount of masonic involent in all countries and the controlling of our world.- IE: we will stay in the EU, it does not matter what the uk public vote !

          • RE CLIFF – my friend has not heard of Cliff Richard being a Freemason. Doesn’t mean that he is or isn’t but it seems unlikely.

      • dave -even juries and the jury system -though the best we can hope for-is just like democracy -far from perfect and flawed.
        look at the barry George case or the Birmingham 6 case -juries are lead by brilliant barristers and bent or crap judges and by covered up evidence and lying cops and mercenary experts with no expertise and no integrity .
        some lawyers almost never lose-they charge the highest rates in the world and become famous and what big names lost cases ? not o.j. simpson or michael Jackson who bought off all his victims -the list is endless and proves even a jury cannot guarantee someone is innocent .
        I agree with your basic instinct to assume 9 out of 10 of all allegations of this nature is gonna be true till the cows come home-and most of the remaining 10% will be partly true -very few people would lie-they have all to lose and the shame and you only have to look at reporters trying to get a response from a high street -almost every person in almost every locations crosses the street or covers their face or refuses to reply or politely declines -people don’t want attention and fame or notoriety -to suffer this after decades of pain for no reward and to announce your shame and guilt and allow others like the apologists on here to accuse you of being a liar -no totally sane person would do that and the evidence is born out in endless frame ups and cover ups and the fact almost every victim was corroborated when investigated and all the rapists and peados were found to have lied or forgotten .
        so personally I wouldn’t have put it as strongly as you-to declare a jury is capable of finding someone innocent-they are obviously not-sadly a new shocking story and revelation proving this comes out every week nowadays -thank god for the internet I say -because lots of innocent people are getting released from life sentences and lots of covered up paedo activity is coming to light finally-however the paedo gangs in Westminster and their franchises still hold almost total power of us -but the internet is making life slightly less secure for them .
        the royals are notorious -for murder rape paedophilia bestiality war torture drug trafficking and incest and things I cant even imagine-filmed bragging boasting bribing lying insulting -even shooting peoples dogs and buming servants and cash for influence -what ever story comes out and allegation made and event filmed or recorded -the royal lovers forgive them everything-if the queen ate a living baby on live tv and swore all the way through it whilst naked and smeared in faeces -she would still have more than half the country ready to die for her and kneel before her and wave plastic flags -this and religion are more shocking even than the lack of justice for the rest of us and the level of criminality in the police .

        • +Steve. I think you are missing the point a bit. I am not suggesting the jury system is perfect, but the Crown Prosecutor cannot declare anyone innocent. To be declared innocent the accused has to go before a jury for trial and the jury decides whether he/she is not guilty. It is with all its flaws better than an office bound bureaucrat deciding.

          • Wooohoo. I’m very tipsy.. Me was expecting Italy to kick our asses, woo hoooo, up the greenie Irish 😀

          • The CPS are in it up to their eyebrows, they do what they’re told to do, or they do what they have to do.

        • Steve, Dave editor or I think Cheryl sherryl? This is a complicated blog, it’s really hard for me to see who I’m responding to, but it’s someone who just wrote a huge long post.
          I like it and I want to respond, and I will tomorrow. Or the next day, depending on the hangover. 🙂
          Did I mention little Ireland beat Italy tonight 😀

          • I don’t suppose you meant to say ‘Lots of love’ but the other one! It’s OK – I’ve had a VERY good day and evening out with my chums in Praia da Luz. Just having a nice malt to put me to sleep.

          • Oh what I would give to be in Praia de Luz, bet the atmosphere over there was on top form tonight with their win in the Euro16 footy.
            I suppose you didn’t happen to have a stroll past Freuds villa, see if anyone was digging up his garden.
            Enjoy your malt, I hope it’s a double 🙂

        • What does your RANT have to do with the question ‘Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile’ ?

    • He needs to go to court to prove his innocence actually, not enough evidence does not mean no evidence.
      The cps have a habit of not pressing charges to rich powerful people, they don’t admit any wrongdoing until after the culprits are dead.

      • Hi maria2 going back to the walton hop disco jimmy pursey lead singer of sham 69 was a regular at the disco in 2002 pursey got a police caution for indecent assault on a teenage girl I think he tried to kiss her sham 69 was one of my favourite punk bands at the time I won’t listen to them now .

        • I must read up more on that disco, I don’t know very much about it except it was another haven for paedos and there were several arrests involving it.
          It’s on my to do reading list for tomorrow.

          • Hi maria2 I can’t find much more on the disco however what I did find out was in 1972 lord longford had to carry out some sort of report on pornography and to help him he had both kitty and savile on the panel perhaps Dave or other’s can add information.

          • +Colin. Yes, I remember Lord Longford and his crew went to Sweden or Denmark to buy porno so they could assess it when they got back to the UK. I shall investigate.

          • Hi maria2 as we know king has been jailed for child abuse but did you know that simon Cowell put up a lot of money towards his bail £50.000 worth

    • I agree Cheryl. But sadly, Dave and others of his ilk will never believe that Cliff is innocent. I’m sure that even if Cliff’s case had gone to trial, and he was found “not guilty” (as I’m certain would happen), Dave and friends would not accept that, they would say “he got away with it” and blame an establishment cover-up. Even if the accusers were to admit publicly they had lied, Dave and friends would probably say they were forced do so, or say that Cliff must have paid them. There is just no way to deal with Dave, people like him, and the conspiracy theorists that connect Cliff with Maddy’s kidnapping, Jill Dando’s murder, and more.

      I know Dave (and others here) will blast me for my comments, and again call me a paedo apologist, but “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

      • +flashxlight. So you can read minds now yeah? You WANT to believe Richard is innocent, just as I WANTED Rolf Harris to be innocent, but RH wasn’t innocent he was GUILTY. YOU are also a BARE-FACED LIAR, I have never connected Madeline McCann and the murder of Jill Dando to Cliff Richard. At the moment your acceptance on this blog is hanging by a thread, not because disagree with me, but because you making things up. RETRACT!

        flashxlight has retracted and I graciously accept that retraction. – Editor

        • Dave, I wasn’t connecting you to the conspiracy theorists. Please read my comment again.

        • I have never heard of any connection ANYWHERE between Cliff Richard and Jill Dando and Madeleine McCann. And now Clement Freud has been ‘outed.’ Who will be next?

          However, if a lie is repeated enough people begin to believe it and thin it to be a fact!

          By the way, I hope people on this blog read the statement from the young man who was selling trinkets in Lisbon (some years ago). He had no axe to grind.

          • A young man had a regular stall in Lisbon near the bridge selling trinkets. A man approached him and bought a large quantity of these worthless items. The stall holder, although very grateful, expressed interest in why he had bought such a large amount. The purchaser told him that he had been asked to supply these and ‘other things’ for a children’s party being held in Albufeira by ……. wait for it …… you’ve guessed it – by Cliff Richard. What a kind thing to do – wasn’t it? Wouldn’t the children have been delighted.

          • Back in the day in wasn’t a big secret and certainly wasn’t as frowned upon as it is these days and rightly so.
            That’s why it’s such a big secret now.

            Don’t think for one minute that because these are all old stories that these paedos stopped raping kids years ago, not a hope in hell, they still do it to this day, in an established club, run by the highest, royalty, Catholic Church, the highest of the high.
            That’s why there are very few recent accusations of these rich paedos, they are all historic.
            These days they use drugs on kids, they have learnt a lot through the years, they know how to stop future exposure. It’s one of the richest businesses in the world and only the rich and powerful, and people who can pull strings are members.

            They are all sick freak bastards and it seems like nothing is going to stop them.
            This is not a conspiracy theory it’s real and happening right now.

      • I’ve never heard of him being involved with Madeleine McCanns death. That’s a new one..
        I also don’t think he’d have the balls to shoot someone.

        When there are several victims who are not connected in any way, blaming a man who frequented a paedo house, of abusing them, I will always believe the victims. Possibly 9 of them in this case. 4 at least.

        If they were lying and in it for the money they would have taken the money long ago and you are nieve if you think it wasn’t offered.

        He dressed as a woman, called himself Kitty, was a member of a paedo house, was friends with Lord (hate that word) bootby, Saville and many more. The list is endless. Anyone who believes him is crazy.

        • It had never occurred to me that there could be any connection between Kitty and Madeleine McCann but in retrospect and reading all this of course it is possible. He could have invited the McCanns to his home for no special reason and formed a special friendship with Madeleine – she was a very pretty little girl AND – so we are lead to believe – not shy with adults. McCanns would have fallen on their knees for such an invitation – it’s no big deal here! His sister lives in Praia da Luz and is part of my circle of friends – but we NEVER discuss THAT! And THAT is the reason why I write under a pseudonym – just in case!

      • Flashxlight, now that you have mentioned a connection between Cliff Richard, Jill Dando and Madeleine McCann, you know you may be right, there might just well be something in that.

        Jill Dando was close friends with Kitty, who was blessed by the royals, she was engaged to Alan Farthing, who was up the royals asses, literally 🙂 Clarence Mitchell was first at the murder scene of Jill Dando, Clarence Mitchell was sent to Portugal to take care of the McCann affair after Madeleine “vanished”.. We have Freud and Kitty with villas in Portugal.

        Thanks for pointing that out 🙂

        • Not forgetting Kitty’s live in friend is a priest of some order and the MCCanns somehow got to visit the pope.

          • Maria2 I can’t find savile being linked to the walton disco however I am still looking what I have found out is that the duncroft approved school is only 5 mile away so there is a good chance of savile being linked in someway watch this space I find your 1st to know

          • And another nice one, Freuds son, who is also mighty close with the royals hired Mitchell for his media monitoring or something or other. The son of Freud was married or Robert Murdochs daughter.

            Oh what a tangled web

        • Maria2 it might not mean much but kitty lived close to walton where the walton discos are known to be a paedophile playground might be another dot to join up

          • Too right Colin, isn’t there already a few paedos convicted from that disco for kiddies. I think Saville was linked there too.
            But we already know Kitty and Saville were friends. 😀

          • Savilles school of a kind was five miles away, max Clifford was there amongst others, Jonathan King I King , Chris denning, with Kitty living so close by, amd all,his friends fiddling in there, I would be shocked if he wasn’t part of it too

      • DIDI frank Bruno was a freemason I think -so I don’t know why i.q. has any role to play in being a freemason ? many cops are freemasons-and I have never found a cop to have intelligence of note -so I think you are completely wrong to assume that.
        what is more – surely corruption is the key factor in freemsaonry-if you are a paedo or a rapist or a thief or liar or blackmailer or exploiter or greedy or self-centred or anti transparency and anti democracy or useful to people like that then you join ? therefore they are all criminals or criminals lackies -nothing at all to do with intelligence .
        what is more I bet very few highly educated people are freemasons -like vets or surgeons or physicists -masons tend to be civil servants and teachers and social workers and cops -so however you analyse it -there is no relation between intelligence and freemasonry -the royals are thick and so is George w bush junior -maybe even the krays or some gangsters are freemasons -certainly some butlers secretaries chauffeurs and soldiers and my mate is a car mechanic and he is a freemason -the sort who do counselling and voluntary work and sit as parent governors or local councillors -these sorts are the type drawn to masonry -none of these categories are determined by their intelligence let alone great intelligence .
        even the illuminati and espionage and political and police type people are not intelligent-just intelligent enough sometimes and they are informed by people who are intelligent -like professors and mathematicians and scientists and computer geeks .
        for lots of people its thought that the ruling corrupt scum like bush the royals and generals are intelligent -almost superior beings -but they barely rank as educated-its a myth and for example -teachers and accountants are brighter than them and solicitors and architects are brighter still and gps and barristers brighter still and then scientists and then doctors of science and vets and surgeons and then professors of science and leading experts in science -that’s the reality so I consider all masons and cops and royals and military folk as relatively thick – but I know lots of conspiracy types and truly thick people have been brainwashed into assuming they are super intelligent-likewise dimbleby and news readers and some celebs on tv have very little intelligence but are treated by the thickest of us as though they were genius’s as they are posh and authoritative and famous -anyone with true intelligence wouldn’t dream ever of reading the news or doing Attenborough type tv shows -they are instead driven to push themselves and to do research and impress their peers and learn and improve -only the failures in the education stakes end up as news readers or spies or generals .
        im thick and comfortable with that -but that’s my opinions and reasoning laid out .
        I think cliff would be far from the thickest in any masonic lodge he joined -he would certainly be amongst the wealthiest and maybe the most famous and best connected and probably talented -however im no fan of his

        • PHEW! I am out of breath reading all that. I will have another go in the morning / it is well past my bedtime.
          Ate a manha as we say on the Algarve!

          • Ah there are lots of dumb idiots who are Freemasons especially in the lower realms.
            The high echelons accept the normal everyday cowboy, now and again, but normally, and usually they take in people who can be of use to the “whole”.

            Did I mention we beat Italy tonight 😀

          • I didn’t know Bruno was a mason. Like really?

            Ireland beat Italy tonight.. Prob get no further, but we beat them lol

          • Dave the editor, I think i jibbered to no end lastnight, feel free to delete my posts, there might well be 100 of them lol my family forced me to drink alcohol, definately wasn’t my fault

            I have just read up on Bruno he is on YouTube doing that famous handshake with none other than the Yorkshire ripper And the onlooker is none other than Jimmy Saville the dead paedo who shags dead people.

            Did you ever read what he said about after his mams death? It gave me the creeps and the impression he shagged her for several days, when she was dead.
            I’m sure I can find it if no one has read about it.

            Spell check or prdictive text suddenly appeared on my iPad for no reason. Now at least I can blame it for my bad grammar 🙂

      • He would not have been found Not Guilty. Perhaps (as in Scotland) Not Proven. A bit of a cop out!

      • I do not believe that Cliff is innocent. For many years he was my ‘ musical hero’ but there are too many long running rumours ~20 years? – for there not to be some truth in them. This makes me very sad.

    • Cheryl, think back a bit the cps said the exact about janner when he was alive now that he has died they say the opposite. The only evil going on here is straight from the cps

      • Now that Downing Street cannot control the internet like they used to control editors of newspapers in the past by issuing a ”D” notice to warn an editor to quash an imminent scandal it certainly looks like the CPS has been given the role of absolute power to over-ride the Police in deciding which cases can or cannot proceed to Court.Too many cases are being refused the chance of a Court hearing and it is also to much of a coincidence that in most cases the person accused is of some importance

    • WRONG AGAIN CHERYL. Read the report carefully. Shame on Harriet Webb etc.

      Did you read the report of the ‘trinket seller’ in Lisbon. He sold a load of trinkets to someone who was buying them to give to the very young guests at one of Kitty’s parties. Rewards for pleasures given?

    • Are you DEAF, BLIND and STUPID? I started out on this ‘investigation’ like many others in support of Cliff Richard/Harry Webb/Kitty against these ‘dreadful’ allegations. I was a Cliff fan for more than 40 years. But, I have listened to and read all the information with an OPEN MIND and very sadly have come to the conclusion that Cliff Richard is indeed a pedophile. I did not want that to be true but I am very sorry to finally realise that HE IS. Such a hypocrite too. Of course he can never admit it because his pension fund/record sales would drop like a stone.
      I am very, very sad to have realised that someone to whom I looked up, and who purported to be a Christian has feet of clay.

    • GROW UP CHERYL – open your mind! You are ‘believing’ what you want to believe. There is so much historical evidence about this but Cliff has had powerful protection. Even in Praia da Luz we are ‘nervous’ to comment publicly because his sister lives here. So many people cannot believe that Cliff is a pedophile and will defend him at the cost of longstanding friendships – which is why I am careful about what I say. I never wanted to believe that Cliff Richard has been a pedophile for so many years but the evidence is strongly against him.
      This is a disease which has been spread through society and those who are aware of the truth about Cliff are afraid to speak publicly. Including me.

  15. I want to put my point across . being sexually abused leaves your life tainted , you blame yourself ,even now I question myself .. What made me so appealing to a grown up man .. I was 5 years old .. I haven’t a clue what was happening to me ..all I knew was that it hurt .. I now suffer from functional neurological disorder due to the trauma …I don’t trust anyone with my own children …I am now 46 years old …as for you calling sir cliff Richard pedo do you actually know was you there … No .. Victims have lived with this secret. They can’t wash it away or hide from it like the abuser does.. My partner walked in on my parents and stepdad .. My mum was over heard saying pretend you don’t already know .. When I finally found the courage to speak out .. Which was thanks to a friend who is in the music industry and knows sir cliff .

    • +Marletta. I, of course, sympathise with you, the effect of being abused, especially as a child lasts a lifetime. I fail to see the connection to Cliff Richard though. Can you enlighten me?

      Update: I am going to look for a more pertinent article, or write a new one where your comment will get the deserved attention.

      • I’m still trying to work that out. DO enlighten me Marietta.

        I am sure that most of us have had unwelcome experiences as children but we don’t lay them at Cliff Richard’s door, do we?

  16. I worked in the radio industry 10 years ago and a presenter told me then that Cliff was a peado. They were friends with one of his body guards who had resigned because he couldn’t deal with what he was expected to turn a blind eye too. This was way before any abuse rumours and I thought then it was crazy. Now I believe it’s true.

    • Emma – I know this Cliff Richard thing needs more investigation. I’m aware lack of evidence doesn’t mean no evidence. The Elm Street guest house definitely needs to be looked into. However, I have a story that might give some a bit of perspective on stories about trinket sellers and body guards. I worked in an office and was kind to everyone. Picked up carry outs for co workers when I went to the restaurant, bought something from every school fund raiser. I thought people liked me. A good friend told me after I transferred, since she didn’t want me to be uncomfortable while I was there; that there was a rumor about me. That I was handcuffed to the steering wheel of my car, hanging out the door, naked in a known Gay cruising spot at midnight. An “eyewitness” swore to have seen this. I checked with a few other people at the office, yes they heard the rumor and the vast majority of people believed it. It NEVER happened, nothing even close to that has ever happened to me. So, I offer proof positive that “eyewitness stories” can be offered, be very convincing and still be a lie. To this day I have no idea why someone would make up a rumor about me. I never tattled to management about anyone and I didn’t gossip. Perhaps they were mad I didn’t. Or that I got picked for important jobs after only being there a short time. I don’t know.

      • Jaroslaw that was a vicious rumour for someone to start, probably out of jealousy. You have one eye witness who told a horrible lie about you and unfortunately for you other people took that one persons word as truth and didn’t believe you.

        But the Cliff Richard case is completly different.
        They weren’t rumours, they were accusations from lots of different men who say he abused them.
        Considering the other factors, besides these men’s accusations, He hung out with other well known paedophiles, his Jimmy Savile connection, along with lots of other paedos.. They were his very close friends, he was a member of elm guest house, a well known paedo joint, he was questioned several times in connection with Jill Dandos murder, she was going to expose the high ranking paedos before she was gunned down, the list is long of his connections with the dark side.

        There are rumours that mi5 helped him evade justice, those people who protect the royals and other elite paedos.

        Who knows why he turned out this way, there are stories about that he was a victim himself of paedos, involving the Kray twins. But that’s no excuse.
        A man proclaiming to be a loving Christian does not associate with these people. Any man, regardless of religion, any decent human being would have nothing to do with these people. And there is no way on this earth that he was ignorant to their shenanigans, no way.

        So together with all the information out there about his best buddies, elm house, mi5 buddies, Royal connections, mr knighted kitty has joined a growing list of other knighted Paedos. Only the best for the rich and famous.

        • I think they are very good points Maria.
          NFA does not mean Innocent. Just look at Freddie Starr and DLT
          They got the “Insufficient Evidence” also but turns out they lost
          out in the long run.

          Have a look at this please!

          Regardless of Jim Davidson and others in the same boat, Cliff “Kitty” Richard
          is on the Elm Guest House List lumped in with Known fucking Paedophiles all over the place.
          Now either the List is Fake or it’s Real. No one seems to have really nailed that one yet.

          Cliff’s back doing interviews again on Loose Women and he is adamant he
          “never abuse a Boy a Girl, a Man or Woman. Never could never would!”
          Now Cliff sounds plausible enough in those interviews doesn’t he !
          However it would be a final word on it all IF he comes out and says what the fuck
          his name is doing on Dodgy List with Known fucking Paedophiles , then he has a chance.
          Until that day comes, IF it ever comes that is, Cliff is going to look Dodgy !

          • Good round up video Rob.

            I didn’t see kitty’s recent interviews, must go now look them up.

            As for never mentioning Elm Guest house, sometimes it’s not what’s said, but what isn’t said that is more revealing.

          • Just watched some Loose Women clips of kitty. Reputation management in my opinion, he has the same sincere face on him as he does when he sings, good actor.

            This YouTube clip sums it all up (hope this works)


          • +Maria2. I watched the Gloria Hunniford interview with Cliff Richard. She’s his friend! The questions were all soft questions, not one about his association with Lord Boothby, The Krays, Elm Guest House. Interview? It was a white wash.

          • Hi Maria, yeah saw those youtube videos. Lots of stuff in there for sure.
            I mean Cliff writes a nice letter to Boy Pimp Notorious Criminal Ronnie Kray in Jan 1969
            when Ronnie is banged up in Brixton Prison. As you do ya know !
            We know Ronnie Kray supplied Boys to Lord Boothby, and even threatened the boys if they didn’t do what Boothby wanted. They even swapped boys together in Cedra Court London. Other kinky stuff like working class boys shitting over glass tables as Boothby pleasured himself underneath. All documented by the way ! Then you have Cliff Richard photographed with Boothby and writing letters to Ronnie Kray. Also the Norfolk Broads Boat Rides pictured in Ludham Bridge in 1968 with Boys Hopping all over the boat. Some looked as young as 10.
            All viewable online I might add. Then the EGH Boy Brothel where he was there. You go to a Boy Brothel to abuse boys. Simple ! The Hard Question of what he was doing there has never been answered has it! Hence the Deep Suspicions! It’s viewable to all online. Why no answer on it ?? He’s no answer for his Christian Crusaders “events” either. Same Game as Weatherman Fred Talbot on those Boats are my suspicions. Close to Boys in bullshit Christian groups is another.

          • He didn’t make SO MUCH MONEY from his mediocre voice.

            When I was a young teenager I was a fan along with my friends but now I cannot bear to see him on TV, or even hear his speaking voice, with that pseudo American accent. YUK and UGH !

          • 250 million albums world wide, films, concert tours almost every year since 1958, surely that adds up to a fair bit of money ? But, with all that, he’s only about #40 in the Sunday Times Rich List of musicians/singers.

      • They were just jealous of you for some reason and couldn’t handle the fact that you were better than them in every way.

      • You are clearly a NICE person. People are jealous of nice people because they cannot emulate them.
        Carry on being NICE.
        I had a girlfriend here and we would go for a drink together a couple of times a week. However, once she got a boyfriend she dropped me completely. I have been in a long distance relationship for 4 years and whenever my boyfriend came here we always included her. I hope that I am NICE but she is NOT.
        Try not to worry about it and don’t let it stop you being NICE!!!

      • The body guard had every opportunity to go the police, especially since the very public raid on Cliff’s house. Hmm…. I wonder why he didn’t? Or, did he, and nothing came of it ?

        • Or may be if he spoke out against his former employer it may have a knock on effect from further employers lots of people have kept quiet about what they know in order to protect there jobs

  17. Cliff Richards move to Barbados with lingering pedophile charges becomes more interesting when you consider the unusual international reputation of Barbados.IF one is a pedophile and does not want police knocking or pressing charges will this is where they would go. The govt lacks so many laws and files no charges. The police and enforcement is reputed to turn a blind eye to all trafficking and sexual exploitation despite all the rising cases. Read this wiki link and know that if this man goes permanently to Barbados it will be another century before he will be brought to court. His friends knew where to send him!

    • Not only has Cliff Richard given up his British passport and become a Barbadian but I read that he is off loading his wine making business in Portugal.He has put up for sale his whole wine business and I believe his Villa.And yet there is no sign of his file being passed onto the CPS for consideration.Something strange going on for sure

      • I KNOW that is all correct.
        He is currently in Barbados (with his personal priest/friend) and I don’t think we will ever see him in Portugal or the U.K. again.

        • The winery estate has been put on the market by Sir Cliff’s friends and next door neighbours Nigel and Lesley Birch, who are also his business partners in the venture.

          It’s Nigel and Lesley who decided to sell, they want to retire. Whoever buys it may want to continue producing Cliff’s brand, using his grapes from his property which is a couple of miles away. There are 3 vineyards that supply the grapes for the winery, only one of them is for sale with the business.

          • The wine isn’t very good and is very overpriced – because of the LABEL? In which case it will very soon be worth 2p. Kitty was just playing at it. I consider that Borba is a very good everyday wine and even that is superior to Kitty’s wine.

            Cheers! Bar’s open.

  18. Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality. He spoke out against a lot in the Old Testament such as stoning, when he said he who is without sin should cast the first stone, against bigotry towards others with the Good Samaritan story. I noticed there are people who call themselves Christian in the USA who only follow the Old Testament while ignoring what Jesus said, like when he said not to judge others, while they hold their placards judging others.

    • Correct me if I am wrong – I KNOW THAT SOMEONE WILL – but I didn´t think that the Bible had even been written until LONG after Jesus’ death?

        • Thanks for that reassurance.
          Some people think that if they repeat something enough times people will believe it!

          • +Colin. IF he does and, I doubt he will, a good defence* lawyer could burst his pious bubble.
            *the case would be a civil matter and the BBC and the police would be the defendants.

          • Bring it on.But he will be advised not to sue by his Legal Eagles.Look what happened to Freddie Starr who was out of protection of the dubious CPS.He lost the case,sold his house at a loss,and legged it to Spain to avoid paying about £3 million in Court Costs and Damages.Richard wont be protected by the CPS and all the SxxT will come out that the CPS may have tried to cover up.Watch this space he will say he is satisfied with an Apology by the BBC and Police
            Another thing.As we are technically still in the EU and the fact of Open Borders Policy how is it that our Cops cannot pop over to Spain,drag Starr back to face Contempt of Court, for not paying the various amounts the Court required him to pay.And the Courts order order nim to pay or face time in the Slammer

          • Not quite Colin.

            Cliff: “I confirm that I have instructed my lawyers to make formal legal complaints to South Yorkshire Police and the BBC, so that in the absence of satisfactory answers a Court will determine whether or not their behaviour was justified and proportionate.”

            Mail online: “Unless they (BBC and SYP) both back down and concede that they did invade Sir Cliff’s privacy without justification, his lawyers will lodge a claim with the High Court.”

      • The New Testament was written after Christ’s death.What surprises me is that it appears only 4 people wrote about the activities of Jesus.You would think that even in those days there would be more people who would write about the ”extraordinary” things Jesus was supposed to have done

        • The Old Testament was written by a couple of dozen people over a period of a thousand or so years or so.

          The New Testament was written mostly by Paul in a shorter period of time. Havn’t a clue how long and I may be wrong, I havn’t been forced to practice religion since my school days 🙂

          But through the years with translations/ additions and bits left out no one is actually reading the full picture of the teachings back then. the earliest writings were actually symbols.

          Whoever was ruler of the land at the time decided what went in and what was left out, depending on his own beliefs.

          • New Testament – written by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (Acts and Romans follow on) !! SIMPLES!!

          • Bible scholars have been arguing about this since early times (but long after the apostles and Paul if they ever existed) and I am not going to get into a debate about it. However, this article appears to blow the validity of the New Testament right out of the Red Sea:
            Another thing where the hell did Jesus find four disciples with the seemingly Anglo Saxon names of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I jest all those names are English form of the Greek originals.

            If people want to discuss the NT please feel free. Just start the comment like Didi has “New Testament”. Although I have a great deal of knowledge about the Bible, I don’t believe it and I am an Atheist so I’d rather sit on the sidelines. Thanks people for your comments.

          • Yes I know it was supposedly written by all four, Matthew mark Luke and John, I thought the most part was written by Paul though, which is what I said. I’m not arguing this point though, it’s been a long time so I could well be wrong.

  19. The whole of the top establishment are guilty if only by association and turning a blind eye to further their own careers

  20. Yeah it’s a case of expose the small fish taking the heat off and distracting the public from the real murdering pedos at the top

  21. mr fave knight, you musr be a pervert and pediphile for making up these stories about the complete gentle man and humanitairian Sir Cliff Richard, you and your bastard criminal friends have tried to destroy Cliff , bastards is nit a bad enougn description to sall you

    • @marie. Normally I would delete your ridiculous comment, but it is so stupidly naive and badly written you bring ridicule onto yourself. How does my publishing criticism of Cliff Richard make me a paedophile and pervert you idiot?

      • Hi Dave , just read on mwt twitter page that operation kaffie the investigation into kitty is very much alive and has grown in the past few month,however I have also saw that one of the investigations into him has been closed

      • Oh my God… smashed her into the ground. Very true though. She is a Peado sympathisers……almost bad a being one yourself.

      • Very well said Mr. Editor.
        I do think that the truth will be revealed and I hope not before too long.
        Being homosexual is ‘unfortunate’ but being a paedophile is a choice.
        I do enjoy Cliff Richard’s music but will never put a penny in his pocket again.
        I met Jimmy Savile in Leeds when I was 14 and had a narrow escape. How innocent 14 year olds were then.

        • +Didi. Yes I do agree about the innocence of young teens in the past. I guessing by your statement that you a mature woman and I do remember myself being totally naive in my teens and twenties. I had a close call with perverts when I was 11-years-old.

          I’m afraid I don’t agree that being gay is unfortunate, as with all sexual relationships if it is consensual where’s the harm. Some men and women have very strong desires for their own gender and form very loving partnerships. Really, love is all that matters, but when abuse occurs it is neither love nor is it legitimate.

          • Open your eyes and your ears Maria.
            Cliff Richard’s homosexuality has been an open secret for years. He kept it secret as he knew it would damage his career. Most of his fans, of which I was one, could cope with that – there are many homosexuals in the entertainment industry. It is not a choice to be homosexual just as it is not a choice to be heterosexual. It is all due to the genes we were born with from our parents.
            HOWEVER, it IS a choice to be a paedophile – the victim has to live with the physical and mental damage for a lifetime.

          • Where it is dangerous is when an impressionable (young?) person is persuaded to take part in something he/she would not normally have done by someone he/she held as an idol.
            Despite the historic rumours and gossip, the disclosures about Cliff Richard have been a big shock to many of us.

            P.S. Why does this site try to persuade us to spell words in the American way!!! Ii have to keep overriding the attempted spelling ‘corrections’!!!

          • +Didi. Spelling: Unfortunately, most software defaults to the American spelling and WordPress is no exception. I don’t think there is a way to choose, but I will check this out.

          • You are correct – I am a young 72 although my partner is ONLY 68! The Jimmy Savile comment gave it away, I expect!
            There are 2 sexes and one ‘in between’ eh?
            Apparently our friend has been cleared but there’s no smoke without fire. There are too many comments to the contrary with detailed facts for it all to be made up. However, live and let live.
            But, I WAS a fan and now I am not. One thing I abhor is a hypocrite and Cliff is certainly that. He’s got away with it.

          • +Didi. I’m 71 Didi, but I can’t remember what made me think you are a mature lady. Allow me to correct you a little. CR, has not been cleared only a jury can clear someone who has been tried in a court of law. His case will remain under review by the CPS.

    • Sometimes it’s better to keep you mouth shut and let people think you,’re an idiot, rather than opening your mouth and removing all doubt maria

    • Lol, I grew up listening to this man, I know his songs word by word, but these days I really have to stop myself singing my much loved songs.
      As for your post, all I can say is, the only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance..
      Webb was my main man, until I became safe, as in, I opened my mind, as in, a mind is like a parachute, it doesn’t work if it’s not open (frank zappa)

      If its not opened, you are digging deep into more ignorance bythe day

      • +Maria2. When he emulated Elvis in the early days I was a fan too. His later stuff didn’t appeal to me though. As to enjoying his music now, I have a mixed opinion Speaking as a fan, which I am NOT, I think I would keep any music I already had, but I certainly wouldn’t buy anymore or go to one of his concerts.

        • Same here about buying/downloading his more recent music. I havn’t deleted the music I have but don’t listen to it anymore. I was a big fan in the past
          Although not proven guilty there is so much pointing towards him being involved with minors, his connections with the same like, visiting elm guest house, jill dando, being brought in for questioning, house raided, relinquishing his british citizenship and hiding in a country where he cant be extradicted. The list goes on and on. And in my opinion these wealthy Sirs and Lords etc will never be brought to justice in their life on earth but we will only learn more after their death as has been proven in the past. The main boys above will see to it that all is kept quiet.
          Great blog which I only just found tonight, i will read lots more tomorrow

          Calling meself maria2 as i see there is another maria with different opinions than me

          • Welcome Maria2, I expect that you will not always agree with me, but please don’t go away. The only people I block are people who are purposely offensive to me or other commenters, so if you want to express a different opinion feel free. Actually, sometimes I have fun with rude commenters and then block them. Ha Ha it must make them so mad. 😀

          • Well I havn’t read alot here yet so don’t know if I have different opinions to you or not, but if I do I wont be shy in giving mine, in a nice way 🙂 most of the time 🙂
            But when it comes to paedos, I think most normal people are in agreement, and those who are not surely must be of the same mentality as paedos because for the life of me I can’t fathom how anyone can support them, unless they practice the same vile acts on kids.

          • Maria2
            I agree with everything that you write. But the truth apparently will not come out in our lifetime.

    • You CANNOT be serious! You are very naive – keep up, dear!

      P.S. Learn to use the English language correctly and learn to spell.

    • MARIA – open your eyes, open your ears, and above all open your MIND! So many people who knew the truth have been silenced by bribes, threats and the ultimate – murdered.

      • Are you talking to me Didi?
        If so my mind is already open. I know how they bribed and threatened people to keep their mouths shut. Im in agreement with that so I’m not sure why you are telling me to open my ears eyes and mind.

        Maybe you are talking to the other Maria though, if so then all is good.

          • +Maria2. A new username won’t change the name on comments already posted and it is probably best if your contributions are linked. I had this problem when I chaged my name by Deed Poll, I had to change all my past comments manually.

          • I see another dead Paedo has been outed. Sir Clement Freud. Another Sir would you believe. He had a few dinner parties with the McCanns in Portugal. Wonder were the dogs brought round to his house over there

          • Harry Webb had his winery nearby Freud’s villa.Wonder if Webb was in the habit of sending aver a few bottles to Freud to enjoy.Now Webb is selling up.Bet the McCann’s are not too comfortable now

          • I’m sure Freud and Richared shared more than a bottle of vino to pass their “summer holiday”. 🙂
            Portugal seems to be a haven for the wealthy knighted fellas to bask in the sun.
            The McCanns might use this news to their advantage though, they have been trying to blame a dead paedo for years, only thing is they socialised with Freud, and guess what, they say they are shocked to learn the news about him LOL
            I wonder will the link between the lot of them be buried deep.

    • Silly girl – open your ears, your eyes and your mind Maria. Did you read the report about the trinket seller in Lisbon and the regular ‘parties’ Kitty held in the Algarve for these young boys who were paid with trinkets?

    • And Esther Ranzen or however you spell her name, she knows/involved with alot of this stuff

      • Agree about Esther Rantzen.Was it not she who gave the keys to either Broadmoor or Stoke Mandaville to Jimmy Saville.Now why would she do that???? Why would she virtually give permission for Saville to come an go as he pleased and even have a room to stay over night.WHY?She needs to be looked at a bit more closely.She needs to be brought before a Parliamentary Committee.

        • +joanna frisskie. Edwina Curry a female paedo gave the Broadmoor keys to Savile. There are questions for Rantzen to answer regarding ChildLine possibly being a supply line for paedos.

          • The company she kept would surely bring many to question childline and what exactly it was.
            All the money that was donated was used in wages.
            Has she become a dame yet? Or in the process of becoming one? Fits doesn’t it.

          • It annoyed me at the time as I was being ‘waled’ to my bus stop but my father was wiser than me.

          • And if not a supply line at the very least it is the first stop to quash any allegations against anyone in their inner circle who may be at risk of being exposed.I wonder what the ratio is between the number of complaints by children to the number of convictions

          • I didn’t know that about Edwina Currie – although come to think about it she appeared to be quite masculine.

  22. These types of “people” are the reason why I can not have my 2 girls out of my sight for more than 2 seconds. Fucking sick FREAKS.

    • Kate, be vigilant and alert without the kids knowing, let them have a fun carefree childhood they deserve

  23. Re: stromberg. I hope they blow the lid off it too….and bring down the scummy lot of them…..for good.

    • Whoever killed Jill Dando was so professional, not just in the execution of the act, but after all these years, not one word, not one leak or disclosure to or from the criminal underworld or even a prison cell confession. This is highly unusual in any murder, but one as high profile as this? Quite extraordinary.

      • A London criminal who now resides in Wakefield AA prison is said to have confessed to the Dando murder .

      • Clarence mitchell, look him up, angel of death, he seems to be stuck in the middle of anything got to do with paedos, plus I believe he was first at the scene. He was the govts master spin doctor (paid liar)

  24. On front of the Sunday Mirror today. I wonder how far the Mirrors investigation will get before being told to drop it. I really do hope it blows the lid off the whole thing.

    • It,s a mark william thomas investigation being reported in the mirror ,it will also be his next tv documentry

  25. Been told and read in local paper 8 raids were done at same time of Procter raid. Who? Don’t know and Leicester Mercury isn’t saying.

    • @Helen Pender. I can find nothing about this, can you provide a direct link to the information. It would be a very important story to report.

      • Morn Dave, a wee bit on kitty today in the mirror, showing how kitty is feeling the strain of the c,s,a case against him .

          • Well think back about a month ago when the sunday headline was kitty adding more uk tour dates wonder if they included prisons

          • Hi again Dave, sorry it,s been a while,but I was just wondering if kitty also has fear of being taken out if arrested to protect higher up people,

          • @colin. Last thing I heard about Kitty is he is in his Barbados home. The question is, is he now ‘in hiding’ or is is it temporary and he’ll return to either Britain or Portugal in the near future? This is, I admit, a very strange case. Maybe Establishment people are involved maybe not. It’s dragging on bit though isn’t it.

          • Ayear later and still no arrests Editor. But then again, he hasn’t died yet

          • The clock is ticking for Harry Webb.The CPS have now had his file for about one month.If the CPS decide that Harry Webb has no case to answer and they through out the case Alison Saunders will have more questions to answer.Especially after her delaying tactics over bringing a case to Court on Janner giving him time to Pop His Cloggs(DIE).In addition South Yorkshire Police will then need to answer why,as there now appeared to be no case to answer,did they take so long to present the file to the CPS in the first place.I did notice Webb was conspicuous by his absence in the Queens 90th Birthday celebrations.
            He was all over the place for Her Madge’s 25th celebrations

          • Will he be saved because of the big names he could take down with him? Very likely.

      • Morn Dave seems that kitty flew back into the uk last night on a budget airline, say,s he back for family visit not csa case.

  26. Hi Dave ref Jill dando not only will this be a news paper serial over the next week, it will also be m,w,t next tv documentary ,wonder if kitty will be watching since he claims to be close to jill

  27. The “Fat Vicar” a certain Fr Tony McSweeney A Catholic priest has been found guilty of sexually abusing a teenage boy at a children’s home in west London. He used to procure vulnerable boys in care at Grafton Close to nearby Elm Guest House. The Notorious Boy Brothel Cliff Richard frequented “Allegedly” onVIP Paedo List. Chris Fay of NAYPIC supports this story too. Harvey Proctor’s home “Raided” today! Plot thickens!

    • Yes, one by one, those on the list are being revealed and contacted in one way or another. Shame the OB have had for so long and are only acting now. Brittan seemed to leave us very quickly there didn’t he?

      • Does anyone know any more details of red socks Harvey Procter? Heard something on the radio this morning, but couldn’t figure out if police ‘raid’ was a prearranged appointment.

          • Hmm Exaro was clearly tipped off. The Belvoir estate is at the back of beyond. As I said a long time ago the BBC being tipped off over Cliff Richard stank of a long term plan to ensure MPs rushed through legislation to ban any publicity of alleged perpetrators until after conviction.

            Such legislation would ensure that convictions would be well nigh impossible, since other victims would never know that their abuser was being scrutinised.

            Particularly if Cliff Richard is innocent the blaze of publicity he suffered would be seen as unsupportable and, in the future guilty abusers would be protected by a complete press embargo.

            This is not a little local problem. It is systemic, highly organised and some very powerful forces – far beyond our most fantastic imaginations – are at work here.

            The farce of Butler-Sloss and Wolf was not – in my opinion – a clock up. It was a conspiracy to offer false hope – flush out those willing to speak out and suppress the evidence. Then they get a New Zealand judge whose professional reputation amongst her legal peers is not brilliant.

            My view is that those allowed to lead enquiries are either complicit or easily manipulated. Frankly having confidence in due processes of law is naive in the extreme.

            You said some time ago more news would appear on what is happening with Lord Janner investigation. The latest news is that Lord Janner investigation is now shelved.

            Leicestershire Police are meant to be conducting an enquiry into corrupt policemen who operated in Rutland. So far as I can see there will be very little done to bring clearly shonky officers to justice – the enquiry has been jogging along for a year. Instead policemen feel their primary duty is to protect shonky colleagues.

            Until we get a complete overhaul of both the police and judiciary we are frankly up the proverbial waterway with no means of propulsion.

          • Hi Dave, today’s daily mirror starts a new m,w,t investigation on who killed Jill dando a close friend of kitty , I wonder if she knew about the names on the elm list no doubt you would have read some of the story’s about this case,

          • @Colin. At the time of the murder, I had no idea Jill was investigating paedophilia, in and out of the BBC. I always believed Barry George was stitched-up and that darker forces were at work. The Mirror investigation is interesting, and I hope it uncovers more information.

  28. I’ve stumbled upon your site by chance – so eloquently put and refreshing to see distinctions being made clearly between sexuality and paedophilia! Thankyou for the information and highlighting the evils perpetrated by this scum. There can be no place to hide!

  29. Your articles certainly made me think, i remember hearing rumours of CR being gay in the early 60’s, if i was a betting man i wouldn’t put my money on Cr being innocent.

      • @ann eiser. (Edited and corrected reply to ann eiser’s comment)

        Yet another commenter/paedophile-apologist who doesn’t read properly before commenting. (See previous comment from Ann Eiser.)

        RayW3 didn’t say that being gay was being paedophile, but I do see how his comment could be misconstrued. I will reply to his comment to clarify the facts.

        • Re your reply to ann eiser, she was commenting on RayW3 post, not your article.

        • How does Ann’s comment make her a paedophile apologist? She was just answering a post which you admit was unclear

          • +John Porter. The reply you refer to is a part of a conversation and my comment was part of that conversation. I have added a sentence in parentheses to clarify. John you’ll have to get out of bed very early to catch me out mate.

    • @RayW3. Richard being gay and a paedophile are two quite different things. Leon Brittan was a paedophile who delighted in brutalising young boys but he had a wife and a son. I am not suggesting you meant that that in your comment but I wanted to clarify it for my readers.

  30. cliff has been working for the security services since around the mid 1960,s..go to aanirfan spooky cliff richards for more info x


      Pull the other one. He’s not in a position to ………. unless the Security Services have some sort of hold over him which they probably do!

    • @zeytinyagli. Elm Grove?Do you mean Elm Guest House? You think he stayed with a boy friend but you don’t know. You haven’t thought to question why a rich pop star would stay at a grotty guest house. It may have been advertised as a gay hotel but in reality it was a brothel of rent boys where the perverts went to rape kids from childrens homes.

      • Morn Dave kitty has resurfaced on the front page of the sunday mirror today confident that any child abuse charges will be dropped that he has extended his tour dates

      • Cliff did not stay at the Elm Guest House at any time. He was at a party for gays with Jess Conrad and Dusty Springfield. Chris Faye has said on video the there is no proof that Cliff went to the Monday Night Club for paedos. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT.

        • @ann eiser. Here she goes again throwing in half-truths to try and confuse and divert my readers from the truth.

          Ann says: “Cliff did not stay at the Elm Guest House at any time. He was at a party for gays with Jess Conrad and Dusty Springfield.”
          Answer: Here are classic semantics at play. NOWHERE in in the article did I say he stayed at Elm Guest House. I am researching Jess Conrad concerning paedophilia, and I seem t remember rumours about Dusty Springfield have sex with underage girls. So Ann your attempts to defend the indefensible have fallen apart. Just because Chris Faye says there is “no evidence” is no argument.

          You say: “there is no proof that Cliff went to the Monday Night Club for paedos.” Firstly, I didn’t say he did, but, secondly and more importantly, how do YOU know he didn’t? It is you Ann that has difficulty with facts.

          • I heard YEARS ago – perhaps more than 30 years ago – that Cliff Richard frequented the Elm Guest House. At that time I was very naive so didn’t think much about it. I thought it was a normal GUEST HOUSE but I did wonder why he went to this particular guest house so often. Now I know it was not a ‘normal’ guest house so why did Cliff Richard frequent it? I can’t bear to watch him or hear his songs any more. I was a big fan. I won’t destroy the recordings I have but I don’t want to play them any more. All of this just sickens me.

          • Ann – I am sorry but you are WRONG. Cliff Richard aka Kitty DID stay at this guest house. I WAS a big fan of his THEN and I remember reading this MANY years ago and wondering why he would stay at a guest house – even then he had the money to stay at a hotel. All this has been very distressing – I had heard rumours for many years but I didn’t want to believe them. I can’t bear to look at him now. He has certainly aged since all this news came out and perhaps that is the only punishment he will receive.

          • Oh yes he did stay at the Elm Guest House. I read about this YEARS ago without realising the significance. See my expanded reply somewhere below this.

        • yeah yeah yeah who do you think you are fooling
          he is part of it all and always was
          elevated by corrupt paedo polititians and the krays and other underworld gangs

          • The Elm Guest House was initially set up as a safe haven for Gay men to meet in safety.However when it became Legal to be Gay the Gay men had no need for this club and drifted away.It then reverted to being a Boy-Brothel,highly illegal.It was during this period that high ranking and famous people such as Anthony(traitor)Blunt,Leon Brittain and Harry Webb and Jess Conrad and many others were said to frequent this club allegedly.There is a photo somewhere of Brittain,starkers wearing only a sailors hat with a young(starkers boy) of about 10/11 sitting on his lap in a Sauna.You do the Maths?

      • Also they made snuff movies there of young boys, in my opinion, gay men went to other places, but if one had a preference in young kids they went to elm guest house,

        • +Maria2. It wasn’t only Gay men who frequented Elm Guest House it was perverts. Many married men, Leon Brittan for example, have a predilection for young boys. Paedophilia is a perversion so even men who like women can be child abusers.

          • Agree, its what I was trying to say in previous post, as in, normal gay men went to other places, but men with a preference for kiddies went to elm guest house. I may not have been clear enough. But basically im saying the same as you. And yes, paedos are perverted sick deranged uncurable creatures

        • Not only a rich pop star but Harry Webb,AKA Richard,was also a ”committed Christian”.Why was he on the guest list of this Elm Guest House.If anybody who has gone clubbing you must know that you only get onto a Guest List if you are a well known and trusted regular.And why be known as ‘Kitty’.As Kitty is often a girls name was he a crossdresser at the Guest House?

  31. ‘… the difficult and painful act of anal penetration..’ Is there something you are not telling us Dave?

    No idea of the truth (or otherwise) of these sordid accusations against a well known celebrity but the lack of truth never stopped some people slinging mud, did it?

    • @Frankie. I have rewritten the section you refer to, hopefully, it clarifies what I know and what I meant. With regard to “mud slinging”, there have been many ‘celebrities’ accused of abuse that I have not written about. Why? Sometimes it is because I don’t have the time, sometimes it is because I am not party to the evidence as the police and judiciary are the only people with the information. I am not one of the privileged journalists who gets fed info by the police. You’ll have to contact the Murdoch empire or their ilk for such inside information.

  32. Yep, it’s starting to look like someone made all this up. Perhaps it’s a good thing the acuser was “ugly” enough to choose the Billy Graham crusade day to lie about. There are dozens of witnesses to Cliffs’ whereabouts during that point in time. Could prove inconvenient for the accuser. Probably a small detail the manufacturer of this “fib” didn’t count on when they chose this particulary day to fictionalize around. Though the choice of this day probably has a bit to do with the persons opinion of Christianity as well. Anyway….I enjoyed your gloating email….but it just looks like the truth is so much more boring than the drama and intrigue of this creative tale.

    Something you should perhaps reflect on. You seem to get a bit to much joy out of this.

    Don’t get me wrong…if this is proven, I will apologize. But I’m sure you will go to your grave certain of it’s truth….proof or no proof, it’s just too titilating for you to let go of….

    I’m sure the lack of any real facts won’t cool your passion to “have faith” in the exciting sordidness of this accusation.

    Have a very good day!.

    • @Martin Lee, your post sounds very much like one I read about a year ago, from a Rolf Harris fan, and we all know how that panned out…

      • Exactly Jemmy, though I don’t think Webb will ever be accused in his lifetime, not publicaly anyway.
        Have ye ever noticed how alot of these knighted men are connected? Birds of a feather and all that,
        The royal family have alot to answer to.

      • What rubbish – there are occasions when a great deal of smoke is generated by smoke and mirrors operatives Namaste2015 with absolutely no fire, no combustible material and not a shred of evidence. If you read Inside the Brotherhood you’ll find that false accusations of paedophilia have long been a very effective tactic in brining down people of real integrity.

  33. Dave,just to let you know bbc1 tomorrow at 20.30hrs panorama ref Rotherham think you might be interested.then again they have not wasted anytime in producing the show a matter of days yet savile was at it for years, just thinking.

    • @Colin. Thanks, I will watch it on iPlayer as soon as they release it it. I absolutely agree with you re their Savile tardiness, just shows what can be done.

      • Properly means that no big names are involved,however this is not a Rotherham problem it’s a world wide sick culture of people problem.

  34. I do understand presumption of innocence principle. And Colin, I never said only MPs can be child abusers. I said I think most of the celebrities they’ve called in haven’t being guilty. Bill Roache, Michael Le Vell, Jim Davidson, Freddie Starr and Andrew Lancel were all innocent. Fair enough Harris and Clifford were found guilty and were locked up.
    I just think the MPs are likely the guilty ones.

    • @Dominic Anderson.

      OK explain the presumption of innocence principle to me and my readers.

      No answer. When faced with logic and honesty people like Dominic won’t answer, and their failure invalidates their illogical and false assumptions. Dominic, if you want your garbage on the Internet, why don’t you start your own blog?

    • To save you time, this is what you wrote,at the end of your ramblings the only genuine pedos are the politicians.please tell me what is a genuine Pedro.rolf is not an mp clifford is not an mp savile is not an mp ,king is not an mp and guess what there all celebrity faces who are pardons or in your view not genuine

    • OJ simson was found not guilty in a court of law but he did it. People with money can get away with anything. These days being proved innocent in court proves nothing.

  35. “For many months I have been aware of allegations against me of historic impropriety which have been circulating online. The allegations are completely false.”

    Does he mean “historic impropriety” at Elms Guest House, or the Billy Graham event? I wonder.

  36. You are right I’m afraid that evidence as far back as the 70s and 80s does conclude along with other VIPs that cliff has a liking for young boys.
    No one wants to believe it because he is part of the British way of life.
    Unfortunately we could all be in for a shock about cliff soon.

  37. , even rolf harris is highly exagerated. it was proven in court that he never went to the community centre where he was meant to have abused an 8 year old, because it was not mentioned he visited there in any paper, national or local, also tonya lee got the dates and year she was abused mixed up, as well as going on tv for an payed interview before rolf harris was arrested. again there’s no real evidence he abused anyone, he had an affair with his frien’s daughter but no evidence it was when she was 13. the problem is a lot of people believe whether people are accused of crimes against kids that there guilty even if theres no evidence. also people seem to forget theres teenagers who go to clubs and lie about there ages, thus getting men into trouble.
    if you ask me it’s all a load of rubbish, im far more interested in the politicians getting arrested as they are genuine despicable child abusers

    • +Dominic Anderson. So Dominic knows best, better than the police who investigated, better than the prosecution who escalated the case, better than a jury of twelve adults who deliberated for eight days, and he ignores the fact that Paedo Harris had underage pornography. According to this prick Dominic, it’s all the fault of the little girls. Fuck off NONCE.

      Yes, I broke my own rule, my answer to this twat is proactive. I do not suffer fools gladly. His English is as shit as his reasoning.

    • Men can’t get into trouble if person lies about age. They have to have reasonable belief the person is underage.

      • +Suzanne Smith. Is your statement based on fact or is it your assumption? Could you point me in the direction of the Law or Statute that states that “Men can’t get into trouble if person lies about age. They have to have reasonable belief the person is underage”. As I am not a pervert who abuses youngsters I have no way of putting it to the test.

  38. isn’t he innocent til proven guilty? also where’s the evidence he went to elm house? just because there’s rumours and his name is written on a piece of old paper doesn’t constitute evidence! isn’t it obvious that operation yewtree is a farce to distract the public from the genuine politican pedos who still haven’t being arrested or punished!wake up people, none of these so called celebrity pedos are real. the only genuine pedos are the politicians

    • +Dominic Anderson. “Wake up people”? You need to wake up, for a start don’t understand the presumption of innocence principle and the rest of your comment lacks research.

    • So by your thinking only an mp can be a nonce, what is a genuine nonce. A nonce is a nonce.

    • Just because political peados are rife, doesn’t take away from the face that celebs paedos are rife too

  39. A good while back, eighties/ nineties, I remember watching Hale & Pace on TV do an absolutely outrageous parody of an aging gay pop star, which was so obviously a send-up of Cliff Richard. I remember thinking at the time if Cliff Richard is really not gay he would sue them.

      • Hmm, I see what you mean. Maybe he has been using the endless speculation on his sexuality as a diversion. Moreover, I once read he “loves” the enigma surrounding his sexuality. I mean, what sort of seventy-three year old man would say something like this? I wonder.

  40. A few decades ago I went through the born again christian phase. It was clear from the many other christians I met at that timd that richards wasn`t accepted as a true christian and it was believed his claim to faith was false and a cover.

  41. +Jemmy. No I don’t know if there are multiple copies, but I agree, the police seem to be afraid of the “big guns”. Like Leon Brittan, Grenville Janner etc. Lots more too.

  42. Why would richards frequent such a place as elm house ? He would no doubt have been aware of its reputation . Would he have risked tarnishing his squeaky clean image by staying there if he had no interest in the vile activities that took place there? I dont think so. If he is quilty, Lets hope he’s brought to justice sooner rather than later. The victims of child abuse suffer irreparable psychological damage.Lets hope that some day the severity of the punishment with match the severity of the crime.

  43. David what you have shared is interesting. When speculation was on about Rolf Harris here in Australia, it was always being mentioned in the media. But apart from a fb post on the internet, I have not heard anything from our news media. I have to google to find out more on the subject.

  44. As the very existence of a particular super injunction is one of the secrets of that same injunction, how can you be so sure that Cliff Richard has obtained one?

  45. Amazing that he’s just glided through the years as a squeaky clean singer. While I don’t have proof that he is guilty, it seems that he has frequented sleazy places where repugnant behavior was acceptable. Lots of smoke here.

    I am glad to see that celebs are no longer immune to the long arm of the law. A rich guy shouldn’t be able to squirm out of it by hiring a flashy attorney while the poor bloke has no one to defend him. Frankly, it’s shocking how many people seem to believe that rich men are incapable of molesting kids. There seems to be a segment of spectators who will make excuse after excuse for the rich and famous man who has been accused. The case of Michael Jackson is the perfect example of this phenomenon. Here is a grown man in his 50s sleeping with a revolving door of boys who had no relationship with him, and yet the fans excuse it because he was a rich and talented man. I always wonder if these same fools would be so willing to excuse the guy down the street who is looking to have slumber parties with 9 year old boys. Any 50 year old man who wants to frolic with a never ending stream of boys is suspect.

    We shall see what happens to dear old “Sir” Richard. I, for one, am not swayed by his wealth or his lofty title. Evil lurks in many places, and most certainly amongst the high and mighty.

  46. If he is innocent why does he need a super injunction!!

    Look at his actions subsequent to Elm guest house hitting the alternative news, he left his UK Citizenship behind and buys his way into Barbados, a country with no extradition treaty. Even if he is found “innocent” by the MSM, surely anyone with any common sense can see through this bullsh1t.

    Wake up people!

  47. The story about Cliff Richard is probably a load of nonsense. Once you open up this child abuse thing you will find everyone trying to smear people from the past. All that can be said for sure is that Cliff had some connection with Elm House, in that it seems he stayed there, but no one can say very much more than that. If he is gay,or has had gay relationships, so what? That proves nothing, lots of people are gay, that doesn’t mean they are abusing boys. The police should be left to collect the evidence, and if they have a case that can stand up in court, then lets hear the evidence and see what comes of it. Until then all this comment just makes a fair trial impossible

    • +Tim Fulcher. No Tim it is not a load of nonsense the bloke is a paedo. You are right about gay though, as I have repeated time and again. If we left everything to the police very little would get done, they are, as organisations, lazy and corrupt. “Until then all this comment just makes a fair trial impossible.” There was a lot of comment about Rolf Harris and he is in Jail.

    • Dave,surely if the police have video of CR at EGH doing something wrong, some action would have been taken? If not before, surely now that there is an investigation in progress?

      • @ flashxlight.1400 or more young girls, groomed, raped, pimped and trafficked in one English city, Rotherham. Result? Few arrests, a few resignations, the Chief Constable guity of deriliction of duty, council officials lying, etc. etc. etc. If the police can’t prosecute those crimes what chance have we got with criminals of power? In fact, if you believe what you said in your comment you have your head up your arse.

        • I agree, if the OB let Jimmy Saville carry on because he threatened them that his charity work would suffer (WTF!), then you have to conclude they are even more likely to pussy foot about if Kitty is seen with prominent politicians. The papers reported some time ago that our Thatcher Cabinet Minister was caught on film at EGH, he who is the worst kept secret out there, but he’s still freely stumbling around – being photo’d looking VERY sheepish getting out of cars. They’ll only jump if pushed…

          • At least Rotherham has been uncovered – other cities, like Leicester remain to be revealed as cesspools of paedophiles protected by corrupt police. Greville Janner’s astounding assertion that he cannot be questioned by police due to Alzheimers has been swallowed. Pity is that the only people prosecuted in Rotherham were children themselves when the abuse started in 1997. Seems the police don’t want to conduct a proper investigation. Which rather makes you wonder – why?

  48. Cliff Richard has stated that he has been aware of the allegations made against him for sometime now. Only recently the police have searched his house. Why? It is not likely they were going to find the smoking gun. He has had plenty of time and warnings, enabling him to bury anything which could incriminate him. That said, I hope the truth comes out but have little faith in our so called Justice system.

  49. My heart lies with the children who are abused. Very, very few people make false allegations when talking of abuse as a child. So, this man must be brought to Court. I’ve no doubt, like many, the charges wil be dropped, or he’ll be found not guilty. Why hasn’t he taken steps to quash the rumours? I always find this attitude suspect. Anyone else, falsely accused would take the matter to court. Why did he run? More importantly, why, when he was quiestioned in February, did the police, after releasing him, say that they would be making an arrest in May? Gave him time to escape!

  50. Being a Christian is hardly a cemented reason for him not to be an alleged ‘under-the-age-of-consent’ fan as how many priests and highly respected members of the Christian faith have been prosecuted or have had dealings with the police for touching young boys inappropriately? Not saying he is, not saying he isn’t. Simply making a point. Maybe he was a devoted Christian to repent any sins?

  51. I love the picture without his wig…makes him look like even more of a nonce.

      • I think these monsters should have Paedo tattooed on their forehead and bells round their necks.
        I’m afraid to let my two little girls out of my sight for fear of people like this.
        I do like your posts Dave Knight… you watched the pie & Mash stuff from Bill Malony?

        • +eastlondonkate. Hi Kate, thanks for the thumbsup. Yes, I have watched Bill’s videos. He is a man who has lived the horror and lost siblings through the abuse. He is an inspiration, as is everyone that “gets it”. Best wishes, Dave

  52. I don’t really know what your research consists of, I was just sharing a link. (No you were not just sharing a link.) I know that Cliff’s name is on the Elm Guest House list not everyone who was there was abusing children. (If they were there they were condoning it!) Many people think that all gays are pedophiles, but that is not true. (I have said that many times, and not all abusers of male children are gay either. Just perverts.)

    Cliff has been accused of many things, such as adbucting Madeline, the most recent (and most ludicrous) is that he fertilizes his vineyard with the bodies of dead babies. (Non sequitur!)

    He has also not renounced his UK citizenship, (Yes he has and he has a full Barbadian passport.) he is a non-resident, but he is not afraid to spend time in the UK (For now.). If all the rumours are true, then why has he not been charged with anything? (Why weren’t Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith arrested and charged? Why is Leon Brittan still at large? Your argument is bollocks.) How do you know that he hasn’t been investigated and nothing was found to charge him with? (Who says the investigation has ended?) I’m just genuinely asking these questions, not challenging you or calling you a liar. I really want to know the answers to these questions. (You are not willing to accept ANYTHING that is said in the post, and you are challenging everything. You can’t have it all ways.)

    Notes in italics are the Editor’s.

    • +flashxlight. You are denying it is a challenge, but the tone of your comments is challenging every word I’ve written about Richard. Your comments are full of half-truths, speculation and non-sequiturs. I do not trawl the Internet for outrageous claims; otherwise I would believe that the Queen is a reptilian. What is more I am not going to keep chewing over the same arguments with you. I believe you are either a star-struck fan or maybe someone who wants to bury these stories for some personal reason, or it could be both. I have edited out the bits of your comment that are already answered elsewhere on this blog and added notes throughout. I don’t want to discourage comments but for fuck’s sake don’t keep repeating the same old shit.

      • Cliff Richard search covered by BBC in a blaze of publicity. Greville Janner (Lord) very very quietly can’t be questioned by the police because he has developed galloping Alzheimers – this ddespite the fact he was taking part in House of Lord’s business until late last year. Lord McAlpine wrongly named after police showed a picture of someone completely different to a victim and misled the victim into believing his abuser was Lord McAlpine. The gatekeepers are not to be trusted. Remember that picture of prisoner abuse in Iraq? A newspaper editor published it – it was a hoax and the editor was fired. There was torture and abuse of prisoners in Iraq – but following that no editor would publish true stories of it.

        Then when you aren’t duped and you discover the truth they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist.

        Smoke and mirrors – deflection tactics – red herrings – they’re all used by a conniving establishment to dupe us into believing hoax stories, whilst we are expected to take our eyes off the real story. Then, it’s business as usual.

        I don’t know where the truth lies. I just know we have an establishment capable of disseminating calumnous lies.

        • Just remembered editor’s name – Piers Morgan – editor of the Mirror. A newspaper opposed to our illegal war. Well clearly the MoD taught him a lesson – “pour encourager les autres”. Rather suspect same may be true of Cliff Richard story. Piers Morgan showed due diligence and published responsibly. I now wonder whether all the ‘proof’ about Cliff Richard is a terrific hoax to stop the real paedophiles being named. This story stinks of an establishment putting a hoax story together – only to blow it out of the water in a blaze of publicity – leaving credible people with real integrity looking pretty stupid in the eyes of the world.

          • +Helen Pender. You bring up some good points, but, with respect you should dig a bit deeper before passing judgement on the accused (suggesting he is innocent). Yes, the Elite are bent as a nine bob note, and yes they do go through the charade of legal action (McAlpine/Bercow) to frighten the Press and delude the sheeple, but Lord Mcalpine, for example, was guilty. In respect of the “wrong photo”, it was police procedures that were wrong, and yes again, an example of Establishment/Police corruption.

          • Good to hear you’re covering Janner story. The press have gone very quiet as the establishment sweep this under the rotting carpet. I haven’t researched CR. I just find it odd that the publicity was so loudly blazed. Am beginning to suspect that this case will usher in a new law preventing suspects being named until they appear in court. Which will mean that no one can talk about raids on Janner until charges and court appearance. In Janner’s case that will be never.

    • I like and agree with all this. My “IDOL`has feet of clay – and worse. So disappointing.

  53. Check out Bill Maloney interviewing Chris Fay. No evidence that Cliff was a pedophile. (approx 43 min mark). A lot of the info available about Elm Guest House is from Chris Fay, so this should be considered pretty reliable.

    • +flashxlight. By inference you are suggesting that my research and knowledge is wrong and that Chris Fay, who I have a great deal of respect for, is right. But Chris Fay is not saying Cliff Richard is innocent, he is saying that “there is no evidence”; he has no evidence. What was he doing at house where young boys were being abused then? Why has Cliff Richard got the protection of a super injunction? Chris Fay cannot declare Richard innocent and he has not done so, only a jury can do that. Let’s get this nonce arrested, tried and let a jury decide.