Paedophile Lord McAlpine is Dead

Ding Dong the Pervert is DEAD
UPDATE: January 17, 2014 and July 28, 2014.‘Lord’ Alistair McAlpine, Margaret Thatcher’s darling and treasurer, who liked young boys to suck his penis, and owned a collection of porno paintings by the jailed paedophile Graham Ovenden.

UPDATE: McAlpine News May 24, 2013: He has nailed Sally Bercow on a libel suit. One of his mates, a judge in the High Court, found her tweet was libelous in a classic free speech issue. However, McAlpine IS a paedophile, he once owned child pornography, and that makes him a stinking kiddy fiddler!

I now believe this case was a false flag event to frighten the media from following the evidence. The mainstream media capitulated completely, some journalists claiming McAlpine was “found not guilty”. Bollocks! He was never properly investigated or charged with an offense so he couldn’t be found guilty or not guilty.

It worked to some extent, and some bloggers took down posts and the mainstream press dropped it like a hot potato. TheDuckShoot Blog stuck to its guns and never budged.

UPDATE May 17, 2013. Lord McAlpine is suing the Speaker’s wife Sally Bercow over a tweet sent when McAlpine was recently exposed as a paedophile by a victim who later withdrew the allegation. The BBC’s Newsnight ran a program on prominent paedophiles but never named Lord Alistair McAlpine. He was, however, named on the Internet and in particular on Twitter. Ms Bercow simply tweeted a question “Why is Lord McAlpine trending? *Innocent face*”, now greedy paedo McAlpine is attempting to extort even more compensation from Ms Bercow in addition to the £310,000 he has already got from the BBC and ITV who, actually never mentioned his name. More info here: The Guardian

McAlpine is a DEAD Paedophile

Pervy art collector Alistair McAlpine

Pervy art collector Alistair McAlpine

If a bloke in a council house owned a collection of photos of naked prepubescent girls he would be arrested as a paedophile, dragged before the courts, found guilty, fined or imprisoned and put on the Sex Offenders Register. The stash would be confiscated and, hopefully destroyed.

But what happens when Lord McAlpine owns a “collection of erotic art” priced in the thousands of pounds? Did you notice the magic phrase, art collection? So because some rich paedophile owns a collection of photographs or pseudo photographs it is now art.

Pseudo photographs are paintings that look like a real photographs, but have been painted while the subject poses or from photographs of the subject, who has previously posed. It changes nothing, kiddie porn is kiddie porn.

How the rich get away with it

Graham Ovenden is a painter and photographer who specialises in images of young girls. The UK police have made several attempts to prosecute him, but all have failed due to an outcry from Establishment figures who obviously believe that rich bastards are art collectors, but the lower classes are perverts. Anyone possessing images of children in erotic poses is a paedophile and should be locked up for at least 30-years, rich or poor.

Graham Ovenden was summoned to court on April 9, 2010. It resulted thus: “On October 22, 2009, after less than two days of trial, the jury was discharged and a new trial date set. On April 9, 2010, after a five-minute hearing the case was thrown out by the judge as two key prosecution witnesses, police officers who had searched his home three and a half years earlier, failed to appear in court. The police declined to comment and the CPS refused to disclose how much the investigation had cost the taxpayer. Graham Ovenden described the police as “totally and utterly transfixed by childhood sexuality” and himself as “a controversial figure and, at the moment, a very angry old man”. The prosecution declined to launch an appeal” (Text in italics from Wikipedia) I smell a cover up.

There is enough evidence to prosecute McAlpine

When Jimmy Savile was finally exposed as a paedophile, Lord McAlpine’s name came up as being one of the predators in a Tory Paedo ring who abused boys and girls in children’s homes. He cried foul and made a very public denial. The BBC, who never actually named him, paid him £185,000 compensation. Why? And why did they also cancel an exposé of the dead Savile a month before they celebrated his life in a Christmas special?

Because they are part of the Establishment and Jimmy Savile, despite the rumours and police investigations performed his stupid clown act on the BBC for 50-years. People, BBC people and others, knew what he was; but did nothing.

30-Years for paedophilesLord McApine who admits to owning some Ovenden ‘Art’, was exposed by the now defunct Scallywag magazine in the early 1990s. But he never sued the magazine! David Icke in his book ‘The Biggest Secret’ named McAlpine as a paedophile. McAlpine never sued him either. So why is McAlpine so worried now?

Here’s why, the Savile revelations have opened a can of worms that will, and is, exposing paedophiles in high places. Those paedophiles are in government, the Civil Service, the Church, the Entertainment industry and the Judiciary. They are all running scared, including McAlpine.
LATEST! McAlpine and his mates in high places tramples over free speech
Do people know about McAlpine as well? But, like they did with Savile, are choosing to do nothing? I believe there is enough evidence to charge and convict on ownership of the Ovenden ‘Art’ Collection alone and a proper investigation could bring this dying pervert to book, possibly on other even more serious charges as well. Will the cops investigate? Don’t hold your breath.

McAlpine admits he owned the Ovenden ‘art’ collection
Graham Ovenden Wikipedia entry
The BBC’s capitulation The video you’ll see is not the one originally published, so why have the BBC removed the original video I wonder? #ToryPaedoRing #McAlpine #ChildAbuse

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  1. These types of dirtballs are coming out of the woodwork ( or running to it hide from the light like the rats they are …or maybe more aptly put cockroaches on both sides of the Chanel and the Atlantic. As long as they and their “owners” and “benefactors” AHEM…. and co-fiddlers-many in EXTREMELY high places remain protected by the wall of insulation around them and as long as they serve some lower level “apparachik” up at intervals on a platter to the amid much fanfare just to have that fanfare trickle away and get lost in the mish- mash of “What did Russell Brand have for Christmas Dinner” OR Lindsey Lohan is YET AGAIN snorting up the GNP Columbia,Peru, Ecuador Et Al Into Her Nose Yet Yet Yet EVEN Yet AGAIN” and the Kardashians Latest Yeast Infection….. Chloe’s Secret Heartache” and all the other mindless crap served up to the “Prozaked” masses waving their little plastic Union Jacks or Stars and Stripes scarfing up buzzwords like 10,000 Reasons You Should Go Through Life Scared Sh**less Every Single Day” compounded with Prime Ministers who whisper softly “I’m just going to put the head/tip in (wink wink) darling” and the “Man ( or Woman) in the Street” must cringe in fear that their boot licking lackies/toadies/bung tonguers/ “Divine Rights of Royalsuseful idiots/dupes/ adherents will continue to spread chaos into the populace and mass fear not seen since 1200 years ago with “The Northmen are Landing in Cheshire”!!!
    Turning off the telly and getting together AND speaking loudly en masse is the only way the jaded idle vampires are going to pay any attention at al OR their pyramid of aforementioned enablers and “Social Services Automatons”….”Ello…Good Morning Madame…I’m from the government and I’m ‘ere to ‘elp you”……GAG Urrr Urrrr….. URP……SPLATTER….( sound of vomitus hiting the doorstep)…..
    Old Blighty has survived Romans, Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Franks, Scots….really pissed off Scots ( lots’a times), Spaniards…..even those with Armadas)…..and the master Race two times count’em twice In some 30 years but appears to quite possibly be unable to survive those cherished souls destined ( remember that Divine Right thing..Charles..OH! WAIT…Never mind you’re bloody dead…Chuck…sorry…Cromwell and .the papists set you up…..dumbass..
    ANYWAY until the people wake up from their iPOD fog, their “OH! What’s on Graham Norton tonight?” OR Torchwood…yeah I kow but it’s not reality….it’d entertainment?…..Seek other sources for information and find the 2? 3? MPs who have or STILL have any morals/integrity and seek a grassroots,, groundswell action when everyone gets of the sofa and seeks redress through the law motivated by public pressure if everyone would just wake up and get on the same bloody page……
    As for the enablers, the leaders of the whole cesspool of government….we could take them all to the ballet………Spandau for example?….OI?….Second….Dave and Chris Spivey could be Prime Minster and the Head of the Home Office for starters? Oh yeah….Fire “The Duck” too.
    Wake up people….the Blitz is back…it’s just a much much quieter version……Auf Weidersehen………..

  2. The more i read about richard , saville and Boothby is sickens me that one of the reasons they do this as they think they are untouchable and to a point they are
    Just so happens a lot of them are in s position to hide , cover or basically get away with it
    I hope the more of these rats come out they change the laws 30 years min
    To any disgusting person associated or otherwise assisting to cover up
    Even if its the fuckin Queen
    Oh yes sorry parliment just passed another law which makes them unanswerable to any questions regarding there private life
    Scales of justice my arse

  3. Loving the blog, but please for the love of Mike where photos are involved instead of e.g. ‘It changes nothing, kiddie porn is kiddie porn’ please use ‘It changes nothing, child abuse is child abuse’?

    The expression ‘child pornography’ is an oxymoron. Thankfully the BBC are now using ‘images of child abuse’ more often than not. (I gave them a slap for it lol)

    Not just semantics, linking children to adult titillation IN ANY WAY just seems to me to be pandering to the evil fuckers.


    • +Hannah Adair. You are being pedantic, kiddie porn = child porn(ography) = child abuse. Child abuse is many things, not always pornographic or sexual. So sorry Hannah it is semantics and this blog in no way glorifies these evil bastards or their disgusting acts. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that, but words and phrases mean different things to different people. I don’t think readers of this blog are left in any doubt of what is meant by any of the words and phrases I use.

      Your criticism is mild in comparison with some, I’ve even been criticised for describing the terrible damage done to children’s rectums and vaginas. I believe it is perfectly valid to describe the mutilation in some detail even if it only shakes up the paedophile-apologists and gives ammunition to less informed people to argue against them.

      Later I am uploading a post of child abuse that is horrific, but probably non sexual. A man flogs his daughters with electric cable and believe it or not he had support from mostly religious nuts who think “spare the rod, spoil the child” meant torturing them. It was my own father’s favourite bible quote, by the way.

      Peace and love returned

    • excellent point.

      Yes it is
      Child rape
      Child (snuff) murder
      Images of child rape to be specific
      Images of voyeurism of children and images of rape of children and images of murder of children.

      • +K. I no longer use the term “kiddie porn”, but I do, or will use Child pornography when appropriate. It is all child abuse, and all horrific, and I will continue to write using the words that fit the report that I am writing. All the words and phrases you suggest are absolutely spot on, but let’s not get diverted from the problem by arguing about words. The monsters who abuse children in any way should get from 10-years to life, minimum 10-years for beatings and minimum 25-years for sexual abuse. I can only fight this fight with words now because I am old and, of course, I wish that I was more aware when younger so that maybe I could have done more.

  4. The original Scallwag report claimed possess documented evidence of MacApine’s abuse of children. He did not risk suing them.

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  6. Sorry I call myself Zoompad but my real name is Barbara Richards, I spelt my name wrong and put two Z instead of one. I wrote a book about what happened to me as a child, it is called Tip by Zoompad, but they blacklisted my book, they have tried to completly block me out, and my solicitor Richard Wise died very suddenly and they said it was liver cancer but he wasn’t ill at all until just before he died, he came to see me about 2 weeks before with a woman called Karen, she is a woman who was also in Pindown who had won her claim for compensation, but she never contacted me after Richard died, so I dont even know what her second name is, but I know she was at the same childrens home that Niel Morrissey was in, which is where I thought I was, but I am not sure if Chadswell Assessment Centre was another name for Riverside, I don’t know if it is the same place, they kept changing the names of the childrens homes to try to cover up the abuse

  7. I am one of the Pindown child abuse victims, and the Pindown report that was done by Allan Levy QC and Barbara Kahan has been taken out of all the libraries in Staffordshire and I have been reabused. MI5 have covered up Pindown, tried to, but covering it up is impossible because there are too many victims of the horrible regime. They won’t even apologise to me for the horrible way they treated me as a child, which stuffed up my life! They persecuted me in the secret family courts for years, and tried to use a syndrome that a paedophile called Dr Richard Gardner had invented on me (PAS and Threat Therapy) but I found out Richard Gardner had invented it and that he was a paedophile, so they set MI5 on me to try to cover it all up. I have had a horrible time with these devils, Lord McPaedopine is dead now, but the Pindown cover up is carrying on, because they were going into childrens homes like the one I was in (Chadswell Assessment Centre near the big JCB factory near Uttoxeter, it had been a sort of Borstal, they put me in there on a “Place of Safety” court order because I tried to run away from being abused) it is frightening what they are doing, they wont even say sorry!

      • No, no JAMIE, it’s You’re a twat. Or alternatively You are a twat! You wrote “your a Twat! Also in English, you start a sentence with a capital letter. To explain the rules on apostrophes [apostrophe’s] probably is not worth the effort as your tiny brain would not be able to take it in. Next, as twat is NOT a proper noun it does not warrant a leading capital letter.

        Capital letters are BIG letters; proper nouns are usually names like Jamie, not words that that a moron would use to insult. There is no charge for this English lesson, but you must complete 1000 lines “You are not a twat, but I am”. Complete this task and drop it into the Worthing Post Office from where I will pick it up.

        • Surely it should be ‘rules on apostrophes’ rather than apostrophe’s. It is a simple instance of a plural.

          • @Patrick Weaver. In fact the plural of apostrophe is, I think, apostrophes, but I have submitted it to experts to check. On refection, there doesn’t seem to be a reason for the word “apostrophe” to be possessive. It’s good JAMIE is thick though, otherwise he could have chopped me down to size could he not? 😀

  8. Shame on you. FYI the gentleman you’ve written about has now passed away. Are you happy now, sicko?

    • Miriam the paedo apologist and transgender troll, yes I am happy. Ding Dong the perve is dead, how many kids had to give him head? Ding Dong the wicked perve is dead.

      Miriam is also known as Kim, Karolina and various other names and is a a transgender troll who I have now descovered is T0m (with a zero) Cahill. She has a YouTube channel where she spouts more shit than a London sewer and spends the rest of her trying to rubbish the genuine alternative media.

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  10. Lord Mcalpine died today,so you need not worry about Libel anymore.

    If anyone knows anything,he cannot touch you.

    The allegations against Cyril Smith only came to the fore after his death.These people use Libel Laws to protect themselves.

    • I NEVER worried about libel only other people worried about libel I KNOW he was a paedophile.Yes Cyril Smith must be written about and a few others…………….

      • ..and by “few others”,

        ..we have evidence that would be more accurate is :

        “many, many others”

        • +K. A pointless comment adding nothing positive to the debate. We all know it’s hundreds of monsters who are sexually abusing children. In Australia a Royal Commission was set up to investigate child abuse. It investigated religions, children’s groups and children’s homes. The ONLY religious group that has made no changes nor apologised to the victims are the Jehovah’s Witnesses. This insular bunch of ‘Christians’ have in their records 1006 members, not incidents, but members who were identified as child abusers and not reported to the authorities. The JWs and their Watchtower organisation hid the problem and sometimes punished the victims!

  11. Sir David Barclay and Ex-Bankrupt Sir Frederick Barclay “exposed” in this unauthorised biography. The dark side – casinos – ex-business partners that anyone with an ounce of integrity would not touch with a barge pole. The Barclay Brothers Tax what Tax by Lord de Chanson – to be released shortly.

  12. EDITOR: Firstly, Who says David Icke has mental health problems? You?

    Most of the people who watched Wogan, on 29 April 1991. Of course he may not have actual mental health problems just be “misunderstood” but Icke was seriously discreditied by this and that is one reason people are reluctant to sue him. If you ask me… also there’s quite a narrow time window of 1 year in which to sue …so it is possible McAlpine didn’t know about it till he was out of time … if there’s a reprint then he might not be okay. It’s a bit weird but things can remain online that are libel without them being actionable …but that doesn’t mean action cant be taken against you for re-quoting them. Which is, of course, bollocks because everyone can read them anyway but libel law’s never quite caught up with the technology of the internet.

    “So Scallywag was right and should NOT of been sued”

    They might have been right but they were not responsible? The law said they should be able to back up what they said. If they said it with little or no evidence I have little sympathy for them. Although as I pointed out … the law is an ass. Still, not very professional. Whatever John Major clearly hated Scallywag because he sued not just the magazine but the distributers – an act of total wicked spite. Libel law is a mess and that is part of the point I wanted to make…

    EDITOR: If you want to expound your knowledge why don’t you start your own blog and you can say what you like about all things you think you know about.

    Erm … thanks but I’d rather have a flat. I’m much happier for you to take the legal risks. Actually I do have a blog
    but I really wanted to sort of say…. You have a point about the art establishment have been getting away with murder (or at least producing child pornography) for years … it is a problem. But felt I had to include quite a lot of caveats in that for my own safety. If you want to live on the edge good for you – from now on I’m staying at the blunt end of social commentary where I’m still allowed to own things.

    • @mraemiller In others words Mr A E Miller you are a self opinionated loud mouthed coward. Your moniker should be no-balls-miller. “Laws” are made to protect the rich, in this case a rich paedo so if you think that is OK maybe we should all come round to your flat and examine your computer hard drive.

  13. 1) Scallywag is defunct because it printed stories that it could not substaniate – such as alleged affairs that John Major had. Of course Major had had an affair we know now but it was not the one the magazine accused him of so were they actually responsible?
    EDITOR: John Major’s affair with Edwina Curry started in 1984 according to the woman herself. So Scallywag was right and should NOT of been sued, Major is a philanderer.

    2) I think there are a lot of suppositions in your article. Not all works of “art” created by Graham Ovenden were pornographic or near pornographic.
    EDITOR: I didn’t say ALL Ovenden’s art was pornographic but the paedophile did produce a lot that was and McAlpine bought some of it.
    You’ve proven he had works created by a peado … this is not the same as joining the dots together to show he owned a piece of child porn. Eric Gill’s Prospero and Ariel is …erm …questionable but it isn’t in the strictest sense pornographic. There needs to be a seious debate about the sexualisation of children in art.
    EDITOR: My article is serious debate about the sexualisation children and their abuse by perverts McAlpine and Ovenden.

    3) I dont think you can have a go at McAlpine for not suing small fry like David Icke.
    EDITOR: He sued small fry Sally Bercow and she didn’t even say he was a paedophile.
    Would you want that bad publicity of suing a man who clearly has mental health problems? Most people dont sue over everything only over articles or statements that might be taken seriously. For one thing the costs of a libel case even if you win may never be recovered – even if you win. So it’s like burning money.
    EDITOR: Firstly, Who says David Icke has mental health problems? You? A man who can fill Wembley is hardly “small fry”. I don’t believe his reptilian theories, nor do I believe the Christian claim that a virgin gave birth to the son of god, or the Bible’s claim that women were made from one rib from the man who appeared from nowhere. Your presumption about Icke therefore, suggests that every religious person in the world has mental health problems. Religion and the belief in god is bollocks but the believers are not all mad!
    Secondly, every troll pulls the same tricks, half truths and non sequiturs. I’m not suing anybody and if I did I would not instruct lawyers.

    4) UK libel law is bollocks. It neither protects the innocent nor punishes the guilty and the burden of proof is clearly wrong. The only winners are the lawyers. The costs of a libel action in the UK are still 10X that of any other EU nation
    EDITOR: So what? that’s not my problem and has no bearing on the article.

    5) There are big issues around libel law and peados. In his interview with the PoPo recovered by Harry Cole of order order Savile admits to regularly and systematically using libel law to silence a long chain of individuals. He also reveals that the care home he abused at was regarded as a “borstal” and so his accusers were often written off as unreliable witnesses. Clearly Savile & Co sought out those least likely to be believed with deadly cold cynicism.
    Editor: And your point is?

    6) Then there is the problem that McAlpine’s accuser was possibly one of the most unreliable witnesses who withdrew their accusations in the history of unreliable witnesses – a man with serious criminal convictions. Steven Messham is a mentalist with criminal convictions for fraud who was criticised by the Waterhouse inquiry, which ran from 1997 to 2000 for talking nonsense (although there is no doubt some truth somewhere in what he says) but then why was he in such a home in the first place and is it a shock such people eminate from such homes? Savile and co chose their victims very carefully.

    7) There was a massive communications breakdown between the BIJ and the BBC which meant one of the first rules of journalism “ask the accused about serious accusations” was broken. Both have only themselves to blame if they got their fingies burnt by libel lawyers if you ask me. You can be sued for repeating a false allegation even for the purpose of denying it (I know I’ve been there and had to pretend I’m out all the time to avoid the threat of injunctions) so …if I was the author of this article I’d be feeling a bit queasy. You’re playing with fire here.
    EDITOR: I don’t need advice from you I am perfectly able deal with with anything these criminals throw at me.

    8) None-the-less there’s little doubt SOMETHING bad went down at Bryn Estyn …but the truth as become obscured by a mountain of unhelpful public hysteria over many years to the point that it is now impossible to know. Unfortunately this doesn’t make the unidentifiably guilty innocent
    EDITOR: I suggest you do more research before you comment on this blog, Bryn Estyn and every other children’s home has been targeted by peados.

    9) McAlpine gives away a lot of art to galleries. The Art Gallery of New South Wales for example has a lot of work donated by him. I am always wary of targeted philanthropy of whatever kind

    10) McAlpine himself I believe to be totally innocent, but something was clearly going on at Bryn Estyn. Does he know something about someone else or did someone else who was involved know him? There were a lot of cover-ups of abuse to the point where it was almost sadly standard practice. There is a campaign to change the law to make it a criminal offence to not be forthcoming about what you know about abuse you may have witnesses or heard about
    EDITOR: You are wrong, McAlpine is a paedophile.

    11) There is a massive problem with peado art. Eric Gill springs to mind. The RCC and the BBC’s excuse for not removing Gill’s work is that a “piece of art once created stands in its own right”. But does it really? If you cant see anything dodgy in some of Gill’s sculptures you’re not looking very hard and his work is the “acceptable” end of the spetrum. We now know he raped not only his own children but the family dog. For years I’ve been saying that the Chapman brothers should be investigated. Their work to me promotes an attitude of sexual violence towards childen under the flimsiest mask of satire. But maybe that’s their target audience. There would be a lot of benefit in investigating their buyers. As a child my mum exposed me to a lot of art from Dada to the experimental to the surreal to …well, everything. But I have to say that I felt physically revolted looking at some of the Chapman brother’s mannequins of children with genitals for faces and I wonder if the intention is really to cause people to question their prejudices or actually to promote sexual violence towards children. I know what my opinion is.
    EDITOR: If you want to expound your knowledge why don’t you start your own blog and you can say what you like about all things you think you know about.

    • Just another note:

      Many of these pedophiles actually totally get off on their turn to deny deny deny everything.
      The pedophiles actually get off hearing the accusations and hearing someone describing what they did to them or to another person as a child.

      Pedophiles = extremely low intelligence (retarded, and retarding our entire species), delirious deranged misfit demented juvenile delinquent jackass situational molesters, child rapists, child murderers.

      Please take them all out
      NO MERCY

      • +K You are entitled to be angry, all decent people are angry about child abuse, but to claim all paedos are low in intelligence is bollocks. The best way to punish these miscreants is a very long term of imprisonment, whole life even.

  14. Is HE still in Italy? When has he been back? Someone should write a song, along the lines of Billy Joels “we didn’t start the fire”
    Bloody Sunday, Belgrano, miners strike, HIllsborough, Jimmy Saville, Bryn Allen, Brothers of Mercy, Phone Tapping, Princess DI, Murdoch and the press, Milly Dowler, what a howler? Who gives a toss? We didn’t start the fire but we’re here to end it!

    Any additions most welcome.
    I am sick of it. And by the way this will likely be sent to Isreal.

  15. To think that these people acted alone is very naive. I agree whole heartedly that they should be punished to the full extent of the law which unfortunately is far to lenient in these matters.

    There is very little mention of organized and connected people in MSM. All that has happened to date is what I would term a letting of blood to relieve some public anxiety. The true victims are the generations of people that have had their lives and the lives of many around them destroyed due to the depraved actions of these evil people and the all to often people ready to turn a blind eye to the actions of what is a very small percentage of the population.

    We live in a democracy and to think that the momentum that has gathered due to these ‘celebrity’ figures is being diverted from the source to the fringes of these rings is very disheartening.

    It must be recognized that we have now found a link to a very long established and socially integrated world of depraved individuals. To allow them to be forgotten in time or to die out is giving a green light to people of the same evil intent and perpetuating the idea that they can get away with it.

    As proof I would urge you to look at the fact that the discovery of a single paedophile has more often than not exposed a ring. To think that people who live off of public approval would not seek approval from like minded people is surely very strange.

    Countries spend countless amounts of money and human hours on intelligence and I feel that these people should be given the same rights as terrorists. To say that it is not possible to get the names of the people that are perpetuating these crimes against humanity is also naive.

    The opportunity must be taken to also ensure that the enablers of and procurers to these evil paedophiles as well as the paedophiles be made to account for their actions.

  16. GOTCHA! Another troll trying to comment with false email address
    Access to TDS comments is withdrawn go drift far away please.

  17. You do realise that accusations against McAlpine have all been revealed to be false and he’s been cleared of any paedophile activity? What you’re perpetuating on this site is not only outdated, but it’s libelous and unfair on him and his family. He may be a rich Tory, but that’s no reason to circulate false claims against him. The article should be removed, post haste.

    • This IDIOT & COWARD thinks he can fool me using a false name and email address. The name is a fictitious gaming character and the email address doesn’t exist. Normally I would reject a comment from an IDIOT & COWARD using a false email address from a computer at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, but I knew my reply would add value and a further stomach punch to paedophiles in high places.

      My Answer:
      In the article, I have presented undisputed evidence of McAlpine’s ownership of pornographic images produced and distributed by another rich convicted paedophile Graham Ovenden produced in his ‘art’ studios. The fact that both of them are rich doesn’t make them paedos, or indeed does their choice of political party, but owning and producing and distributing pornographic images of underage girls does. There are plenty more of these perverts that will be exposed in TheDuckShoot of all political persuasions and most of them will deny that they are paedos.

      Just like Jimmy Savile and Gary Glitter did, and a string of other celebs, politicians, churchmen, schoolteachers, school officials; the list goes on. Try reading my article with an open mind Mr Bondarevsky and ask your mate Alistair why he doesn’t sue me, and David Icke and why he never sued Scallywag magazine. The reason he only took money from the BBC, ITV and Sally Bercow is that he thought such high profile victories would scare off the NEW BRAVE MEDIA of the Internet. Didn’t work did it.

  18. Ovenden isn’t the only pervert who masquerades his fetish under the pretext of art. All of our art galleries and educational institutions should be scrutinised. The media must also be made accountable for the obscene garbage they swamp our children with.
    We must demand decent standards and take action to stop the rot or accept the abuse. This is no grey area here. This is not about lifestyle choices.
    Long sentences would help deter offenders and chemical castration gets my vote.

  19. I thought McAlpine was into boys. Did Ovenden paint boys as well? Or is McAlpine into both?

    • @Kira K. I have no idea what his sexual preferences are. I also do not know if he has actually molested children like Ovenden did, but my argument is that McAlpine as a collector of child pornography produced by Ovenden is a paedophile. Anything else is conjecture as the only man who once claimed he was molested by McAlpine was nobbled by dodgy police interview techniques and possibly a pocket full of dosh.

    • A lot of these pedophiles are largely power abusers and what is known as a “situational molester”
      That’s why we’re not surprised to hear about the pedophile who also fucked his dog.
      A situational molester will pretty much rape or rape and/or murder ANYTHING he/she thinks he/she can get away with when he/she has time/in mood etc..

      A top criminal profiler testifying describing a situational molester;
      “I wouldn’t leave him alone with my 13 year old daughter,
      I would not leave him alone with my very elderly grandmother,
      And I would not even leave him alone with my cat!”

  20. MSM’s coverage of trial & reaction to Sturart Hall’s jail sentence was in contrast to reporting of Ovendon trial & fact he claimed to be a marty, was found guilty, allegidly showed no remorse, yet still walked free!

    • @celticillumination. Mmm… Chemical castration? Do you mean burning their cock and balls off with sulphuric acid? Now you could achieve that with an open seated stool with a large glass container full of acid under it. You could then sit him on it with his cock and balls dangling into the corrosive liquid.

      While sitting there sizzling away Rolf Harris would compose a new ditty called “tie me cockaroo down sport” and after the process, Graham Ovenden could become his own model and molest himself. ‘Lord’ McAlpine would need a new title, ‘Lady’ McAlpine, although as he isn’t really a lord I expect the other members of the House would object, not because he is a pervert, but because the tradition of the House of Lords would be compromised. You must not mess with tradition don’t you know.

      Seriously, this cannot happen, it is torture and this blog and I, cannot countenance torture. Just have a laugh at the scenario, think about why chemical castration is wrong, and consider the real solution. Convicted paedophiles have damaged other human beings, that is a definite case for incarceration. Very long imprisonment so that they are out of decent society.

      As with the death penalty there is always the chance of a wrongful conviction, and when that is the case what does society do about his mutilated genitals? It should be sufficient to take these depraved people away from civilisation for a minimum 30-year period.

      Side Note
      Interesting! Can you see the similarity of the sulphuric acid molecule and a testicle?

      • Forgive me, by chemical castration I do not mean interfering with his meat and two veg, what I am suggesting is that through the use of chemicals/drugs his sex drive is taken away.

        • @celticillumination. I know I was in a flippant mood and decided to have some fun with the idea. As I was writing the piece, I realised that readers may think that I had abandoned my principles, so I wrote the disclaimer. It is therefore, I who owe you the apology. I hope it made you smile though.

      • We agree.

        We are for the death penalty for child sex traffickers, child rapists and child murderers.

        guillotine or guillotine and incinerator

        No mercy

        • +K I DO NOT SUPPORT the death penalty, or torture, I suggest you read my comment again again my position is made quite clear within it.

    • Mmm… Chemical castration?
      No way! Use a blunt kitchen knife without anesthetic.

  21. I think it’s disgusting they are getting away with this! My wife is unfortunately a victim of that dirty bastard ovenden, if I had my way I chop the vile old man to pieces!!!

    • @David Martin. There is world revolution going on, but it requires cohesion and direction. When that is achieved we can put these filthy elites behind bars for life and get rid of the system that supports their corruption. My sympathies are with your wife and yourself.

  22. Didn’t he, allegedly, send his lawyers to one of the original trials to see if his name was brought up?

    I didn’t… Did you?

  23. Dave: McAlpine is no longer in the Lords, because he gave up his entitlement on account of not wanting to pay UK tax. Didn’t stop him spuriously claiming money from BBC and ITV, though – taxpayers’ money in the case of BBC. That was the Establishment way of shutting mouths through the exercise of fear. Congrats on not allowing it to happen – good on you and Spivey.