Pepper Spray The Latest Cop Torture Toy (VIDEO)

Woman in red pepper sprayed

Cops love a gadget to inflict pain on innocent protesters, people exercising their rights and children. Over the last decade or two, the torture toy of choice was the killing machine that goes by the name Taser gun. Not only did they inflict pain on thousands of citizens the Taser killed hundreds.

Now they are turning to a new torture toy; pepper spray. Stupid, moron cops, (what other kind are there?), pepper sprayed fans at a football match in Roosevelt, Utah and hit a 4-yr-old in the face. Brazilian uniformed thugs in Rio de Janeiro sprayed children and mothers at a peaceful protest. One of the morally deficient thugs even sprayed a baby squirrel at the Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite, Texas.

They are just three of the numerous examples. This video is probably the most brutal case yet. The cops and the senior officials of this university should be sacked and banned from working at any campus for the rest of their lives.

UPDATE December2, 2012. 1 MILLION US Dollars damages to students by UC Davis. See click here and the video below. #PepperSpray #Torture #UCDavis

5 thoughts on “Pepper Spray The Latest Cop Torture Toy (VIDEO)

  1. Police brutality. This is a difficult one to get a grip on. My inner feelings are that for a person to joins the police is a person with a very deep seated hatred for others. It issues a licence to inflict harm without repocussions. It is an inner need to pay back or hold power over others. I see it as a sickness, not a profession. Next time you see a pig close up, carefully look at how he or she tries to emulate a Nazi SS officer. They have a heavy need to wear black and leather.
    They are now feared by children, and with good cause.

    • I think people join the police naively believing in the rule of law. We need the rule of law but the law needs to be policed by fair but strong people not robotic burned out posturing body-builders. So policing is necessary but there is good and bad policing. Criminals are often assholes so you can understand police becoming cynical and burned out.

      • @Dave.The more I observe the behaviour of the police throughout the world the less I believe the ‘ideal’ you have expressed. The police ‘service’ attracts psychopaths just as children’s homes and religious organisations attract paedophiles.

        Where I do agree with you is this, some good men and women do join the police with the right attitude and get turned, but there is no excuse for their behaviour because humans have the capacity to reason. They, therefore, know the difference between a violent thug and an innocent mentally challenged person.

      • Yes I go along with your thoughts also Dave. I am a pensioner, have a beer every other month. I think I may be reasonably normal. Never had issues with the cops. I now see cops covered in tattoos,hanging chains,jewelry junk fro. Gothic sales even tats on their necks, woman dyke style cops same. Big guns worn about knee height. Kids of ALL AGES are terrified of them and rightly so. They are basically HELLS ANGELS with licences to kill people. Kids have no where to run now. Sad.
        It is my firm opinion that cops get their rocks off by imitating gestapo style clothing and ss caps.

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