Pepper Spray The Latest Cop Torture Toy (VIDEO)

Woman in red pepper sprayed

Woman in red pepper sprayed

Cops love a gadget to inflict pain on innocent protesters, people exercising their rights and children. Over the last decade or two, the torture toy of choice was the killing machine that goes by the name Taser gun. Not only did they inflict pain on thousands of citizens the Taser killed hundreds.

Now they are turning to a new torture toy; pepper spray. Stupid, moron cops, (what other kind are there?), pepper sprayed fans at a football match in Roosevelt, Utah and hit a 4-yr-old in the face. Brazilian uniformed thugs in Rio de Janeiro sprayed children and mothers at a peaceful protest. One of the morally deficient thugs even sprayed a baby squirrel at the Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite, Texas.

They are just three of the numerous examples. This video is probably the most brutal case yet. The cops and the senior officials of this university should be sacked and banned from working at any campus for the rest of their lives.

UPDATE December2, 2012. 1 MILLION US Dollars damages to students by UC Davis. See here on facebook and the video below. #PepperSpray #Torture #UCDavis

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