Skegness Police Stripped a Teen Girl Naked and Left Her in a Cell

Skegness Police Station
The 16-Year-old’s Complaint About Being ‘Violated’ Was Ignored

Pervert police officers stripped the teen girl naked and left her in a cell at Skegness police station (pictured) forcing the 16-Year-old’ to wait in the nude for ten minutes. They removed everything, her clothing and underwear. She later complained, but they ignored the complaint.

Their excuse for this violation of her human rights was that she might self-harm. What decent humans would have done would be to find alternative clothing, all police stations have these, and helped her undress and dress to save her embarrassment and trauma. However, as is often the case psycho cops lack empathy and as extra punishment, they left her with no means to protect her dignity.

At some point in the debacle, a male copper pushed her while she was naked! Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) reviewed CCTV of the incident and have blasted Lincolnshire Police for the way they handled it. In a custody inspection report, HMIC concluded officers were “too ready to remove clothing with too little consideration for dignity”.

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One thought on “Skegness Police Stripped a Teen Girl Naked and Left Her in a Cell

  1. the HMIC should recommend that this misconduct be entered onto their record even if they are found to have done no wrong, female officers should have dealt with this, and or social services should have been informed officer should have stayed with the girl fully dressed until they were,just another heavy handed set of coppers, these are the kind that look for help from the public when they are in trouble,and can’t understand when people turn their backs on them lincolnshire police are crap anyway worst in the country always moaning for more