Hunting the Paedophiles Who Tortured and Killed Britain’s Innocents (Video)

In an interview with Chris Fay, the former national adult adviser to NAYPIC (National Association of Young People in Care), filmmaker Bill Maloney discusses the infamous Elm Guest House. Since the Savile revelations, TheDuckShoot has researched and written several articles on paedophile perverts who indulged their disgusting conduct with impunity. No longer! Now TDS is on the warpath hunting them down.

Fay reveals the names of politicians, entertainers, film stars and the dead spy Anthony Blunt. The interview only covers a relatively short period and Elm Guest House, originally opened as a gay guesthouse, and quickly became a magnet to paedophile perverts.

Cyril Smith the now dead LibDem MP attended with the sole purpose of brutally caning and whipping young 10-12-year-old boys’ naked buttocks. He and the leader of the National Socialist Movement*, Colin Jordan, both indulged […]

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