Will Operation Conifer Bury Edward Heath’s Child Abuse?

Will operation conifer bury Edward Heath’s child abuse? Operation Conifer is the ongoing probe by the Wiltshire police into allegations of child abuse by ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath. The £700.000 Continue Reading →

Leon Brittan Videoed at Paedo Orgy

UPDATED: January 22, 2015 Leon Brittan the disgusting, warty old child abuser has died. It is rumoured that former Home Secretary Leon Brittan has been questioned by the Metropolitan Police Continue Reading →

Is a Former Home Secretary the Paedophile in the Seized Video?

They won’t bury this story AGAIN will they? Yes they will if they can! This post: Was Leon Brittan Arrested on Paedophile Charges? is an update to this article. There Continue Reading →

Website Revealing, What Jimmy Savile Really Did, Has Been Pulled

If you are not following the revelations about Jimmy Savile closely and believe that he was a loner who touched-up a few young groupies, then you have been deceived. Jimmy Continue Reading →