Jehovah’s Witness’ Child Rapists At Your Door Hide Your Kids

UPDATE: YouTube protects a CONVICTED Jehovah’s Witness paedophile by invoking its harassment policy and banning the video of this monster. WHAT ABOUT THE HARASSMENT OF HIS VICTIM YOUTUBE? Child abuse Continue Reading →

Cliff Richard Will Have To Die For The Truth To Out

UPDATE July 10, 2016: Harriet Webb A.K.A Cliff Richard is threatening to sue the BBC and the police. Bring it on Kitty you will lose one way or another. Either Continue Reading →

Understand Paedophilia – These Few Words Reveal How Abuse Affects Sufferers

This post is NOT about anyone in particular, but some of the issues apply to a person I know and love. It is, therefore, dedicated to her with my wish Continue Reading →

Jehovah Witnesses Child Abuse Cover-Up Australia

Former Jehovah’s Witness Natalie Webb tells how her father, Victor, a respected member of the church, molested her from age 4 till she was 17. He is now serving 10 Continue Reading →

Is Cliff Richard a Paedophile?

Without seeing the evidence the police and the Crown Prosecution Service has on him it’s hard to answer the question; is Cliff Richard a Paedophile? As always when I put Continue Reading →

How are Rolf Harris and Saudi Child Abuse Connected?

Opinion Actually the two are only connected by a comment from ‘Anton’ on the article “Racist Rolf Harris Guilty of 12 Counts of Assault” Here is his comment as written Continue Reading →

Tell Me What You Did To Me As A Child Was Right

The following letter sent to me by Andy an abuse victim; he was abused by a paedophile in an institution. He reveals a pattern of disinterest and duplicity by police Continue Reading →

Does This BANNED Video Prove Cliff Richard is a Paedophile?

The original video I published here is now blocked following a legal complaint. I don’t fully understand whether the complaint to YouTube is from Cliff “Kitty” Richard, from the maker Continue Reading →

Become Educated About Paedophiles

“Too often, victims get blamed for speaking out. We need to understand how pedophiles operate so that we can respond appropriately to victims.” – Stacy Coulter, mother It is not Continue Reading →

It’s My Blog and I’ll Swear If Want To

UPDATED 09:16 14th April 2014. So you object to my “bad” language do you? Well, maybe not you but some people do. Whatever I write about, police brutality, thieving and Continue Reading →