This Video May Prove Cliff Richard Is A Child Abuser

01_18025513_1c2c9_2645637alUPDATED: November 13th, 2016.

This Video May Prove Cliff Richard Is A Child Abuser. It appears to bring more damning evidence about this so-called Christian crooner into the public domain.

Note the way he speaks, super fast, hardly taking a breath, this is a classic trait of a habitual liar. Then an absolute bombshell, “I believe in the Devil, I spend more time with him than I do with God,” Would a devout Christian admit to that? I don’t think so.

So why has this lying pervert not been brought to justice? Unfortunately, the police force charged with investigating his crimes is the South Yorkshire Police; you know the same cops that caused the Hillsborough football disaster, then lied and covered it up.

They were the force that falsified statements at the Orgreave strike of 1984. Known as the Battle of Orgreave the police, who should be impartial, but did the bidding of the Tory government of the time.

More recently they have proved themselves no less corrupt in the Rotherham cover-up of the child abuse of young teens over a period of at least 10-years. Not all S. Yorkshire police are corrupt of course, but the corruption was so rife it could have only been orchestrated from the top.

Then there is is the equally evil Crown Prosecution Service who are in place to circumvent justice by preventing cases that would embarrass the Establishment from the scrutiny of the courts. Here’s a quote from The Week: “Richard faced accusations from four men, relating to the period between 1958 and 1983, but was never arrested or charged. The case was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service in June, after it decided there was insufficient evidence to bring an action.

As I reported here: he will have to die before the truth comes out. Let’s hope that’s soon!

The Week full article.

This Video May Prove Cliff Richard Is A Child Abuser
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14 thoughts on “This Video May Prove Cliff Richard Is A Child Abuser

  1. we all know he won,t (can,t), sue the BBC or anyone else, as a court case would give his accusers a chance to put their side of the story, which would implicate all sorts of individuals who have spent years hiding in the woodwork. does anyone, anywhere, have faith in the British establishment. Who,ll PROTECT OUR CHILDREN?

  2. In 1971, Richard was a leading supporter of the Nationwide Festival of Light, a movement formed by British Christians who were concerned about the development of the permissive society. Richard joined public figures such as Malcolm Muggeridge, Mary Whitehouse and Bishop Trevor Huddleston to demonstrate in London for “love and family life” and against what the organisers called “pornography and moral pollution”. Muggeridge claimed that the media was “largely in the hands of those who for one reason or another favour the present Gadarene slide into decadence and Godlessness.”[119]

    One of the targets for the Festival of Light’s campaign was the growth of sexually explicit films.[120] Richard was one of approximately 30,000 people who gathered at London’s Trafalgar Square for a demonstration. One focus of their protest was against the Swedish sex education film Language of Love, which was showing at a nearby cinema.[121]


    Since March 1966, Richard has followed the practice of giving away at least a tenth of his income to charity.[122] Richard has stated that two biblical principles have guided him in how to use his money. He said: “Firstly, it was the love of money (not money itself) that was the root of all evil. Secondly, to be good and responsible stewards of what was entrusted to us.”[123] In 1990, Richard said: “Those of us who have something to offer have to be prepared to give all the time.”[98]

    For over 40 years Richard has been a supporter of Tearfund, a Christian charity that aims to tackle poverty in many countries across the world. He has made overseas visits to see their work in Uganda, Bangladesh and Brazil. Richard has said: “Playing a part in relieving poverty is, as I see it, the responsibility of us all.”[124]

    Richard has donated to a leading dementia research charity, Alzheimer’s Research UK. He has helped to raise funds and awareness of the disease by speaking publicly about his mother’s condition.[125]

    Richard has also supported numerous UK charities over many years through the Cliff Richard Charitable Trust, both through donations and by making personal visits to schools, churches, hospitals and homes for special needs children. Richard’s passion for tennis, which was encouraged by his former girlfriend Sue Barker, also led him in 1991 to establish the Cliff Richard Tennis Foundation. The charity has encouraged thousands of primary schools in the UK to introduce the sport, with over 200,000 children taking part in the tennis sessions which tour the country. The Foundation has since become part of the charitable wing of the Lawn Tennis Association.[74][126][127]

    The Cliff Richard Charitable Trust gives grants on a quarterly basis, with about 50 different UK registered charities benefiting each time. Richard’s Trust mainly donates to charities working in medical research, with children and the elderly, and for those involved in helping people with disabilities

    • +tony still. Richard’s mother was a Jehovah’s Witness, and he was raised JW, at least of his backing band, The Shadows were or are Jehovah’s Witnesses. He couldn’t be a Jehovah’s Witness because he is a homosexual. Every single Christain cult and denomination is rife with child abuse, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses are up to their necks in it.

      As to charity and charitable work the most prolific (to date) child abuser, Jimmy Savile, covered his crimes against children with his charitable work.

      You keep your head in the sand, Tony if you want to but it is not going to change the facts.

  3. In 1989 the show, FROM A DISTANCE, Cliff was supposed to have Marty Wilde as part of the show, it wasn’t to be! Reason being Marty had punched Cliff in the face prior the show, Marty KNEW of what Richard was up to and about!! Richard had to do the show with lots of make-up on covering the bruises…..
    Tommy Emmanuelle, Australia also knows of Richard! cant stand him……
    Richard will get what he deserves in the end, we must protect our children from these low life’s…… I say don’t stop fighting! for our future children and the poor kids that suffered prior……

    • that’s an interesting little fact – and it is the public vs the media to win the information war -people need to post multiple blogs/comments/links and name drop good sites .
      a pic off someone who looks just like Maddie McCann was released in the WikiLeaks flurry of email revelations prior to the American election .
      it was linked by WikiLeaks to Maddie McCann and the ” Clinton camp ” and specifically podesta [ the campaign manager for Hillary ”
      I found it on youtube on my tv as virgin have a tv youtube channel -I may have clicked on it or it may have loaded automatically as the vid I watched previously ended .
      in the video was an email where the name Maddie was used several times referring to someone -and it contained an attachment and when the guy in the vid I was watching called anonymous opened the attachment -he said look at the pic -the girl in the middle is Maddie McCann -he put up a pic of Maddie and her mum kate and said -see the features -like ear shape etc match perfect .
      the girl looked about 14 ish -so the right age and the right face and facial features -she was sitting in a cluster of ten people around a coffee table -half were men and half were women -podesta -was playing cards and was laying down a card in the pic -the girl who is Maddie was in the middle of the grouping and had her hands tied .
      it was so incriminating and hard evidence- it could locate Maddie and via dna prove it was her and thus catch the 10 paedos in the pic -described as Hillary’s Clinton camp .
      plus through that action -they could save Maddie and through questions and the evidence trail -catch hundreds of the paedos who would be involved and connected to those in the pic .
      I thought wowwwwwwww and thought to post this knowledge elsewhere as the paedos are still rampantly removing vids and blogs everywhere online -so I did post 2 comments on 2 sites .
      someone replied to my comment and said he had seen the vid 3.08 min long I think ? and this guy who commented said he also thought it was Maddie in the pic with her hands tied but he said he was removed soon after he saw it and he was concerned the paedos were covering it up .
      I checked and found it was removed -just as he had said -I searched on google for it ” Clinton camp exposed- child sex ring ” was the exact title of the youtube vid by anonymous -who was a black American man .
      I found 2 sites with it in the google search results -I went to them and one was called godlike productions – both sites had the video removed -I think godlike productions tried a second time to post it -but it was blocked again -this proves the pic is real beyond any doubt and it proves the covering up is rampant and it proves the cops only work to protect paedos and elitists -by murdering victims and witnesses and truth tellers and by removing material online and by threats and fear .
      its frightening isn’t it ?
      all the thousands of WikiLeaks -and the single one that could catch the paedos who have been raping Maddie all these years and unearth through very hard evidence hundreds of paedos and murderers -was removed soon after it was posted on youtube and then all the sites who tried to post links to the vid .
      WikiLeaks is great but they didn’t release the most damming evidence -like the vids of bill Clinton raping kids on video and they only released the email/s linking podesta and the clinto camp to Maddie at the last minute -having threatened killary Clinton -saying if she didn’t step down now worse email evidence would be released -so WikiLeaks has been protecting paedos and murderers and trying to make the public angry and if necessary aware -but not too aware -or no more aware than was necessary .
      for everyone who really cares about Maddie -not the millions of brain dead hate filled numb nuts who swear complain moan and sound concerned -but the few who really do care about Maddie -ie they want her to be alive and want her saved and want the truth exposed and the guilty known and punished and for the world to be less dangerous and evil -to them I can say I will be convinced till I am persuaded by evidence otherwise -that Maddie was in that pic with her hands tied and podesta and the Clinton campaign team he heads was playing cards around Maddie -so I feel now I know who took Maddie and I know who has Maddie and I know till very recently she was alive and in America .

      another thing is -it would be so easy to prove the podestas and weiner were in Portugal at the time Maddie was disappeared -many say they were -but all it would take is a request to look at the passports of the podestas and weiner -yet the cops haven’t done that -as their mission statement starts with ” protect paedophiles and Satanists ” .
      knowing absolutely nothing about technology and computers -I assume it would be easy for WikiLeaks to release this email and most importantly its attachment ? I assume anonymous who posted it -god bless him for that -could re-post it if he is still alive or not in fear of threats made by cops to his life .
      I assume hackers and organisations like WikiLeaks and anonymous could locate this pic somehow and release it in hundreds of locations or keep copies of it all round the world ? if these things don’t happen or are not happening -then it shows the elite are still fully protected and children have no protection from them -it proves the cops only exist to murder and threaten and block evidence from appearing online -so go to the police with evidence at your peril .
      this one pic is bigger than every second of film and scrap of evidence and analysis -if the pic is as it appears then -everything written about Maddie and speculated or supposedly proven -is wrong .
      the only part of the wkileaks emails that pertain to this and are left online are the ones showing the child word codes -pizzagate and those that show the podesta brothers and weiner are perfect matches for the witness sightings [ the phot-fits/sketches ].
      these 2 facts count for nearly zero -if the pic is real and known about -as the pic proves everything -hence the pic was reluctantly or accidently released by WikiLeaks and soon blocked from every location online -as pics contain a serial number and can be thus tracked and traced and blocked -so we need people to manage to bypass this evil mechanism probably to repost the pic -or we need a change of heart and for the elite to allow the truth to be exposed for once -I have zero faith in the latter .
      sadly all the royals and trump and almost every mp and senator and judge and top cops are paedohiles and paedophile protectors and enablers -that’s why Julian assange didn’t ever intend to release the more harmful stuff and why he only threatened to in desperation -in the final days of the campaign -its also why he never released in fact any of the worst stuff he claimed to have -its also why he knows the truth and so he linked Maddie to podesta and Clintons – and personally I don’t think it was intentionally released by WikiLeaks-it was an accident or oversight -maybe they didn’t recognise the significance of the pic or didn’t even check it ?
      if all that makes sense -and I hope it does -then im glad to have got this info out in another location -this one .
      please tell people and search and spread the info folks – even if this is successfully covered up by the paedos and Satanists -you now know my view and my reasoning and you possibly know the truth -the truth that may never resurface again – one thing im sure of-is that the paedos wouldn’t panic and endlessly remove a pic from the wikileak releases unless it was extremely damaging and hence you be certain it was Maddie in the pic and her hands were tied .
      rich d hall the so called Maddie expert -must be controlled opposition I guess -because he wont consider this -most of the major Maddie campaigners and investigators and there are hundreds -wont consider this truth as they were preventing its exposure and dismiss it as rubbish -this is the scale of the onslaught from the Satanists and paedos -they have thousands of controlled opposition and shills like alex jones [bill hicks] and david icke and rich d hall -im sad about rich as I always trusted him prior to this .
      it seems the power of the paedos is absolute-they even have Satanists like the google and facebook and youtube and Microsoft owners all working to help them and amongst the worst paedo organisations are the fbi cia mi5 mi6-you also see the child abuse inquiry has refused to co-operate with the vicitms at every turn and have placed 4 paedo big wigs in charge -the one there now who did Rotherham -simply covered up that and it has led to no mass sentencing of mps or councillors or cops or social workers or teachers or doctors and has barely locked up any Asian men and taxi drivers -now she will do the same in regard to the big Westminster enquiry -of this there is zero doubt -likewise the hardcore Maddie evidence will now continue to be blocked online and eventually everyone will walk away scott free -people like podesta and his pals who eat babies and children and joke about it -likewise their torture sacrifice and rape pleasures of children and babies on an industrial scale will continue .
      Maddie was alive until recently – I hope she still is -but doubt it -as she is evidence .
      the emails deleted by weiner and the podestas -that relate to Maddie were far more likely to have been deleted by the cops than by the named monsters -that’s the sad reality we must all come to terms with .
      I guess if WikiLeaks did simply expose evil -then it wouldn’t exist as Julian would have murdered 4 years ago -he is allowed to live as he is controlled opposition -I would love to be wrong about this -but I have stated why I have come to this conclusion -you must make up your own minds – please spread the truth -we are all we have -we have no police and no internet and very few real truth tellers.

      • I was curious about the content of your post, so out of interest I looked at the similarity of the Podesta brothers to the sketches of the suspects in the Madeline McCann case.
        Firstly. Podesta has been around politically in relation to the Clintons for a long time and I wonder why the comparisons have never been made before?
        But as Hilary’s spokesman on her presidential campaign,
        the possibility is that it was part of just another conspiracy to derail her chances of election.
        That’s if you were inclined to care about her chances in the first place?

        In saying that…the similarity is evident. But it’s highly unlikely that two highly profiled men would be hanging around anywhere let alone Portugal on their own, without
        security services or if at all.
        Also…even if there is any truth in this story, I doubt that they would do a kidnapping on their own but opt to pay someone else to do the dirty work.

        As for the video of a tied up Madeline with Podesta and others, it can be found anywhere on any suspect, untruth or conspiracy site available purely for the gullible…in fact it was a picture and is widely available to anyone who is interested. The girl is not Madeline and her hands are not tied but rather clasped in front of her. There is no resemblance whatsoever. My opinion is that it’s insensitive to use Madeline’s disappearance for such a distasteful story.
        As for Podesta, easy to photoshop and I doubt that he is actually there.

        I realise that there is evil in the world and that children are vulnerable to revolting predators. But I believe that in the scale of things that there are people who do care and work to no end to protect children at any cost.
        There are people who care deeply for Madeline who would surely defy protocol to rescue her if they knew that Podesta was responsible for her kidnapping.

        The media suck, but The Mainstream Press haven’t run with this story, have they?

  4. this issue must be thoroughly investigated, the public is entitled to know what Cliff has been involved in for many years. why is this man,s reputation more important than the safety of children? is there no one in authority who,ll take on “the establishment” and weed out all these perverts who are being protected by various organisations. the corruption MUST STOP!!!!!!!!

  5. I’ve mentioned before,there were things going on in Portugal where young boys were being literally rounded up and taken from Lisbon to Algarve! They were being used has sex objects by 2 very well known British subjects!

  6. The ‘banned’ video is often referred to here. I guess it’s not available online to view? (I know, clue is the word ‘banned’:)

    So what is actually in this video?

      • Paedophile,child abuser or whatever else he may be,
        I have never liked his narcissistic overbearing personality,regardless.

        Apart from anything else,Cliff’s eyes are completely dead,always have been.

        Why can’t he just go away and quit while he is ahead?
        Instead he’s coverting with his vital enemy,The BBC???? (“Say what”?) Like true homies Whatever happened to….”Don’t get mad get even”? Oh wait….his accusers
        tried that tactic and were dismissed and humiliated.
        Cliff,on the other hand,is milking it for all it’s worth, congratulating himself and celebrating the release of yet another cheesy album. Time waits for no man,eh?
        Maybe he will donate all the proceeds of that album to a worthy cause like “Victims of Child Abuse.” After all,it would be a very Christian thing to do. On the other hand,
        he may take the attitude that God helps those who help themselves….miserable old devil.