Leon Brittan Videoed at Paedo Orgy

UPDATED: January 22, 2015

Leon Brittan the disgusting, warty old child abuser has died

It is rumoured that former Home Secretary Leon Brittan has been questioned by the Metropolitan Police on suspicion of engaging in sex with children. He has not, however, been arrested.

The Sunday Mirror reported that an ex-cabinet minister has been caught on video at a depraved orgy at the Elm Guest House, London. It involved under-age children. He was, and possibly still is, a member of a paedophile ring who not only organised sex parties with boys from children’s homes, but also made a snuff videos. In one video a little boy was gang raped and tortured until he died.

The Sunday Mirror did not name the pervert, but the rumour mill is naming Leon Brittan. The details of this crime are not an easy read. It has not been confirmed yet that it was Brittan at the party or that he was involved in the killing of children.

It was reported that MP Simon Danczuk would name the ex-cabinet minister

The MP whose book made sexual abuse allegations against the late Liberal politician Sir Cyril Smith is planning to use parliamentary privilege to make similar claims against a second, living, parliamentarian, next week.

Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, has told The Independent on Sunday that “if asked any question, I will feel obliged to answer that question” when he gives evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on 1 July. An MP on the committee has confirmed that Mr Danczuk will indeed be asked about visitors to Elm Guest House in south-west London in the 1970s and 1980s where allegations of sexual abuse and grooming of children by politicians have been made.

It has long been known that a Paedophile ring operated with close links to Downing Street and that the ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher covered up their crimes. These paedophile perverts were in her government and had jobs supporting the Conservative Party (Tories). Thatcher’s Premiership replace Prime Minister Edward Heath who did torture and kill boys from the Jersey children’s home Haut de la Garenne. Thatcher hated him, and Brittan was his friend. These revelations may have brought down the Government then, and may do so now as the cover up continues.

The Metropolitan Police have questioned Brittan. What is clear is that a very senior politician was interviewed in December 2013, and again recently.

Paedophile Information Exchange

As Home Secretary Brittan, came under pressure to ban the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). PIE campaigned for the age of consent reduced to 4 years old. In other words, they wanted to legalise paedophilia. He ignored the pressure and created a policy, which actually protected the paedophiles and encouraged their infiltration into schools and children’s homes.

PIE had over 1000 members in the early 1980s. These people were prominent and powerful; the British Establishment tried to keep lid on whole thing. The secret service warned off police and journalists who threatened the “security of the state” by exposing paedophiles in government. The net is closing, however, and hopefully many prominent establishment figures will soon stand in the dock.

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Leon Brittan Warty Ex-Home Secretary Videoed at Paedo Orgy

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50 thoughts on “Leon Brittan Videoed at Paedo Orgy

  1. Cliff Richard has been shown to be named on guest list of the Elm Guest house,the notorious boy brothel in Barnes.He was known by the nickname ”Kitty’.Also on the guest list was Leon Brittan and Jess Conrad.In all the hundreds of interviews by Parkinson,Hunniford,O’Grady,Melvyn Bragg and others not once was he asked ”Why he,Cliff Richard,a hardcore Christian was on the guest list of a boy-brothel club”.You only get on the guest list of ANY club if you are well known as a regular who can be trusted.Would luv to hear his reply

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  3. Let’s hope there is a hell as unlikely justice will ever be done in this world

  4. In 1984 I was sentenced to 5 years in prison for corruption after serving 25 years in South Yorks Police.as a Det. Sergt. Whilst inside I wrote my book ‘Boopers Tale’ which was published in 2013 selling over 600 copies ( now only available on Kindle) In the book I wrote that a friend of mine in the Met’s Flying Squad told me in the late 70’s of a police enquiry that had lead to the door of the then Home Secretary before being swept under the carpet..I obviously could not name him at the time because he was alive…The man was Brittain. In 2014 I published ‘Boopers Prison Tale’ outlining my time ‘inside’ and this is currently selling well. In this second book I recount a meeting with a well-known M.P. who had read my first book and when I asked him who was the Home Secretary I had referred to – he named him immediately as Brittain. Adding that at Westminster everyone knew he was a paedophile but MP’s had a code of not naming ‘wrong-doers’in one party for fear of another being exposed in theirs!! Well worth reading if you want the truth – the whole truth and nothing but the truth about ‘real’ policing in the 60’s ….

      • hi sendiansmail -I am sure graham storr is a genuine copper and unlike you I think the fact he cannot spell proves it and doesn’t disprove it-as in all my many dealings with the police I have found them to be incredibly poorly educated and lazy and rude and bullies -even most criminals who didn’t go to school think the cops are thick and I certainly agree with the consensus .
        I rest my case .

  5. If Mrs Thatcher knew about the peadophilia in her cabinet office and covered it up, surely that makes her an accessory to the crimes. Also what has always puzzled me is, why did Jimmy Savile spent eleven Christmas holidays with her and Dennis?
    As Savile seemed to have the job of chief procurement officer for the establishment, what was he procuring for Mrs Thatcher- boys? remember young Willie Hague’s meteoric rise up the tory ladder; snuff movies? videos of her cabinet member raping children?
    I have been told that when a new person was gong to be appointed to her cabinet office she always asked ‘Is he/she one of us’ makes me think she was also a peadophile like her father.

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  8. People who were threatening to expose all this and had evidence have been murdered. Murdered by shadowy forces, by the intelligence services or criminal gangs perhaps, but it makes me wonder just how far this goes if they’ll resort to that! They may well have reason to fear a revolution if the truth comes out, and we’d need to wall up a city in which to keep the offenders!

  9. The media knew all this at the time. They have always been in bed with the establishment and still are. The current political classes, civil servants, sis, media etc. are all the same, having to throw one or two to the dogs to save themselves since Saville. Evil infiltrated at the top, and look where the world is now.

  10. Haven’t you libelled him here? It’s one thing saying he may have been involved in the coverup of crimes by others but you’ve accused him directly of involvement, which suggests you’ve seen the actual evidence and are waiting for your moment in court. If that’s the case why not just come out and name all the other names? Make such a splash that there is no way the conspiracy that exists to coverup these heinous crimes can’t continue and the whole shoddy edifice of corruption, vice, and conspiracy is revealed and the arrests and subsequent prosecutions can begin. It’s a cancer that has enveloped the entire top strata of the Establishment and it needs to be cut out, whatever the cost, whoever takes the fall, however long it takes, no matter how unpleasant, how awful it might be, it needs to be done and it needs to be done in public without coverup, conspiracy or avoidance.

    • I have a feeling that we are close to something big in the paedophile department, if I can say that without sounding too frivolous. I have a nasty feeling the balloon will go up just before the general election, and with the tiniest bit of luck it should sink the government without trace. Smith, the overweight Liberal has already been identified as one who was rather more interested in boys than might be healthy. He’s dead, but I wager before this lots through there’ll be quite a few others that wish they were.

      • @Barry Waterfield. Smith was a paedo thug he enjoyed hurting the boys, and yes I also think something is about break, which is why they are desperate to keep a lid on it.

        • There are more of these sick perverts out there of all political persuasions but in a country where events like those experienced by Ian Puddick can take place can the forces of law and order be trusted to pursue these crimes? There will be some fuss, one or two discreet deaths, a celebrity or two tossed to the wolves and the whole disgusting mess swept under the carpet and the guilty will escape justice.

    • I agree 200% with Eric t. Cats comment here.lets have it all out in the open.if this government is as rotten to the core as it appears to be it should be got rid of.you know what happens when anything is aloud to seriously fester underground.it becomes a real cancer.

  11. Leon Brittan will never stand trail. Just like the Saville farce. They will wait for him to die, then raise their hands to their heads and exclaim ‘If only we’d known at the time. This is truly shocking!!’ Followed by lots of new fool-proof measures that are meaningless. That tiny handful of very ordinary men and women in Westminster who control peoples lives are truly vile.

  12. “Leon Brittan Videoed at Peado Orgy”

    The former Home Secretary is fond of peas then, is he? No wonder politicians are so full of wind:)

    Editor: Did you think I was going to bite on that T0m (with a zero Cahill). Do you really think that using false credentials will fool me? That zero in your name represents your brain- empty of intelligence. Actually I’m pleased when readers point out typos and your comment was quite funny. Who helped you with that, a grown up?

  13. Hello, I just would like to know, is there any proof for the allegations against Edward Heath? I have been reading about the “Morning cloud” & HDLG in several blogs… then I read, that maybe the MI5 produced these rumours, because they wanted Heath to be removed or blackmailed. Then I saw that video of Mr. Shrimpton. But, honestly, I don’t think that’s very trustable. So what’s the original source for that? What do we really know? Go on with your good work!

  14. Why do we protect parliamentarians, who are by common consent amongst the most corrupt people in the country, yet elderly showbusiness celebrities can be charged on the most slender evidence. Could it be that the accusations and convictions made so far are the merest smoke screen, aimed at protecting the fat cats at the top.It seems to me that the biggest smells nearly always emanate from Westminster.

  15. Couldn’t someone just shout it out from the public gallery in the House of Commons? That way it gets on the telly. 🙂

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  17. Cameron will appoint an “impartial” judge to “investigate” and he will report back that there is no substance to the allegations. The same old scam, whether it’s Iraq, David Kelly, or this.

    • @Robert Lyle. Unfortunately, you could be right Robert. I think they are determined to try and keep it all under wraps, except of course, it is only the sheeple who don’t know what has gone on.

    • So very true I fear, but this time I think the cat will at last get out of the bag, and you watch the rats scatter then.

  18. So it is revealed today by our mainstream media there were claims and an allegation of rape of a 19 year old. Last month Mr Brittan was questioned by the Metropolitan Police’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command? There is a clue in there somewhere. What is going on?

  19. I remember hearing a radio news bulletin in the early/mid 80’s (I’m in London so it would have been on Capital or LBC). which carried a report that Brittan had been implicated in a child abuse ring. The bulletin wasn’t broadcast again. A few years ago I read somewhere that the Brittan bulletin has had a D-notice slapped on it, which is why it disappeared. A D-notice is an official request to the Press, to withold a report to protect National Security…

  20. I was also told in the early eighties about Brittains activities. The father of the boy involved was prepared to prosecute until he had a visitation and was told in no uncertain terms that his sons name would be made public. He of course withdrew the charges to protect his son. I felt fury, not against the father but with the establishment closing ranks to protect their own. I hope they get the bastard and hejoinsthe other octigenarians finally being brought to justice.

  21. What is the is Elm Guest House guest list I keep hearing of?
    Who provided the information?
    Is guest list genuine or a result of somebody’s imagination?

    If the information is based on fact then we should demand that each person (starting with the living) publicly accounts for himself. There is an election around the corner after all.

    Given that Simon Danczuk seems to be one of a very few politicians with the spine to “do what is right”, he will no doubt be a target of the dark forces behind British Politics

    I will write to my MP today asking that he supports Simon Danczuk by asking the appropriate questions

  22. GMB – You appear to have more optimism than me – of course he should be thoroughly investigated/questioned by our tax funded police. BUT will he be?

  23. Also I ask have Prince Charles “three ladies” been questioned yet? They waited on him at Saville’s bungalow and were mentioned in a post card from PC to Saville.Moreover Bill Oddie mentioned important stuff about the BBC and P Charles. Has Bill been questioned yet?

  24. No he was not arrested by the Met. Like others he was merely spoken to. He will be arrested though

  25. Hi Dave. I am writing this, not just for the publicity of my latest book “The Killing Room,” but because its true. My book covers such a case where politicians are investigated by my fictional character Jack Hammond for running a snuff film industry. My next book, “Double Tap,” which I am writing at this moment, covers the case of paedophilia in high places.
    Keep up the good work my mate.
    John M.