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The founder of The Duck Shoot blog is Dave Duckshoot

Dave Duckshoot Greenwich 2016

Dave Duckshoot Greenwich 2016

A note from Dave himself:

“My second name hasn’t always been Duckshoot; I was born at the end of that terrible episode in the history of the earth called the Second World War. My parents allegedly assigned their family name to me on passing ownership of me to the Government (Registration of Birth). Being a very tiny baby at the time I cannot swear that this is correct, so I adopted a new name in 2015 that I chose for myself. So that it is official, and I could use it for banking, pensions and my tenancy agreement, for example, I registered it by Deed Poll. However, no ducks were harmed when I created and adopted the change.”


“Modern living prevents people from being completely free and; therefore, the Deed Poll is a necessary inconvenience. There is no lawful (or legal) requirement to register a change of name in the UK, but you would have to live entirely off the radar if you chose to do so. You couldn’t have a proper home or a job; you couldn’t get free healthcare or a pension when old like me.”

“Life has become increasingly complicated in the 70+ years I have ridden this planet and love of our fellow humans has regressed. The changes have been relatively gradual, so we have slowly accepted it as the norm. It is all part of the control of the elite class and their Corporations. A few people in this world feed off the rest of us, and it starts with the registration of our birth.”

Animal Rights

“Another matter I have always been uncomfortable with is the plight of hunted animals, animals farmed for food and animals abused for entertainment. I, like most people, consumed meat, eggs and dairy as part of my diet. Around 2008 I watched some undercover footage of animal abuse in British slaughterhouses or abattoirs as they are so quaintly named here. That video disturbed me a great deal. I believed like probably most Brits that the killing of animals for food is humane. There is no such thing as humane killing, and I decided within a few days of watching that video that I could no longer be part of supporting the meat industry.”

“My conversion was gradual. I gave up the flesh of cows, pigs and chickens, but continued to consume fish, eggs, milk and cheese. It took me less that six years to self-educate and to become vegan on December 23, 2014. My transition involved first becoming a pescatarian, then a vegetarian and finally I achieved my goal and became a committed vegan.”

“My goal now is to be an animal activist. I now spread the vegan message at every opportunity. Why should sentient beings die to feed and clothe humans?”

Activism and Passions: Dave has a passion for justice and believes in the principle that all humans are born equal, whatever their skin colour, gender and sexuality. Humans are sovereign and should remain free for their entire lives, with the only exception being if they instigate violence towards another human being.

He is repulsed by authoritarianism, elitism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism. His blog exposes the psychopaths in society; corrupt politicians, bossy bureaucrats, unethical businesspeople, criminals, crooked judges and magistrates, human traffickers, paedophiles and bent police officers.

Through his blog he actively campaigns for the worldwide abolition of the death penalty, the banning of the Taser torture device used by psychopathic enforcement agents* and accountability of government and its agents-of-terror*. More resources should be allocated to hunting down paedophiles, traffickers and slavers, and minimum 30-year prison sentences applied for such heinous crimes, he says.

*Enforcement agents and agents-of-terror are some police officers, some immigration police, secret service agents and some local government officers. This list is not exhaustive.

Some Personal Details

Hobbies: Travel, Internet, photography, writing, reading, watching movies, and vegan cooking. I prefer to travel by train and I do when possible, it is more comfortable and better for the environment.
Favourite car: I don’t have a car. Mostly I travel by London bus. I go by Eurostar or ferry to the European continent.
My favourite destinations: Brazil, Holland, France, Portugal.
Favourite books: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was the first novel I read in about 35-years and I still love the story. Since then I have read over 100 books, mostly on my Kindle e-reader.
Favourite movies: The Millenium Trilogy: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest. (Swedish version dubbed English, the American version leaves too much out.), Silence of the Lambs, Oceans Eleven and the (Jason) Bourne series and lots more.
Favourite food: Vegan.

The Language of This Blog: Dave is English so the standard language is British English. That means that some words will be spelt differently to the English spelling in Canada and the USA. We don’t use the z (zed) in realise and other words with similar endings. Mom is mum, color is colour and neighbor is neighbour for example.

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  1. I am so intrigued by the labour mp and ex minister who likes young ragamuffins and was questioned in London last year -the police said they are all over him but we have heard not a word since-its around the time chukka dropped out the leadership election -I am curious who it was and sad that we have heard nothing since -labour are as bad as the tories for protecting paedophiles -like keith vaz and Gordon brown .
    when assange was in trouble he had a network of supporters help him-all rich powerful educated prominent people-with mansions and millions and working in the media or some similar professionals-I felt proud of Britain for once and felt hope-we need a similar grass roots network protecting the victims of paedophiles and whistleblowers -but none exists sadly-short of such an organised network of safe houses and legally aware rich folk -we cannot hope to fight the paedophiles as they are bumping people off daily and on a scale none of us expected-maybe dave duckshoot can help engineer this through this site and his contacts ? that would be a very useful thing -likewise corbyn and livinginstone and mcdonnel never seem to mention the paedophiles in parliament-what does this say about our Marxist icons? are they beyond hope?

  2. great blog, Dave, I like yourself raised in the cancer, been out many years, have similar views also, complete athiest, keep fighting !

  3. Nice site Dave, and it was good to meet you at Victim’s Memorial Day back in July. Just a quick note about your “The Language of This Blog” section.

    Canadians also say “zed”. Many Canadians use both, but the official Canadian spellings for those words are “colour”, “neighbour”.

  4. I was wondering if anyone knows about the Kids Company issue where allegations of sexual abuse were mentioned but then quickly disappeared from the press and media a few weeks ago. When big names are linked to abuse it seems that still, even after Jimmy Saville, they have the power to shut the news down eg Cliff Richards. The latter whether innocent or not has managed to silence everyone.. I just wondered what that was about ie were chidlren being abused on the premises allegedly (is that how its spelt not written it before) ie by that company or were the allegations to do with abusers from outside the organisation? I am mystified as to how it was on the tv news even and then just disappeared whilst other financial issues regarding Batmanghelidj etc have been covered in detail. Yentob, in defending the charity was apopleptic almost and that also seemed very odd almost as if he had something to hide. Again, whether true or not, the discussion has been shut down quickly with no explanation

    • so you noticed too Noreen ? I have always hated batmanghelidi but didn’t know how to spell her name till I saw your comment .
      yentob is a very suspicious character and this story has not come as a surprise to me-it isn’t just the potential sexual abuse of children and theft and prejudice and criminality and child corruption and rascism and every type of fraud -it is also that that vile thing had 24/7 access to the media for 5 or more years-worse even as the media never challenged her or controlled her or balanced anything she said-they were all scared of her -it was so frustrating listening to that foreign slob talking hate and selfish egotistic rascist rubbish-she hated the English and said as she wanted and was never once investigated or argued with or seriously questioned-and when she needed to she dragged out brown and Cameron and anyone she wanted to play support roles to enhance her power including even the whole of the media and the bbc specifically.
      Cameron has very determinedly attempted to replace the lid on the can of worms that is the Westminster paedophile rings-he has saved britten and jenner and heath-and stopped all reporting on living politicians and stopped tom Watson and john mann uttering anything too.
      the very few politicians and journalists who have been brave enough and honest enough to speak out are all dead or in hiding and I am not aware of one who is active and I am certain no newspaper or tv programme is independent enough to report these things-look at the zika virus-it has mysteriously disappeared from the tv and papers-as the Olympics looms -so obviously someone in authority -probably Cameron has made it clear it should not be reported and the media have obliged him as they always but always do. the same channels are used to prevent stories that expose the powerful -and I have zero faith in the mainstream 4 parties -tory labour liberal and snp-all are interwoven in establishment power structures and the masons and the public are public enemy number one to these 4 cess pits.
      I hope everyone votes ukip green or independent -this will rock the corrupt established elite and if we do leave Europe this will add to their misery – if we leave nato and make the masons illegal life will be even simpler and even more transparent for us-then all we need to do is monitor the press and politicians and demand the truth and then make the rich pay by demanding tax havens we control disclose and try to persuade every location on earth to comply and then remove the half of the police and social workers and teachers and civil servants who are rapists and child abusers and liars and thieves and murderers and put them in prison and we are there more or less-living in a reasonably civilised society . hopefully reform the electoral system and reform the lords and become a republic and take faith out of the govt and schools and reflect public opinion for a change-so maybe remove trident and don’t build nuclear power plants and don’t frack and stop hs2 and control our borders and reduce foreign aid-hopefully once the public have tasted democracy they will become drunk on it and cherish it henceforth. then there is the local govt council structures-full to the brim with mafia and crooks and secrecy -so lets make them efficient and honest and user friendly for the first time ever oh and stop the evil Barnett formula and nhs postcode lottery .
      maybe I have been a bit too prescriptive lol sorry -you get the gist of what I am saying I hope ?

  5. I am so glad that people like you are helping to not let the establishment get away with abusing and killing children which they have done for centuries it seems (Freud probably knew it and hid it by saying it was all an ‘Oedipal Fantasy’) and still do today no doubt with what looks like complicit press and police. Reading some of the comments on here from people abused as children it is clear that they are damaged for life and some kill themselves. Great work you are doing.

  6. I write as one who was abused as a boy by my violent fateher. Although I am 63 the pain never goes away. Keep up the good work Dave. By the way it looks as if the investigation into Cliff has gone now but what about the victims ? doesnt anyone want to hear their sidfe of the story.

    • @ steven baker. You are right Steven I had a violent father as well, some of the beatings I can remember as if they were yesterday. As to the victims of Cliff Richard they deserve to be heard,

  7. Great site Dave, a fascinating and disturbing read. Looking forward to your updates.. Keep up the good work, and THANQ


    • To say peadophiles are on top of the world is a strange thing to say! But if they are getting away with ruining lives then yes, I guess they are. Things are changing now…..they WILL be caught.
      I was abused as a teen weekly for 5 years and it ruined my life because I was terrified to speak up….when eventually I did, I was told I was mentally ill!! Thankfully that’s chaging too!

  8. I guess we feel angry and want to see instant justice, but the thought of someone being innocent and excecuted is also bad. And it happens. The only other option is that life must mean just that “life” …… just like Myra Hindley, these evil people must never walk the streets during their lifetime and must die imprisoned.

  9. Great site Dave. Good to know there are so many fine sites out there naming names and shaming MP’s. The more of this type of site stays on the web, the more chance we have of seeing something done. Although I fully expect the government to whitewash the latest enquiry, lets hope they do more than just make scapegoats of the ones who are already dead, like Cyril Smith

    • @karenweaver. Good to hear from you Karen. We are an inspiration to each other, the Elite want us silenced but fortunately we get strength from supporters and fellow activists, such as yourelf. xxx

  10. HERE, now you can CORRECT all the vile SHITE you write about Rolf Harris! He is NO paedophile at all!

    Editor’s Note: Paedophile apologist alert! Lizzie Cornish speaks SHIT without the ‘E’

  11. Great stuff. I’m reading, a lot. Stefano Ambrogi (former reuters correspondent).
    Always see and hear with an open mind. The world is fabulous but scary place if you look hard enough. Well done.

  12. Not sure if this is the right place for the following – if not, please let me know where.

    Editor: No Paul, a comment has to have some relevance to the subject of the article.

  13. Dave,

    Great blog. Keep up the good work. One note: I don’t know about the other anglophone nations, but here in the US through is also spelled “through”, except on road signs.


  14. Interested to know amongst your passions to see justice which I share. Do you believe in fair trials, innocent until proven guilty and beyond all reasonable doubt. I ask because looking at some of the articles it appears in the area of paedophiles if someone is suspected by media and public in general they are guilty. I will confess that I respect Hewson because she does question the madness and whether one agrees or not with with her suggestions she at least has the courage as one person in the whole UK saying whoa wait a minute lets look at the evidence and what is happening. Perhaps I am missing something I do not know. What I do know is I would be very scared to be accused as I would not expect a fair trial no matter how innocent I was.

    • @John Marsh.
      Of course, I believe in fair trials you can’t have justice without fair trials.
      The phrase “innocent until proven guilty” is a widely misunderstood.
      No article on this blog deviates from the above principle.
      Hewson does not have principles nor is she to be admired, other than by paedophile apologists similar to herself, and it does not take courage to ‘throw victims under the bus’. She is not saying “whoa wait a minute lets look at the evidence and what is happening”, she is saying fuck the victims let the perverts off.
      What exactly do you call a “fair trial”, it seems to me you want paedophiles to get away with their crimes just like Hewson does.

  15. Great blog Dave. It’s good to see more awareness arriving on the child abuse issue. However, it is yet to filter through to the public at large that this is cyclic. You get a big pow-wow from the police and judiciary where a smattering of low-level paedophiles and child rapists are put away – often in high profile, sensationalist coverage – while the entrenched networks remain in place. It’s standard operating procedure so that the public think steps are being taken to address the problem when in reality it is the core networks pulling up the ladders in order to restart business as usual later on.

    Until the public become aware that the system as it stands is irrevocably broken by psychopaths in positions of power nothing will change – the cancer will just move to another part of the body-politic. The core networks reside at the heart of the Establishment and is the Establishment that is founded on pathology that needs to be dismantled piece by piece. And I think this can only come from cultivating awareness of our own shadows and how we often unwittingly allow these iniquities to continue through our own apathy and ignorance. The pathogenic nature of psychopathy seeded in our institutions can only come to an end when we understand the sheer depth of the problem and one which has been at the root of Empires for a very long time.

    Anyhow, there is always hope wouldn’t you agree?

    Once again, great work and thanks for the opportunity to comment.


  16. Please send me your email address as I have some information regarding your post on Matthew Rees which you may be interested in… are you aware that this superiors were also aware of another incident in 2003? His deviant behaviour has been on his police personnel records since 2003 when he nearly destroyed another family.

  17. Do send me your email address so I can forward to you the reply I have received from my MP in Bournemouth, Conor Burns, which you might like to publicise here, along with my response to him?

  18. Hi Dave,

    I’ve just come across your site and am very glad I did. It’s ‘Bookmarked’ and I look forward to future articles.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thanks James, I hope I can continue. I started this blog in August, 2008 and there were, in October 2012, over 500 posts. The hacker destroyed all that work but also he/she also almost destroyed my resolve. But I am back with a vengeance. There’s more to come.

  19. Hi

    I like your blog and the reasons but I beleive the death penalty needs to be used especially when young girls (5 yrs) kidnapped, beaten and killed in snuff videos for the pleasure of sick perverts………

    Just wanted to say.

    keep up the great work you do.


    • Thanks Gary, I do understand your feelings on the death penalty. Even an opponent of capital punishment struggles with his/her conscience sometimes, particularly when you read of the terrible things done to children. But, there is always a danger of executing an innocent person. The following article by Paul Lutus: When Does it Become Murder? is, I think, the best explanation of why the death penalty is wrong.
      Best wishes, Dave

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