Will Operation Conifer Bury Edward Heath’s Child Abuse?

Edward Heath Child AbuserWill operation conifer bury Edward Heath’s child abuse? Operation Conifer is the ongoing probe by the Wiltshire police into allegations of child abuse by ex-Prime Minister Edward Heath. The £700.000 (891,000 USD) investigation is according to Mike Veale, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police, is valid and necessary.

However, Veale writes in an open letter that “I have a strong and obvious public duty to investigate allegations of non-recent child abuse against Sir Edward Heath through an objective and proportionate investigation in line with national guidance.

At the conclusion of the investigation, a confidential closing report will be written. Our approach to public confidence is to be as open and transparent as possible, and at that time I will take advice as to what I can legally put into the public domain.”

If the findings are not made public what justification is there for spending the enormous amount of money on the investigation? Is the investigation justified? Of course, it is! Potential victims have made complaints of horrendous sexual abuse by ex-prime minister Edward Heath.

It is worth noting that so many of these investigations seem to proceed once the perpetrators are dead. Furthermore, as the police dig, they will have exposed other crimes by perverts at all levels of society. It seems that the Elite often get away completely while low-level abusers get nailed.

All police investigations should transparent and the findings released to the public.

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Will Operation Conifer Bury Edward Heath’s Child Abuse?
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3 thoughts on “Will Operation Conifer Bury Edward Heath’s Child Abuse?

  1. So sorry to say Dave but yes I think it will all be buried as deep as possible I follow a chap on Twitter who in the past day’s has spoken to police on operation conifer I think that’s the investigation into heath but if living abusers are mentioned the police will have a spring clean. They will tidy up all the lose ends and tell the public nothing doing here something in me think s you feel the same and most of your followers .

  2. Seeing as these investigations are being paid for by the Tax-payers surely the Tax-payers have a right to know the outcome.Or will the CPS come galloping along and say there is ”insufficient evidence ”and shut everything down again

    • +joanna frisskie. I hope that isn’t the outcome because even though Heath has snuffed it there are others still alive from his crew and circle of perverted friends.